Facts About Blue Calcite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Introduction of Blue Calcite

For anyone interested in boosting their creativity and expanding their psychic gifts, blue calcite can be a superb stone for your collection. It can also operate as a healing crystal, typically used to help ease pain and inflammation in the bones and joints. They also know it to have several other excellent healing properties. In this article we will discuss the benefits, properties and meanings of using blue calcite.

What is Blue Calcite?

Blue Calcite is just one of many stones that come from the calcite family. It is actually calcium carbonate that can be found in a variety of different colors. The name itself is derived from the German word for limestone “calcit”.

Blue Calcite

In ancient history it was also known as alabaster and sometimes it was clustered with gypsum because of its light fair milky color. Because of its light blue color, this type of calcite was indeed considered a more significant crystal with extremely powerful spiritual properties, especially in the hands of expert practitioners with a deep knowledge and understanding of chrystology. It is most closely recognized as a stone that can help improve healing, recovery, and communication.

Understanding the Blue Calcite Stone Meanings and Uses

blue calcite meaning

To truly understand the various uses of and the meanings of this extraordinary stone, you need to first appreciate that this crystal because of its blue color is most closely associated with your throat and a third eye chakras.

Its vibration resonates most with these chakras and as a result can be of immense benefit to anyone working in the psychic are spiritual field. When trying to communicate and visit the higher realms, these crystals can help you receive and understand the messages from your spirit guides more clearly.

If you’re looking to grid, your workplace or home blue calcite is also an excellent stone to work with, as it can help create a protective barrier against theft. Any thief looking to gain access to your business or home will quickly be deterred because of the stone.

What are the Properties of Blue Calcite?

As we mentioned previously, blue calcite, a member of the calcite family, is just one of many colors in which calcium carbonate can form. The largest known piece of this stone was discovered in Iceland, but we commonly find calcite all around the globe.

Blue Calcite found in shells

Blue Calcite is most commonly formed as part of sedimentary stone and can even be found on the shells of different sea creatures. They even used it for gun sights during world war II because of its ease of availability. However, despite this blue, calcite remains a special stone, it provides many healing characteristics and properties, including.

The Healing Properties

With the healing properties of blue calcite, we mostly associate it with the stimulation of your metabolism and the strengthening of your immune system. Further, it is known to be capable of bringing stability to irregular heart rhythms and reducing blood pressure.

Blue Calcite strengthen immune system

Expert practitioners understand the benefits of using blue calcite to help treat different physical pains and ailments. It’s also known to help soothe anxiety and reduce stress in people suffering from a variety of many nervous disorders.

By actively encouraging your mind and body to relax blue calcite stimulates your need to rest. When treating any type of trauma rest is essential part of the healing process and using blue calcite can even operate as a natural remedy.

The Metaphysical Properties

They also know blue Calcite to have many metaphysical properties like many other stones and crystals it can help home your association with your natural energy flow and bring any pain stress or resentment to the forefront allowing you to healthily address and deal with it. Bringing clarity to the fact that these resentments are the root of a larger problem. I recognize the fact that nobody is going to be 100% at ease or harmonious the trick to using blue calcite is that it helps you deal with these resentments pleasantly. Providing a calming energy to your aura blue calcite helps you smooth over the rough parts of any relationship. Allowing you to see past the inopportune moments and avoid being caught up in them, as a result, creates an environment in which long-lasting and loving relationships can thrive.

Blue Calcite Benefits

How Blue Calcite Benefits You

This variety of calcite, like many other blue crystals and stones, most closely resonates with the energies produced by your third eye chakra and your throat chakra. By enhancing these you will be better able to express yourself both honestly and openly sign things with a greater level of clarity and reduce your emotional state to provide an unclouded view of your life.

For Health and Healing

The blue calcite because of its place in the calcite family is a powerful cleanser and amplifier of energies. It can cleanse your environment of negative energy and promote the formation of prismatic energy, which can activate and clear all of your chakras.

Blue calcite is a deeply spiritual stone that can facilitate the access to your higher conscience and unlock side capabilities. It can only walk your mind and help you understand deeper, soulful experiences. By forming deep connections between your intellect and your emotions, this stone can prove very helpful for anyone studying the sciences or arts. It brings calm to your mind boost memory stimulates insights and encourages discernment. it’s also closely associated to the inner functioning of your spleen pancreas and kidneys and can cleanse and improve their overall functions. Is your suffering from classification of your bones blue cow size can help your body assimilate calcium and return natural strength to both your joints and other parts of your skeleton. It’s also known to ease issues regarding tissue healing, blood clotting, skin conditions, and intestinal problems.

Blue Calcite spiritual.jpg

For Wealth

Blue Calcite is truly a crown chakra crystal connecting your intellectual and emotional capabilities. It’s ability to teach discernment and stimulate insight provides your body and mind with calming energies. Keeping blue calcite on your person can provide you with a fantastic companion on your journey to rid yourself of the mentality of scarcity and understand that the universe wants abundance to surround you.

