The Power of Turquoise

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The Power of Turquoise

Turquoise is one of the ancient stones. As a matter of fact, it has been utilized in statues, trinkets, amulets, jewelry, and other adornments. Turquoise, on the other hand, has a very long history of use by warriors, kings, and shamans for good fortune and protection. But aside from that, this stone has a lot more to offer that you may not know yet. Read on to learn more about the power of Turquoise.

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The Power of Turquoise: Good Fortune

Chakra Correspondence

The properties of Turquoise beneficial to the throat chakra and brow or third eye chakra. For the throat chakra, this stone will help in releasing of self-consciousness, old promises, and allow the inner strength to stand for itself. If you want to use your psychic vision and clairvoyant capabilities, you can place Turquoise on the third eye chakra.

Physiological Correspondence

Turquoise works in boosting the immune system and helps in the stimulation of tissue regeneration. Its energies can also help in alleviating pains that are related to headaches, cramps, and stomach aches.

Turquoise, on the other hand, is capable of clearing and soothing throat problems and cure eye ailments like cataracts. It also helps in the assimilation of nutrients and energy meridians.


Turquoise has unique and high vibrations that will allow you to access your previous life knowledge. What’s more, they will also improve intuition and meditation most especially if the stone is directly placed on your third eye chakra.

Legendary Power of Turquoise

Turquoise was holy to the Egyptian goddess Venus (Hathor) and instilled with her protective magic. For several years, Sinai’s desert people traded beads that are made of Turquoise. Holy also to the Native Americans and Aztecs, Pueblo legend tells that the stone gets its color from the sky. Also, it represents the cosmic origins of humanity.

In gemstones’ language, Turquoise signifies the happiness of the soul. Known as the bringer of good luck and peace all over the world, Turquoise was considered a powerful antidote to the evil eye. One more thing, it is a fortunate crystal for singers and actors.

According to Arabic proverb, Turquoise given by loving hands carries good fortune and happiness within. On the other hand, in Hindu tradition, if you set eyes on this stone on the day after you see the new moon, you will surely enjoy vast wealth.

The power of protection as well as abundance feature in legends strongly surrounding Turquoise. Also, the bridles of horses are set with the Turquoise to make sure that no accidents happened to the riders. In fact, this stone can absorb dangers directed to the user.

Healing Power of Turquoise

Healing power of Turquoise

During the middle ages, they are using this stone to cure headaches and sore throats. What’s more, Turquoise was believed to lose its color when there is an illness. An early crystal legend tells that drinking water that is infused with Turquoise can help in alleviating urine retention.

These days, Turquoise can strengthen one’s immune system as well as subtle meridians. It will also encourage the assimilation of nutrients and regenerate tissue. An anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, Turquoise may aid arthritis, cramps, and similar diseases. If you wish to alleviate either mental or physical exhaustion or lift depression caused by a very difficult situation, consider wearing Turquoise.

This stone will exemplify the homeopathic belief “like heals like” that’s substance provided in a tiny energetic signature dosage eases a disease it would cause if provided in a large dosage.

Turquoise comes with phosphoric acid which is a larger dosage that would burn the throat. However, for thousands of years, Turquoise most especially the gentle oner has been recommended to soothe sore throats.

It is also worth mentioning that it contains iron known for its protective qualities and copper which is valued for its anti-inflammatory property.

Transformational Power of Turquoise


Turquoise will allow you to discover previous lives to find the main source of a self-sabotage and martyred attitude.

If you’re doubtful, Turquoise will teach you to concentrate on solutions instead of the past or problems. It will dispel any negative belief pattern and get rid of toxic energy. This will then remind you that you’re a spiritual being who happens to have a human learning experience.

How to Harness the Powers of Turquoise

When you place Turquoise through your throat chakra, Turquoise will release vows and inhibitions from the past preventing you from exposing yourself fully.

You can also wear Turquoise in the form of jewelry. This will bring a new brightness that you can welcome any time and any day.

Whether you are wearing or holding it, Turquoise does a great job when it comes to unlocking your confidence. You will see that you can express your ideas more efficiently and express without feeling shy or tripping over your words.

However, you can always introduce Turquoise into your special meditation area or healing crystal collection.


Turquoise is not just an elegant and beautiful stone. It is also a great healing stone that can cure a lot of diseases in the spirit, mind, body, and heart.

This stone will offer you the support that you need at your lowest point. One more thing, it will offer you the motivation and inspiration to work up your way once again.

Always remember that when you work with the powers and energies of Turquoise no struggle will be challenging and no problem will be big.

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