Lapis Lazuli: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Lapis lazuli stones are stones that reverberate with the enlightenment and truth vibration. They are also potent strong blue stones that may open the third eye and stimulate the pineal gland. It is also a beneficial stone that you can wear as it is thought to help in relieving anger, as well as negative thoughts. They are also essential in easing frustrations that are cause anger. The stone have been valued ever since the antiquity, since they are amongst the most beautiful blue crystals being sold. The more blue color in the stone, the more prized it’s always been. In this article, we will discuss more interesting and amazing facts about lapis lazuli including its benefits. Read on to this article to learn more about these!

Meanings and Properties

The term lapis lazuli actually means blue stone. This is more usually known as only lapis. The term came from the Latin word for stone –lapis, as well as the Persian word which means blue –lazwhard. If you have not seen the stone before, it is the stone, which has a great celestial blue color. It also have gold flecks on its surface, which add to the charm of the stone, making it appear so mysterious and powerful.

Moreover, there are also lower rating lapis, which commonly has lighter blue color, having white flecks, rather than gold. These are frequently known as the denim lapis. In the ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli was used in the field of cosmetics for so many years. It’s even said that Michaelangelo used this stone in powder form for blue tints to add color to the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.

Nonetheless, by looking onto the metaphysical appearance of the lapis lazuli, you might find that there are just as huge reason why the crystal has proven to be so famous for over centuries. Ever since the ancient times, the mystical appearance of the stone has drawn so much attention of seers and scholars, who are fascinated by the compelling energies of the stone.

It has also found its own way in so many healer’s and for so many decades, and ever since the dawn of civilization, the stone has proven a calming and soothing influence, which assists in opening the mind and calming all the senses. Furthermore, the stone has also been around for centuries now, and its fame still hasn’t weakened since then. In today’s day and time, it’s mined in Afghanistan, Italy, Chile, and the USA.

We will discuss some lapis lazuli benefits later in this article, so keep on reading!

Reasons to Use It

If you find yourself what really you can get in a crystal or stone, a meditation or manifestation stone like the lapis lazuli is the best one to opt to. Not just the stone empower the thoughts, it may also help in protecting you from both the physical and psychic attacks in both the personal and professional life.

In addition, just as the desert rose, the lapis lazuli is also a good stone for protection due to all the protective energies that it has. However, it is also a manifestation stone, as it may help you in turning your dreams a reality. The stone may also promote critical thinking, hence it is perfect for those who are journalists, psychologists, writers, and executives.

This might also be so much of a handy tool, which may help in intellectual analysis, generating fresh and new ideas, as well as in problem solving. The stone is also beneficial in gaining new knowledge, which you need to look at in different situations objectively and clearly so you may come to the best ever decisions in life.

Let us now dig in to the lapis lazuli benefits!

Lapis Lazuli Essential Benefits

Here are some of the best lapis lazuli benefits that you need to know:

For Health and Healing

The lapis lazuli is a powerful stone for you to have if you want to have a sound mind and body. It might also give you the strength of mind, in order to rise through the challenges of career, life, and work generally. In a similar way to the howlite, the stone may also give you emotional virility.

For Wealth

You can wear the lapis lazuli with you to attract fortune and good luck. The stone actually symbolizes good luck, and whoever wears it may have the energies, which may turn all negativities into positive energies. The crystal also helps in keeping a clear head –this is important if your own path to success and wealth has already been tense.

For Love and Relationship

In terms of love and relationship, the lapis lazuli is essentially a woman’s best friend. It may bring energies of love, emotional healing, and wisdom to those who wear it or keep it close to them. This is also a stone that essentially says ‘love me’ and anything or anyone that is within the personal field of energy.

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