The Healing Crystals for Temperature Sensitivity

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Looking for the best crystals for healing temperature sensitivity? If yes, then check out today’s post.

Sensitivity to certain or changing temperatures can signify a number of things. These may include:

  • Personal disposition or the perceived bodily aversion
  • A degree of individual imperviousness to a range of temperatures
  • An excessively emotional attitude to cold or heat
  • A number of physical causes

The latter can range from circulation through tiredness, glandular or nerve disturbances (adrenal gland, thyroid gland), infections, inflammatory states, fever, and fluid imbalance, to a broad variety of diseases.

If a disease or an infection is the reason, then it is important to determine the real cause. Indeed, any sudden occurrence of the lasting and unusual sensitivity to temperature should be examined and professionally treated.

Thus, this article only covers the noon-specific sensitivity to temperature. For instance, the ones that seem to occur regularly, as a general tendency or which proves annoying or worrying at specific times.

Examples of such conditions are sensitivity towards heat that becomes extremely irksome and a problem during a hot summer or the sensitivity toward cold that makes winter unbearable. All these problems have one thing in common, they demonstrate your difficulties in adapting or the reduced ability to deal with particular aspects of your surroundings.

The physiological components of the human body that are stressed in such situations are what the conventional Chinese medicine calls as the triple warmer. This is the ability of the body to regulate its own energy. It controls the distribution of the vital life force in all of our joints and organs. It does this by regulating blood circulation in the different parts of your body.

Not only that, but it also controls your basic, overall metabolism as well as the specific energy metabolism within the cells. Further, it balances any localized lack or excess amount of energy and lowers or raises body temperature, depending on the requirements of the overall body.

To strengthen this triple warmer, you will need physical activity to promote and support good circulation. Also, intake of plenty of fluids is great at ensuring a beneficial and efficient energy distribution, helping perspiration, and the subsequent cooling of the body.

In addition, plenty of fresh air can provide a good supply of oxygen as fuel to the body. The body can also be strengthened by means of rapid temperature changes (alternating cold and hot baths or showers, temperature differences in the house, sleeping with an open window, or staying out in the open in all kinds of weather).

Our psychological and emotional attitude toward cold and heat is also crucial. The more we withdraw from the natural and traditional influences of the seasons— with air-conditioning, indoor heating, and so forth— so, gradually, we will come to dislike them.

Thus, you need to spend a lot of time outdoors on a regular basis in all kinds of weather. This can help induce the feeling of confidence and create an ability to defy cold and hear and any previous sensitivity to temperature.

However, if the tendency towards sensitivity towards either cold or heat remains, then crystals with their corresponding properties of regulating heat sensitivity or cooling attributes can be applied to great effect.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing temperature sensitivity.

Crystals For Healing Temperature Sensitivity

For Sensitivity To Heat


Amethyst is known for its potent cooling effect. This crystal can help in lowering the circulation rate and assist with efficient perspiration. Not only that, but this crystal also helps in letting go of any tendency to whine or complain about the weather or “this unbearable cold or heat”.

Prase + Aventurine

Both aventurine and prase can help in reducing your sensitivity towards heat. Not only that, but these stones also help in overcoming any psychological resistance towards direct sunlight and heat. In fact, these stones are the primary tools used in healing sunstroke or sunburn.


The soothing energies of aquamarine can help in regulating the functions of your thyroid gland. Thus, it can help in reducing any heat and energy overproduction in your cells. Other than that, aquamarine can also bring out a general feeling of relaxed and eased attitude that makes it easier to cope with the heat.

Rock Crystal

crystals for healing temperature sensitivity

Rock crystal can be applied during hot weather since it can help enhance the feeling of coolness and encourages perspiration. Stroking the head and joints with this crystal can produce a distinct and instant cooling effect.

In order t achieve this, you only need to take a generator rock crystal and allow its pointed surface to touch your skin while moving it from the top, downwards or from your center, outwards. As necessary, you can also stroke the body, back, and legs.



This crystal is known to have a cooling effect for those with heat sensitivity. Not only that, but chalcedony also improves your adaptability to unexpected climate changes or those that manifest during the transitional seasons of autumn or spring.

Blue Tourmaline + Sodalite

crystals for healing temperature sensitivity

The blue tourmaline and sodalite with their blue hues have a distinctly cooling effect and can help in coping with the heat. At the same time, they can also regulate your blood circulation and bodily fluid balance. Therefore, dissipate internal heat energy, that is actually what’s making the external heat unbearable.

For Sensitivity To Cold

Fire Opal

This potent crystal can stimulate your circulation, making you active and warm. Thus, it is very helpful when one feels chilly and internally cold. Other than that, it also stimulates those “hot thoughts”.

Garnet Pyrope + Ruby

Garnet Pyrope

The garnet pyrope can help in stabilizing blood circulation and decreases sensitivity to the cold. Like ruby, it can contribute to overcoming psychological resistance to cold and frost.

Ruby, on the other hand, can help in the distribution of energy throughout your whole body. It helps with the mild hypothermia and communicates the sensation that you can overcome anything.


crystals for healing temperature sensitivity

Obsidian is one of the most effective crystals in cases of severe sensitivity to cold. This potent stone can stimulate the energy production of your cell and improving blood circulation. This way, it is quite helpful for those with cold feet and hands.



The gentle pink essence of rhodochrosite can bring the heat to your whole body Its effects are quite instant, especially in cases of sensitivity to cold caused by lack of sleep and tiredness. This potent crystal can mobilize the body’s natural energy reserves and producing a refreshing effect.

Final Thoughts

So, whether you have a sensitivity to cold or heat, the above crystals can help you overcome them. For all the above, you can wear them as a necklace, pendant, or bracelet while awake. As an alternative, you can also take 5 – 7 drops of gem essence for 3 times a day or prepare 100 – 300ml of gem water to be taken in small sips throughout the day.

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