Facts About Blue Calcite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits


Blue Calcite is a superb stone that helps in the expansion of psychic gifts and it improves people’s creativity. Blue Calcite, on the other hand, is used as a healing crystal. In fact, it has several excellent healing attributes that are typically used to heal different types of pains, especially in the joints and bones. Keep on reading and find out the other blue calcite benefits. But before that let’s first discuss the stone’s meanings and properties. 

Blue Calcite: Meanings and Properties

blue calcite meaning

Calcite is actually a type of calcium carbonate that comes in different colors. While the name derived from “calcit” a German word that means limestone, in the prehistoric realm, calcite was clustered by gypsum.

In fact, it is known as alabaster for its milky and fair color.

All the same, blue calcite is indeed a special crystal. It is pale grey, clear, as well as whitish. Blue, on the other hand, is a very strong spiritual color.

Having that said, blue calcite comes with strong spiritual properties especially when it’s utilized by skilled practitioners of crystology. Even so, blue calcite has been known as the stone of communication, recovery, and healing.

Reasons Why You Should Use Blue Calcite

If you really want to improve your psychic powers, then blue calcite is one of the best stones that you can utilize to attain it.

When paired with Tourmalated Quartz, a blue calcite stone is very helpful for the development of psychic capabilities like psychic empathy and telepathy. The main reason why this crystal is helpful in developing such powers is that it is known as the stone of communication.

In Indian folklore, blue is the color of throat chakras – the chakra which rules all types of communication. Whereas in ancient Egypt, it’s the color of the life energy that flows over living beings to bind them.

But, the mixture of white and blue powers in this stone shows that it’s a great tool that can be used in improving communication.

This stone, on the other hand, have other benefits in life especially when it is accompanied by a pink crystal.

For instance, you can make use of blue calcite if you want to get rid of negative energies from your environment or aura it has the prowess to eliminate deadly energies that are jabbing to you.  

Blue Calcite Benefits: What You Need to Know?

For Health and Healing

Blue Calcite Benefits

Substantially, Blur calcite may toughen your immune system and stimulate your metabolism. In addition to that, it has also the capability to stabilize your heart’s rhythm as well as lower blood pressure.

This crystal, on the other hand, has been beneficial in disbanding different types of physical pains. 

Nevertheless, blue calcite can also alleviate anxieties and soothe distressed nerves.

Furthermore, this stone also encourages relaxation and at the same time rest. When it comes to overcoming trauma, for instance, the trauma of losing someone that is close to you, this may act as a natural tranquilizer.

For Relationship

While many crystals and stones which are known to develop a relationship do it by toning your natural energies, calcite, help bring resentments to the light.

It makes it clearer that such resentments aren’t essentially a big problem. As a matter of fact, no one could be 100 percent harmonious. Thus, the trick is to deal with your resentments pleasantly.

This is where blue calcite comes into play. The calming energy of Blue Calcite makes it conceivable to smooth through the coarse bits of relationships leading to better results than just hoping for bad moments to be swept away completely.

Other Benefits of Blue Calcite

When paired with Wulfenite, this can stone can powerfully help you especially if you’re not certain of what’s happening to you from emotional outlooks.

The Blue Calcite is helpful for writers since it reverberates in the throat chakra that’s the part associated with the communication.

If you’re suffering from a writer’s block it can also help you a lot since it will aid you to get back on the track and survive the blockages.

However, if you want to improve your creativity, Blue Calcite is one of the excellent things that you can use since it motivates you to think properly.

It also helps in soothing your thoughts especially when your head is filled with jabber which could be hindering the movement of imaginative writing. Nevertheless, if you want to recall your dreams, Blue Calcite can help you as well.

Final Thoughts

Blue Calcite can bring calm, peace, and relaxation all over the body. Its healing energies, on the other hand, will make sure that you will feel better no matter what disorders or illnesses you are going through.

If you want to improve your psychic and remove negative feelings, emotions, and energies into your life, then blue calcite could be the best crystal for you.

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