The Best Crystal Combinations for Celestite

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Celestite can offer a lot of benefits. However, these benefits become even harder to ignore especially when you try the best crystal combinations for celestite.

You can combine celestite with crystals that improve intellectual intelligence as well as perception. Generally, any crystal related to the crown chakra is an excellent complement to celestite. As a matter of fact, such crystals will improve your spiritual focus. What’s more, they will offer you the capability to intellectually understand the things that you’re being shown by the celestite’s power.

But what exactly are the best crystal combinations for celestite? Read on to find out.

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The 4 Best Crystal Combinations for Celestite and Their Benefits

Celestite and Amethyst Combination Benefits

If you find yourself in a situation not sure how to take action, then this combo is perfect for you. Celestite and Amethyst will help you think properly and clearly and not allow your judgment to be clouded by your emotion.

Keep in mind that your emotions are valid and at the same time necessary parts of the human life experience. What’s more, they shouldn’t be discounted.

Emotions, on the other hand, can be very dangerous. Because the emotional response of everybody to the same situation will be hard.

When you use this one of the best crystal combinations for celestite, you will become more conscious of the energy levels around you. This improved intuition is great for your spiritual growth since it will help in awakening you to the powers of the universe.

If you are practicing power or meditation on a regular basis, the power of this combination will aid you to make the most out of your meditations.

Celestite and Bloodstone Combination Benefits

crystal combinations for celestite

If you feel that you need a degree of a mystical emergent but you also need to take actions on what you see for instance if you feel stuck in a spiritually toxic situation and are not certain how to get out or you have had traumatic experiences and need insights in dealing with it then pair celestite with bloodstone.

Bloodstone has a two-pronged technique to complementing the powers of celestite. First and foremost, this combination will allow you to deal with negative experiences and emotions healthily that may dredge up by your improved perception as well as connection to higher powers.

Second, celestite and bloodstone will aid you to take action based on what you learn from your psychic as well as spiritual experiences.

Celestite and Clear Quartz Combination Benefits

clear quartz

Clear quartz will amplify your thought and energy and the effect of other crystals like celestite. This combination will regulate, absorb, store, and release energy.

When combined with celestite, clear quartz will draw off negative energies of all types of neutralizing background radiation including electromagnetic smoke and fog or petrochemical emanations. The stones will revitalize and balance the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental planes.

Furthermore, they will cleanse and enhance the organs as well as subtle bodies and serves as deep soul cleansers that will connect the physical dimensions with the mind.

The crystals, on the other hand, will improve psychic capabilities. They will also help with concentration and unlocks the memory.

Celestite and Black Tourmaline Combination Benefits

Black tourmaline is actually the ultimate protection crystal. One of the best things that will cause the root chakra to become unstable is the negative energies from others.

If there is a lot of negativity around you, then make sure to use celestite and black tourmaline at the same time.

With this one of the best combinations for celestite, you will be protected against mishaps as well as accidents. Meaning to say if you are prone to bad luck or clumsy, this combination may help in lifting your vibration.

As a matter of fact, these two crystals may help in bringing a feeling of harmony as well as accord to a chaotic or disjointed family home.

Similarly, if this combination is placed in your workplace discreetly, celestite and black tourmaline will soothe an office environment that is very stressful. This will then result in a little more ethics in how the company cuts the deal.

But, if spiritual awakening is something that is essential for you, integrating these two crystals to your life is a very powerful way to enhance it.

The moment you bring these crystals to your life, you will surely find yourself increasingly conscious of the higher vibration of energy that runs over the universe.

This will lead to enhanced psychic as well as spiritual health that will have positive trickle-down effects and create an impact for the rest of your life by encouraging you to have an open and optimistic approach to the world.

Final Thoughts

Celestite is a very powerful crystal. The enhanced spiritual awareness that you can accomplish through continuous use of celestite will lead to improved self-confidence as well as a more positive attitude.

These powers and benefits will be improved when combined with other crystals most especially those who are mentioned above.

Thank you for reading. Which of the best crystal combinations for celestite mentioned above do you like the most? You can send you an answer in the comment section below.

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