Blue Crystals Stone – Meanings, Properties & Benefits

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Blue is the coolest color. After all, it is the color of the deep sea and the clear sky. Not only that, but it is also the color of twilight and sleep. It signifies spirituality, inspiration, and sincerity as well as calming and conservative. Thus, it is a wonderful color for different crystals and stones.

Blue crystals have different effects on you. There are blue crystals that can keep you subtle and calm, while some can help heighten your psychic capabilities. Learn more about blue crystals stone here.

Why Use Blue Crystals

Blue crystals are said to help enhance your communication and your self-expression. They help stimulate your ability to communicate or express your deepest personal truths. Not only that, but these blue crystals are associated with creativity as well. They help awaken your artistic side and creative thinking.

Because the color blue is aligned with the planets Mercury and Neptune, blue crystals resonate with water. With blue crystals, you can have faith and trust in yourself and in other people, restoring and increasing joy, peace, and tranquility in your life.

Blue crystals are also known to enhance your intuitive abilities, sparking your inspiration, and showing that you can be more sincere and honest.

Light blue crystals represent your ability to communicate with your own intuition and self. They are potent in helping you connect with your spiritual and psychic self. Thus, they make a great stone for self-reflection and meditations.

Meanwhile, dark blue crystals are connected to creativity and enhancing communication with other people. It helps boost your compassion and respect, showing you the meaning of honor, humanity, and discretion. They help inspire you to act more charitable and focusing your efforts and energies to be a great service to others.  

Not only that, but dark blue crystals can also teach you the meaning of grace, allowing you to be more sensitive to other people’s needs. They inspire you to demonstrated kindness and tenderness when dealing with people.

Blue crystals are also known to give security, stability, and safety whenever you are going on a long journey or moving to different locations. They also support you in dealing with pain, removing guilt, and letting go of the past. This way you should experience a relaxing and calming life without anxieties and agitation.

Blue Crystals For Healing and Health Benefits

Blue stones are revered for their natural antiseptic properties, making it a favorite amongst crystal healers.

Blue is the color of the throat chakra. Thus, it only makes sense that blue crystals are the best tools for clearing and stimulating a blocked or overactive throat chakra. A blocked chakra can cause difficulty in expressing or communicating your feelings and thoughts. This blockage can cause stiffness in your shoulder and neck muscles, tension headaches, colds, hearing problems, and thyroid problems.

You can use blue crystals in order to heal all problems in your thyroid, parathyroid, throat, and mouth. They help relieve earaches and migraines. They will also reduce fevers and easing symptoms and discomfort caused by high blood pressure. Furthermore, blue crystal is also used in treating laryngitis, eye strain, and sore throat.

Blue Crystals For Wealth Benefits

Blue stones can help increase your chances of better career opportunities presented to you. They also help strengthen your financial or professional life. These crystals are known to boost leadership qualities in a way that will be motivational and inspirational to others.

They shall help bring order, allowing you to release your fears and bring courage into your life. Not only that, but they shall also help bring mental clarity and reduces issues related to scattered mind.

With its deep connection to the throat chakra, blue crystals can enhance your speaking voice. This way, in a workplace setting, you can better voice out your innovative thoughts and creative ideas on a project.

In addition, it helps ease miscommunications between co-workers and prevent misunderstandings, promoting only a harmonious and synchronous team.

Blue Crystals For Love and Relationships Benefits

Crystals with blue hues bring back serenity and peace in all aspects of your life, especially in your romantic and love life.

Blue crystals help in strengthening your intuition so that you become more attuned to the needs and wants of your partner. With its calming color, blue crystals can help foster devotion, honesty, and trust in any romantic relationship.

Communication is the main attribute of blue crystals.

Thus, blue crystals are known to encourage truthfulness in your communication. So, you can express your own thoughts and feelings in creative and loving ways. They can even help in reconnecting with your partner through clear and concise communication.

If you ever feel that you always listen to your partner without sharing anything or you’re always speaking but never heard, then all kinds of blue crystals can work to fill the gap and mending the frustration and wound before it even widens.

Furthermore, blue crystals infuse your life with enthusiasm and passion, dispelling the loneliness that you are feeling in your personal life. They are incredibly reassuring and soothing, giving you the strength and comfort whenever you are experiencing chaos or challenges in your relationship.

These crystals also teach you to become more understanding and patient, giving you the knowledge, wisdom, discernment, and courage to do the right thing.

Blue stones are also crystals of trust. If you wish to be more sincere, act more responsibly, or become more faithful and trustworthy to your partner, then blue crystals can help you focus. They teach you how to be trustworthy in order for others to trust you.