Sometimes understanding your true worth involves taking a wholehearted and trusted leap of faith Blue Calcite can help you bridge the gap between financial instability and seizing the opportunities that come your way on your path to financial success. By helping you effectively manage your finances, be more assertive with your money, blue calcite can help you make better financial decisions. It’s an excellent stone for wealth protection because it helps keep your mind clear and encourages you to make the logical clear and intuitive financial decisions.

For Love and Relationship

As you’re probably aware, many stones and crystals help develop relationships by harnessing and toning your body’s natural energies. Blue Calcite helps you recognize resentments for the obstacles they are and presents you with a clear path to rid yourself of these burdens and come into the light.

Blue Calcite Love and Relationship

It helps you understand that there’s no such thing as a 100% harmonious existence and the trick to successful relationships and forming long-lasting loving bonds is to deal with your resentments in a straightforward and pleasant manner and this is how blue calcite plays a part. By releasing calming energies, blue calcite helps you navigate through the rough course that relationships can take. Helping you form better insights and as a result lead to more successful results. It can prevent you from being swept up and negative moments and focus your mindset towards a positive conclusion.

The Best Crystal Combinations With Blue Calcite

Blue calcite operates very subtly, and as a result it’s important to use it with other powerful stones. Doing this can help you communicate on a deeper plane with your emotions and feelings and further unlock the capabilities of your throat chakra.

Blue Calcite and Moldavite

Both blue calcite and moldavite can form transformative and protective barrier when used in combination. Both are extremely effective at removing blockages to your third eye chakra and help you become more attuned with higher frequencies.


Blue Calcite and Aquamarine

When looking to unlock the energies of your throat chakra and boost your ability to communicate about deeper emotions, this can more easily be achieved by combining aquamarine with blue calcite


Blue Calcite and Moonstone

One of the primary purposes of unlocking your throat and third eye chakras is to allow yourself to explore new beginnings. By combining blue calcite with a moonstone, you find that these combined energies further enhance and stimulate the healing qualities needed to pursue an alternative path in life.


How to Use Blue Calcite?

This stone has been used by healers for generations, as they know it can provide them with a level of calmness and peace in their lives. Allowing them to access the energies of many chakras. Any user can help reduce sleep problems, lessen anxiety, improve mood and relieve stress and many other reasons. Here are three effective ways for you to use blue calcite.

Keep a blue calcite with you throughout your day

Experts who recommend that you keep a piece of this stone with you at all times the more contact you can have with it, the more its energy can help you. By keeping a piece in your purse or pocket and simply touching whenever you feel like it, it can help you focus on your intentions.

Place a blue calcite on your body

If you feel comfortable wearing blue calcite jewelry, this can mean keeping it in constant contact with your body and offering healing energy to your chakras at all times. By wearing blue calcite, you can encourage the energy produced by your chakra to heal your emotions all day long. One of the best places to place it is over your heart or near your throat so you can open your heart or throat chakra to both receiving and giving love.

Use blue calcite during your yoga practice

As many people have understood the healing benefits of practicing yoga, keeping a blue calcite crystal on or near your yoga mat can help increase the tranquility of the space in which you’re practicing. It can even help you reach a deeper meditative state.

How to Cleanse and Charge Blue Calcite?

Blue calcite unlike many other healing crystals and stones is fragile and shouldn’t be exposed to any aggressive minerals or acids such as vinegar.

Cleanse with mild dish soap and water

Using only plain water and the most mild soap you can find, cleaning your blue calcite should only be done using the softest cloth you can find. Even the most soft tools could damage it

However, if you are experiencing dirt buildup on your stone or jewelry, you could use a soft toothbrush using very mild movements. If the toothbrush doesn’t work in removing stains from your stone, place it in a larger container and fill it with clear pure water, leaving it to sit there for a few hours. When you remove it, if they’re still dirty, you could try cleaning it using pressurized sterile water that is available in pressurized cans.

Your avenue of last resort should be to add a single tablespoon of baking soda to your water and create a more powerful but still mild cleaning solution. Leave your stones to soak in this mixture for up to an hour the baking soda I should comfortably remove any dirt and rinse the stones afterwards, allowing them to dry naturally.

Final Thoughts

Calcite is one of the most powerful yet readily available, and inexpensive stones or crystals you will find on the market. Blue Calcite is accessible all around the globe and yet it’s reputation it’s only now being recognized.

This is possibly down to the fact that the interest in developing a deeper emotional understanding and access to psychic powers is lower these days than it used to be. Some people may find the power of blue calcite a little intimidating and even a bit scary. However, you have nothing to be afraid of. Despite its clear psychic benefits, it is still one of the most gentle healing stones you will find.

There’s nothing wrong with pursuing your psychic powers. If you stay away from a deeper state of understanding for irrational fear of buying a small piece of blue calcite, then quickly relieve you of this burden.

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