Facts About Strawberry Quartz: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Introduction of Strawberry Quartz

As more and more people turn to healing crystals to get some peace of mind in their fast-paced lives, Strawberry quartz is becoming increasingly popular. We know this stone for providing inner peace by enabling users to spiritually centre and focus on inner strength. By blocking out negative energies from the physical world that might disrupt strawberry quartz is also deeply associated with the positive energies of love and friendship.

Using Strawberry Quartz can provide you with the courage to meet new people and make new friends. By using this stone, you’ll find yourself surrounded with like-minded people who share your thoughts and vision.

positive energies of love and friendship

What is Strawberry Quartz?

As we mentioned above, many people use the power of this stone because of its vitalizing energies as it directly affects your heart. Iit has deep spiritual healing properties directly linked to friendship and love.

Strawberry quartz can help harness the loving energy of the universe, make you feel calm and open your mind to receive loving energy. For spiritual healing, this gemstone is one of the most significant talisman you can add to your armory.

If you want to surround yourself with the healing power of love and friendship, we recommend you try the stone. It’s also very beneficial for anyone who suffers from stress or anxiety. In this article we will focus on the deeper meaning and uses of strawberry quartz, its key properties, and what other crystals you can combine it with further boosting its healing properties.

Understanding the Strawberry Quartz Stone Meanings and Uses

A mixture of goethite and iron oxide which combined to create this wonderfully pink colored quartz. It can range in color from a raspberry pink all the way through to a light pink. The most common sources of strawberry quartz are Mexico and Africa. Much of the uses and meanings of strawberry quartz surround the promotion of positive feelings. This stone can bring a light to the darkness and purify any negative energies.

What are the Properties of Strawberry Quartz?

strawberry quartz
Natural Strawberry Quartz Large

Strawberry quartz not has only the energy of clear quartz it has an additional vibration which boosts your ability to feel love and empathy with the universe.

Providing you with the energy and courage you need to recognize and seize opportunities. By using this type of quartz you may feel yourself being soothed and calmed, especially if you’re suffering from any stress or anxiety concerning love of friendship.

It also always loves being associated with the merits of generosity and appreciation. This powerful stone not only can cleanse your internal energies, but it can also influence your surrounding environment. It can prompt people to challenge or test you, to help you improve. These tests will help bring your psyche into balance and provide both your emotional, physical health access to much-needed elusive energy.

Strawberry quartz can be a very effective tool for anyone who has strained from the spiritual path. It could provide useful insight and inspiration to help you heal your personal life. If you’re looking to unlock hidden sources of knowledge and wisdom, this crystal is also one of the most prestigious stones to facilitate this practice.

The Healing Properties

We often overlook the physical healing properties of this, we know it to ease pains and aches in your chest and abdomen and lower back. It can also help strengthen your heart and chest muscles, cleanse your bloodstream of waste, and boost your body’s immune system to promote healthy function.

For any woman interested in conceiving, the energies of the strawberry quartz can help boost the female reproductive system by promoting fertility and even boosting any issues you may have with your libido.

The Metaphysical Properties

As I mentioned previously in the strawberry quartz and its energies are directly related to understanding and love. If you have fallen out of love with yourself, it’s difficult to see it in others.

Using strawberry quartz, you can commit to yourself and understand your own value. This stone can show you are worthy of love and harness the powers of the universe to prompt others to follow suit. Once you tap into your inner strengths, strawberry quartz can also show you your talents and give you the confidence to use them, prompting others to value your abilities as well.

If your life is struggling for meaning and you feel you’re on a path with no destination in mind, strawberry quartz can help you fulfill your life’s purpose. It can help set you on your correct life path by providing answers to some much-needed questions.

How Strawberry Quartz Benefits You

If you’re seeking to enter a more desirable or casual state of mind and living, or you want to change specific parts for your life. Strawberry quartz has the potential to be beneficial to you, especially if you are struggling to focus your energy or your efforts to change your life are failing, this crystal point you in the direction you’re seeking.

For Health and Healing

Much of the healing and health properties of strawberry quartz come from emotional energies and vibrations. Finding a soul mate or perfect partner is one of the best ways to promote self-love and help you learn to take care of your mental, physical and emotional health, especially when you have that the help of a significant other.

Closely linked to motherhood and strong feminine energies, strawberry quartz vibrations provide vital energy for all aspects of parentage. It can help strengthen any bonds between parents. It’s also capable of supporting parents in bonding with their children and giving them the knowledge and ability to set healthy boundaries.

The key to any healing is to learn self-care, if you truly want to experience inner peace and joy and live your life to its fullest, using a strawberry quartz will quickly help you identify and eliminate negative thought patterns that are holding you back.

strong feminine energies from strawberry quartz vibrations

By promoting positivity and inner strength, strawberry quartz encourages people to take a deep introspective look to their past lives. Identify and eliminate any emotional blocks that are holding them back in their present.