Not only that, but they shall also bring peace whenever you feel distressed. They shall help you accept and sea reality and to intelligently and confidently respond with positivity. They shall reduce your emotional tension and stubbornness and help you recover from disappointments and heartbreaks. Also, they help encourage healing that should help open yourself to more romantic encounters.

5 Best Blue Crystals That You Can Use

1. Aquamarine

Blue Crystals

With its name translated as the “water of the sea”, the beautiful aquamarine is said to be the precious treasure of beautiful mermaids. Since ancient times, this precious blue stone was carried by sailors to protect them from drowning.

With its beautiful shades of light green and blue, aquamarine is one of the most powerful stones to activate, cleanse, and empower the throat chakra. Dubbed as the Stone of Courage, this precious blue crystal offers your courage as well as truthful and honest expression and communication.

The stone is believed to help overcome your fear of public speaking and provides you with clarity of ideas and thoughts. Furthermore, this stone helps boost your creative thinking and intellectuality, allowing you to respond better and faster.

2. Lapis Lazuli

Blue Crystals

With its vibrant blue hues, the Lapis Lazuli helps ease problems in your throat area including frustration and suppressed anger while encouraging self-awareness. Dubbed as the Stone of Truth, this blue crystal promotes honest speaking and writing.

Not only that, but it also helps boost your creativity as well as pushing yourself to express your true feelings and thought to your friends and partner. Therefore, it makes an excellent tool if you wish to improve both new and existing relationships.

In addition, the blue stone also represents spirit, vision, power, and honor, stimulating good judgment, improving power-solving capabilities, and allowing you to generate innovative ideas. Plus, it also helps boost your intellectuality, allowing you to better understand and seek knowledge and truth.

3. Blue Kyanite


Kyanite took its name from the Greek term “Kyanos”, meaning deep blue. And this deep blue crystal is an all-around stone that aligns your 7 chakras while deeply stimulating your throat chakra to promote self-expression.

This beautiful stone doesn’t hold negativity and offers you’re the confidence when needing to stand up and express your genuine ideas and thoughts. With its powerful energies, the blue kyanite can help create a new path, centering and opening your mind to promote psychic and telepathic capabilities.

Not only that, it provides a calming effect on the mind and body while also inspiring loyalty and positive communication to restore or repair problematic relationships.

4. Turquoise

Turquoise has long been used in jewelry since ancient times. It is believed to have esoteric powers, which make it a protective talisman for kings, shamans, and warriors. The blue stone exudes a gentle strength that offers your confidence o you can better speak and express yourself.

Furthermore, turquoise also represents courage, protection, luck, wisdom, and leadership. It provides vibrational energies of self-acceptance, self-forgiveness as well as enhancing your mood, restoring your vitality and relieving accumulated stress.

5. Blue Apatite


Dubbed the Stone for Personal Power,  the blue apatite with its dark blue hues resonates well with your throat chakra as well as with the highest spiritual guides that can help heal your spirituality.

The stone has a dual effect of stimulating your personal truth while removing negativity from your surrounding. It also helps promote social openness and ease while helping you get your point and ideas across.

Using Blue Crystals For Best Results

Probably the most effective way that you can enjoy the power of the blue crystal is by wearing or carrying them every day.

By keeping them close to you, touching your pulse points and skin, you can benefit from their powerful healing vibrations. Just make sure that the blue crystals are touching your ankles, wrists, neckline, or ears. Why? So that it influences your throat chakra.

Meanwhile, carrying blue crystals in your purse or pocket can also help keep their vibrational energies near your auric field. You can touch or hold them whenever you need a powerful boost of courage to speak your thoughts or when giving a speech.

Place light blue crystals around your home or your workplace whenever you need to develop your understanding and patience. They shall help give your peace and calmness during stressful situations. They are even great for recovering from destructive behavioral patterns and harmful addictions.

Using them during meditation or making a crystal grid with blue crystal while doing spiritual works can help stimulate your throat chakra as well as curbing your temper. This allows you to become mellower and milder, showing that you can be kind, compassionate, dependable, and peacefulness.

Placing blue crystals on your desk can also enhance your intuitive and creative side at work. Not only that, but they should also promote a harmonious working environment, encouraging honest and truthful communication between co-workers.

Final Thoughts

Blue crystals are indeed the most calming and relaxing stones there is. Not only do they encourage your throat chakra so you can be more expressive, but blue crystals also enhance your spirituality, giving you a welcoming and calming aura and infusing you with peace, stability, forgiveness, patience, and emotional healing.

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