Facts About Rhodochrosite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, whether it is floating on clouds covered with fairy dust or crying on the bathroom floor. The facts about rhodochrosite stone should bring the most healing of all— an unconditional love. Called the Stone of Compassionate Heart and a quintessential love gemstone bringing true joy to one’s life. Healing old wounds and making it possible to love others and oneself unconditionally.  

Facts About Rhodochrosite Meanings and Properties

Rhodochrosite comes from the Greek term “rhodos” meaning rose and “khros” meaning color, a symbol of love which can be traced back to the Incas who called it “Inca Rose”. According to the legends, these pink gems were formed from the blood of their queens and kings. 

A manganese carbonate mineral, rhodochrosite ranges in color from bright red to light pink. It can be found in several locations globally where the other manganese minerals are typically present. 

The bright pink color variety used to produce highly desirable gemstones. Rarely found as a well-formed crystal, rhodochrosite can be an extremely valuable mineral specimen. 

A super easy to identify stone and rarely confused with other crystals. Its perfect cleavage in 3 directions, pink color, weak effervescence with cold dilute HCL and low hardness are rarely seen in other minerals. 

Reasons Why You Should Use Rhodochrosite

Meditating, carrying or wearing rhodochrosite can help make you cheerful, buoyant, active and dynamic. It is also mentally enlightening which stimulates your creativity, sense of personal power and dream states. 

Rhodochrosite is also a wonderful stone that helps kids transition into school or childcare. Attending a new college or school in order to settle in and find peers easily. It also makes a great gift for the new family members like those acquired by adoption or remarriage. 

In addition, rhodochrosite is a natural enhancer to become a more mature adult through the healing of childhood wounds. And allowing you to better understand and even forgive your parents. This makes it a marvelous support stone for those who work with kids like caregivers, elementary school teachers, and pediatricians. 

Rhodochrosite Benefits That You Need to Know

Here are some amazing benefits of rhodochrosite for health and healing, wealth and love.

Facts About Rhodochrosite For Health and Healing

As mentioned before, rhodochrosite contains manganese, which is an important physiological component of the body that promotes bone growth, assimilation of minerals and tissue repair. 

Traditionally, rhodochrosite a stone used to assist the circulatory system and heart, stabilizing pulse rate and blood pressure. When placed at the base of the skull, it also helps in relieving tension migraines. 

The stone believed to correct thyroid imbalances. As well as removing irritants from the lungs, alleviating asthma and breathing problems. It is also notorious for its effectiveness when used in elixirs. If taken internally, the stone can relive infections, including sinus and ear infections, stomach ulcers as well as digestive disorders like abdominal pain and constipation. 

In addition, it can help heal cancer, coronary issues, liver, and other diseases. An amazing stone knows to be ideal for any nervous system imbalances and believed to alleviate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease as well as some cases of multiple sclerosis.

For those with skin disorders, rhodochrosite is also highly effective in alleviating shingles, chickenpox, some kinds of rash, boils and hives. 

For Wealth

The energies of the stone can give you the willpower and determination to work on your dreams and achieving success in your work. It can also help manifest your intentions and desires sooner than later. Rhodochrosite brings abundance and prosperity to those willing and determined to work hard.  

Facts About Rhodochrosite For Relationship and Love

Rhodochrosite brings a powerful energy of love. It keeps you compassionate and understanding of your partner and allows you to show appreciation and love. The gem also known to help mend rifts that may have developed in your relationship and help you work it out with your partner to prevent it from repeating. 

The stone also empowers you to examine suppressed feelings, old hurts and heartaches of your past relationship. Allowing you to look at old situations as new information.  Lastly, it will show you the meaning of unconditional love, serving as a guide in your search for emotional happiness. 

The stone also allows for a spontaneous expression of feeling which can enhance sexuality and passion. This is also an excellent stone for calling in new love, a romantic partner or a friend who can help us learn essential lessons for our good. It is mainly a guide in the quest for emotional happiness, helping you move forward without the fear of rejection. 

Final Thoughts

Beautiful and warm, this rose-red to dark raspberry-pink crystal is a strong stone that aids in emotional healing while also encouraging you do feel love for yourself and be compassionate to others. It is definitely a nice addition to your growing crystal collection in order to help you reach a state of sublime happiness and joy!

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