For Wealth

When your life is full of positive energies of love and friendship, you will feel a higher motivation than ever before. The energy of the strawberry quartz can help you harness this to focus on your career wealth management and monetary goals.

Bearing your mind of other distractions, you’re now able to focus on other important tasks. You will also be able to harness the energies of your newfound friends and love one’s bringing a boost in good fortune and luck. Surrounding yourself with a prosperous energy strawberry quartz will attract money in abundance to your life.

strawberry quartz boost wealth

For Love and Relationship

The energy of a strawberry quartz is directly linked to your heart chakra. By stimulating, activating and eliminating any blockages that may exist in this chakra they will provide you with a more heart-centric understanding of your life.

Newly energized, a strawberry quartz will aid you in your quest for joy, acceptance and love. Providing you with the energy to support any emotional healing you may need and eliminate any negative patterns which are just holding you back. This stone will help bring your emotions into balance and provide you with an understanding of the power of universal love.

strawberry quartz love

The Best Crystal Combinations with Strawberry Quartz

There’s no denying the powerful vibrations and energies created by strawberry quartz with cultivating a healthy and loving environment in your life. There are other crystals that you can combine with your strawberry chords to boost this energy even further and make achieving your goal easier. You’re just some that you could combine with your crystal in your daily practice to see greater results.

Rose Quartz

Strawberry Quartz and Rose Quartz

We know rose quartz to foster forgiveness, reconciliation and empathy, and when combining it with the positive energies of a strawberry quartz which can bring balance to your emotions, creating a powerful combination. Strawberry quartz can facilitate clarity in finding your spiritual path and this can regularly be blocked because of resentment, jealousy and anger which rose quartz can help cleanse you of. Allowing the combination of both these powerful crystals can open inner gateways to hidden wisdom, but relieving the burden of negative emotions.

Strawberry Quartz and Selenite

Both the stones provide inner peace and shelter from negative environments. By providing you with a space free of these negative energies, both selenite and strawberry quartz promote feelings of friendship and safety. They encourage harmonious relationships both in personal and professional life. They open your mind to experiences by helping remove negative energies that block you from understanding the value of different perspectives.


Strawberry Quartz and Citrine

By combining citrine and strawberry quartz, you can surround yourself with powerful energies that promote unconditional love. They boost this by citrine, which is directly linked to the healing powers of the sun, symbolizing the promotion of warmth and happiness. By combining it with strawberry quartz, you open yourself up to an even brighter ray of sunlight that will show you the pure intentions of potential friends and lovers.

power of citrine

How to Use Strawberry Quartz?

When combining all the positive qualities of strawberry quartz, you recognize its power as a grounding stone. keeping it close to yourself will help you remain centered and prevent you becoming disconnected from what matters by allowing fear, worry and anxiety to take your life.

Wear your Strawberry Quartz

The more you keep strawberry quartz in contact with your body, the better you can tap into its energy, so wearing it is a very smart strategy. You can buy clothing, beauty products, jewelry, and much more that has been created using these crystals. Many women just talk a little piece into their bra and find this trick too.

Keep a Strawberry Quartz in your Pocket or Purse

If you don’t really want to wear your piece of strawberry quartz, just keep a small piece in your purse or in your pocket, simply touching the stone throughout the day will help keep you in balance

Meditate with Strawberry Quartz

If you aren’t already following the spiritual practice, you should with strawberry quartz as this will help create a greater bond with their metaphysical powers, allowing you to create a greater connection with your inner self.

How to Cleanse and Charge Strawberry Quartz?

Because we use crystals to help with both emotional and physical healing, they absorb negative energies themselves because of this, it’s important to cleanse and recharge them regularly

The Saltwater Method for Strawberry Quartz

If you’re working with a piece of polished strawberry quartz salt water is an excellent way to cleanse any sealed stone, It will firstly neutralize and then cleanse it of any negative energies. You should allow your quartz to be immersed in the salt water for at least 4 hours, but experts will tell you 24 hours is better and always wipe them dry when finished.

The Rice Method for Strawberry Quartz

If you’re working with an unsealed piece of quartz, you shouldn’t use water because it may have corrosive minerals in it. One of the best ways to cleanse an unsealed crystal is to simply bury it in a bowl of brown rice. Rice can quickly remove any negative energies.

Natural Recharge for Strawberry Quartz

One of the most natural ways to cleanse your strawberry quartz is to use sage smoke. Simply light some white sage and let its soke pass over the smoke this will quickly clean and cleanse it of any negative energy.

Final Thoughts

As you can see on this crystal is extremely beneficial for anyone who’s looking to soothing energies. It is especially popular among therapists and healers, providing them with a close personal connection to their crown and heart chakras. The energies of the strawberry quartz are supportive, comforting, loving and gentle, this is a powerful crystal and would not be out of place in any collection.

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