The Power of Agate

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Known as one of the oldest stones, Agate is utilized in jewelry since the ancient period. And in fact, it is one of the most common things in 2020. However, a lot of people are wondering what is the power of agate. Well, agate has long been attributed with the ability to aid in longevity. If you want to learn more about the power of this crystal which is a variety of chalcedony found in various colors as well as degrees of transparency, then read on.

The Power of Agate: Longevity

  • Chakra Correspondence

Agate is capable of stabilizing and cleansing all the chakras however, it will greatly differ depending on the type of color. For example, the red agate is associated with the root chakra. Thus it will align the etheric body with your physical body, intensify emotions and passion, and facilitate grounding. Whereas the white agate and Botswana agate are associated with the crown chakra.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Agate is also associated with mental concentration, emotional balance, skin, pancreas, and blood vessels. It is also beneficial in the digestive process, stomach, uterus, fluid balance, eyes, and lymphatic system.

  • Vibration

Much like other crystals, agate stones have a high earthly vibration.

Legendary Power of Agate

Aside from longevity, agate also symbolizes wealth and health. In Mesopotamia, these crystals were engraved as seal stones, the symbols of authority and power.

Pliny, on the other hand, wrote that the Romans utilized agate to create mortar and pestles that are used to grind the medicines.

In addition to that, agate will help in supporting life during difficult times keeping your soul from any danger.

According to legends, eagles are carrying agate stones to their nests in order to protect their young against snakebites. With that in mind, early people wore agate talismans to protect themselves from venomous bites of scorpions and spiders.

In China, the crystal was also believed to be the ancestors’ solidified blood. One more thing in North Africa and India, agates, most especially the red ones were believed to contain the demons’ blood. Thus they can be used as protection from evil spirits.

It is also associated with Archangel Michael as well as the Shekinah, the merciful and divine feminine Queen of Heaven ruling karmic release, blessings, and wholeness.

Finally, Agate, in the biblical breastplate of the high priest you would have been the eight stone.

Healing Power of Agate

Before, beads made from agate were utilized to relieve the pain caused by chronic coughs. But aside from that, agates were said to help people dealing with dental as well as throat diseases.  During the ancient period, in hopes to amplify the ability of agate to heal the wearer, sufferers would engrave their requests and healing needs on the crystal’s exterior.

According to the ancient beliefs and stories, it is said that this crystal can transform or offer water that has medicinal powers. In the actual fact, agate infused water was utilized to cure physical wounds such as the bites and stings of animals and disease or venom they instilled

Agate, on the other hand, may foster the strength of sight, offer protection from kidney problems, and help in digestion. It will also help in protecting against dehydration, improving a person’s hearing, and hideous skin disease.

Aside from protective and healing energies, it is also said that agate may enhance analytical skills. If you are having a hard time dealing with figures, statistics, and numbers, you can greatly benefit from this crystal. You can also use it if you are using a record-keeping program that needs charts and spreadsheets. So, if you are holding a profession in marketing, accounting, or banking keep a piece of agate near you.

Transformational Power of Agate

Another good thing about agate is that it will put you in touch with your inner life. The power of this stone lies in its capability to transmute toxic and dark emotions, like resentment, jealousy, and bitterness that have psychosomatic effects on the body, making disease in the heart as well as unrest in the soul.

Because of its strong cleansing effects, agate will help you in assimilating challenging life experiences. Not only that, but you will also recognize the spiritual gives they are offering.

By promoting forgiveness and self-acceptance, this stone will increase receptiveness to your life’s spiritual currents.

By carrying agate, you will have the courage to begin again. Also, it will encourage you to hold fast to your truth. This will help you in recognizing your eternal nature as well as the cohesion of all things.

It is worth mentioning that some agates come with brilliant colors, but such effects are not made by nature, instead of human beings. The raw agates are heated using minerals like iron in order to transform dull cuts of rock into rainbows of color.

Always remember, agate will remind you that no matter how base the material you begin with, it can be transformed and at the same time tampered by spiritual alchemy.

How to Harness the Powers of Agate

If you want to get all the power and positive energies agates have to offer, keep one in your pocket, or wear it as a piece of jewelry.

You can also place an agate crystal on your nightstand or work desk. A lot of people spend most of their time in such areas and can benefit from the powers of agate whenever they’re around these focal points.


Now that you have an idea about the powers of agate, then don’t think twice and grab a piece of this crystal to make the most out of it.

Hopefully, you have found this article interesting and helpful

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