The Healing Crystals for Colds

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Common cold manifests itself with the classic symptoms coughing, hoarseness, runny nose, head colds, and sneezes. All of which are characterized as flu infections even though they do not have much in common with real influenza.  Symptoms of common colds can easily be relieved with the best crystals for healing colds.

As its name implies, the common cold can be traced back to cold exposure.  such exposure can actually weaken the immune system, particularly the immune defense structures in the mucous membranes of the airways. However, it only really spread throughout a body that has already been stressed by the accumulation of waste or toxins, as well as emotional problems.

In most cases, a cold is a form of the virus in which the cells and tissues are infected with toxic substances that make the virus spread and therefore hamper the action of the immune system.

A simple cold, hoarseness, sneezing, or cough can be treated easily with the best crystals for healing colds.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing colds.

Crystals For Healing Colds


Crystals For Healing Colds

Heliotrope was considered to be the most astonishing of the Jaspers in the ancient world. With its earthy, deep green hue dotted with spots of bright red, heliotrope is also known as the bloodstone, carrying energies of blood purity and speaks of strength and vitality.

The bloodstone is known for boosting the immune system while eliminating and neutralizing toxins from the body. It has antibacterial ad antiviral effects, treating acute infections, and stimulating healing of the body.

Heliotrope works by initially backing up your body’s non-specific immune reaction which attacks all the foreign bodies in the same way. Such defense mechanism is usually successful at warding off infection. In addition, bloodstone also helps increase your ability to defend yourself on the emotional level.

Heliotrope can be applied at the start of a cold, then the first sensations of a head cold, feverishness, or soreness in the throat are experienced. This powerful stone should be placed immediately on your thymus gland which is between the throat and heart. Also, you can take 5 – 10 drops of heliotrope gem essence every hour or take small sips of 100 – 300ml heliotrope water throughout the day. Wearing the crystal as a pendant or necklace is also effective to treat the common cold.



Sardonyx has been used for its vibrational energies of protection and strength since ancient times. This beautiful stone helps in the regulation of your metabolism for smoother cleansing of the body. It helps in the absorption of essential nourishment and gets rid of toxic waste which can hinder good health and causes common colds. Thus, it should be used immediately if you feel any feverish symptoms.

Other than its physical healing attributes, sardonyx can also bring positive things in life, especially during emotional and mental stress that weakens the immune system. It helps elevate your mood and combat anxiety or depression that you have been facing.

You can wear sardonyx as a necklace, pendant, or bracelet for a long period for protection against emotional baggage as well as physical entities that can cause common colds. You can also keep it by your side, whenever you feel feverish in order to immediately stop the worsening of your cold symptoms.

Red Chalcedony

Crystals For Healing Colds

Red chalcedony features a translucent to opaque look, often exhibiting brownish stripes. It is often polished and buffed to a high luster. This stone is the alternative if there’s no fever present. It can help encourage the feverish high temperature which the body needs to hold the virus in check until your immune system has it identified and neutralized.

The crystal can also be applied until your feverish symptom has reached its climax and your fever drops. In addition, red chalcedony can also help you emotionally confront any unpleasant situations and overcome difficult situations that are weakening your immune system.

You can use this crystal as a pendant or keep it close to you as you fight your feverish symptom.

Moss Agate + Ocean Jasper

Moss Agate

This trio should be applied along with the cold compress. Because each of these stones helps ins stimulating the lymph flow. This way, the 3 crystals can cleanse the infected area and provide better detoxifying to the body.

Emotionally speaking, these 3 crystals can help encourage the feelings of relief while promoting general detoxification. They also help bring our optimism and positive mindset to fight difficult situations in life. This will then toughen up your body and immune system.

Blue Chalcedony

Crystals For Healing Colds

Dubbed as the Speaker’s Stone, blue chalcedony features a serene, mystic, and subtle vibrational energies. It features an inviting and soft blue translucence that evokes the stillness of the deep blue sea. It is calming and speaks to the heart and spirit.

With its calming effect, blue chalcedony can help with problems on the emotional level. It helps relax the mind and body, inducing a positive mindset that helps the body recover and toughens up against further viral attacks.

Physically, blue chalcedony has been useful for treating chronic inflammation of the throat and hoarseness. It protects you against weakness and common colds. Also, it helps with sensitivity to weather changes and prevent the sudden shock from cold exposure.

Blue chalcedony can be applied if your fever falls rapidly and should help with the detoxification process. You can just hold it in your hand or placed on your thymus gland to facilitate the healing of common cold symptoms.

Final Thoughts

In general, colds can be prevented by toughening up the body. This includes regular physical activity in the fresh air, getting enough sleep, regular detoxification, and eating proper nourishment. To furthers support the body and resist cold, the use of the above-mentioned crystals can be helpful.

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