The Best Crystal Combinations For Emerald

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Emerald, with its beautiful green color, is a unique, scratch-resistant gemstone but has crystal lattice that is prone to fracturing. Thus, it is one of the most precious and sought-after gemstones in the globe. This beautiful green crystal inspires the thoughts of rebirth and springtime as well as starting a new chapter in life. It is also the crystal for the heart chakra. If you want to amplify its properties, check out the best crystal combinations for emerald below.

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The Best Crystal Combinations for Emerald and Their Benefits

Emerald and Rose Quartz Combination Benefits

Crystal Combinations for Emerald

You might think that the main color for the heart chakra would be pink, but in reality, it is green. And the emerald is the primary stone that helps stimulate the heart chakra. This stone of good fortune with its bright green hue is the stone that promotes romantic love and loyalty for the success of any long-term relationships.

Pair this green color with the loving pink color of the Rose Quartz and you can experience a powerful, but soft feminine energy of peace, compassion, healing, tenderness, comfort, and love. Both stones speak directly to the Heart chakra and removing any emotional pain and wounds, resentments, and fears.

As the emerald stone help balance the energies and keeping your relationship stable by encouraging both partners to be compassionate, forgiving and accepting responsibilities, the Rose Quartz reawaken your innate ability to love and providing a deep sense of personal contentment and fulfillment to help you truly give and receive love from your partner.

Both stones help bring empathy into any relationships, and empowering you to let go of emotional wounds, love traumas and suppressed feelings, so you can open yourself to loving others or your partner even more.

Emerald and Rhodonite Combination Benefits


Another great crystal combination for emerald, rhodonite is known as the Stone of Forgiveness. With its pink and black layers, rhodonite serves as a constant reminder that love does not come without pain and heartaches. AS it gently eases the pain away from hurting and painful relationships, it offers gentle forgiving energies and cleansing your emotional body from anger, pain, hurt, and resentment.

After that, the Emerald crystal works to revive your passion and feelings. It attracts romantic love or calling back estranged love, speaking the words that you wish to say. Emerald also fills you with a nourishing aura of hope gentleness, encouragement, and abundance, giving you the strength to move forward in life.

Using both rhodonite and emerald, you can easily forget the feeling of loneliness when you lack a loving and romantic relationship. The stones harmoniously work to help you focus on what you truly want and helping you regain your lost confidence, helping you find new love.

Emerald and Lapis Lazuli Combination Benefits

Lapis Lazuli or the Stone of Communication. The bright blue crystal has been used for centuries and like the emerald, the Lapis Lazuli is a great crystal to experience love. However, you can both use emerald and Lapis Lazuli to improving your current relationship.

As mentioned before, emerald stimulates your heart chakra. It allows you to take and give unconditional love, balancing your energies, and encouraging compassion, forgiveness, and accepting responsibilities. Meanwhile, the Lapis Lazuli enhances your throat chakra. Thus, it will help you in improving and strengthening your relationships through positive and clear communication.

As emerald heals and opens the heart for emotions, lapis lazuli works the throat for more effective communication between partners, allowing them to work on their differences, problems, clearing misunderstandings, and bringing positivity and loyalty.

Emerald and Green Aventurine Combination Benefits

With this one of the best crystal combinations for emerald you will enjoy harmony. Not only that, you’ll enjoy new opportunities in your committed life.

Emerald is dubbed as the Stone of the Married. It helps promote a beautiful and strong relationship with your spouse. It will also stimulate the heart chakra to be more open and more loving to your partner.

The green aventurine is also a strong protector of the heart chakra. In help give you a sense of well-being stabilizing emotions and increasing emotions. However, green aventurine is more known for being a lucky crystal. Thus, when combined with the vibrational energies of emerald, it helps bring romantic luck in life.  

Now, in the world of the married, both crystals are great if you want a child. Emerald helps to increase your fertility while supporting you during pregnancy and childbirth. Meanwhile, the green aventurine, known as the Stone of Opportunity, brings them luck and chance of being fertile and conceiving. Its energetic properties also help during pregnancy and childbirth by promoting confidence and harmony. Not only that, but the green aventurine stone also takes it even further by preventing a miscarriage.

Final Thoughts

Emerald with its deep emerald green to pale green color is a powerful and precious stone. You can use to healing any blockages and overacting heart chakra. It is mainly used for improving relationships or finding new love.

However, when you combine it with other powerful crystals for love and the heart chakra like the ones mentioned above, your relationship will surely improve and you get to enjoy a long-lasting love.

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