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Leo is known to be the leader of the zodiacs and is a passionate and highly protective sign. People with the Leo sign possess superb personalities and known to give their all in whatever they do. Being a fixed astrological sign, Leos are hardwired to have fixed goals and innovative ideas, making them one of the most successful people. Paired with a powerful Leo birthstone, people born under this sign can enjoy a host of wonderful benefits.

Read on to find out more about the Leo Birthstone.

What is Leo Birthstone?

The main Leo’s birthstone is Peridot. This stone carries particular properties that enhance the positive personalities and traits of Leos, eliminating any negative traits. Peridot with its soothing golden-green glow acts as a guide and light of wisdom for Leos.

In addition, Peridot has a huge influence on Leos and their character, helping him play a crucial role in shaping up society. The gemstone also helps encourage loving understanding between Leos and other people.

People born under the Leo sign are known to be overly protective of the people they call their own, and with Peridot close at hand, it strengthens this caring and protective instinct.

Leos are also known to be quite sensitive and concerned about their image and like to maintain their dignity and fame. Peridot helps them grow and become more open-minded. The stone also boosts Leo’s traits of being truthful, faithful, loyal and lovable.

Other Choices of Leo Birthstones

Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite

Other than Peridot, Leo people also have other choices for Leo’s birthstone. This includes the Tiger’s Eye and Pyrite. Reflecting on the powerful light of the sun, these stones highlight Leos as the zodiac’s ruler. They radiate light energy which keeps Leos feeling confident and serene. The stones golden tones also make them a healing stone, unleashing the sunny self of Leos while empowering stronger willpower.

Tiger’s Eye, in particular, is known to be an abundance stone that aids Leos in manifesting their dreams and ideas and unlocking their creative abilities. The stone also combines the energies of the earth and sun in order to create a high but grounded vibration for Leos.

Rose Quartz, Black Onyx, and Red Garnet

Leos can also use the power of Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Black Onyx, and Red Garnet stones. These gemstones all help encourage Leos to live their life to the fullest.

In particular, Black Onyx infuses Leos with protective energies while igniting their passion and power. The stone also helps release any negative energy or tensions felt by your heart.

Meanwhile, Green Hiddenite highlight the positive things of your personality and boost your personal power. The stone also reinvigorates your spirit, so you can face any difficulties with confidence and courage.

Golden Citrine and Fuschite

The golden glow of Golden Citrine also brings out the compassionate and kind side of Leo people. Its abundant energies emphasize the generous and loving aspects of Leos while also boosting their willingness to be more open to more experience.

The Fuchsite stone also nurtures the spirit and helps you see your personal worth so that you do not belittle yourself or your abilities.

Aventurine and Rose Quartz

Aventurine and Rose Quartz both open and activate your heart chakra, which gives you the inspiration to follow your passion. Chrysocolla, on the other hand, reverses any harmful tendencies which can negatively affect your personal power and self-worth. Lastly, Rhodochrosite helps Leos in discovering their talents and having the courage to show them to the world.


This Leo’s birthstone has strong vibrations within the solar plexus as well as the sacral chakra. What’s more, it is said to help with enhancing one’s creativity.

Amber, on the other hand, possesses a great impact on the emotions, which can help you in recovering from depression and making a much better viewpoint on life.


Carnelian stone, on the other hand, enhances the natural joy and confidence of Leos so that they can open and share their big hearts with the world. It can also help those having difficulties with reproduction and sexuality.

Further, the carnelian has a unique influence particularly at the physical level in order to help in healing. However, the influence of this stone is usually felt in the three lower chakras and mainly in the navel and sacral chakra.


Danburite is another Leo Birthstone that can help you in stimulating self-love and emotional healing. The stone features an energy that can inspire spiritual growth and enlightenment by stimulating the development of spiritual light.

Moreover, it is beneficial when it comes to releasing anxiety and can trigger a lovely connection and bring peace of mind.

The golden danburite, on the other hand, has a high and very lovely energy that helps to connect with angels and at the same time lucid dreaming.


This Leo birthstone has a strong love vibration thus it is beneficial when worn near your heart since the energy radiates out and infuses your life with a loving feeling.

Furthermore, having a piece of emerald is extremely advantageous in many ways since it will fill your love with clear vibrations of unconditional love, kindness, reassurance, goodness, and compassion.

Leo Birthstone Key Traits

Being the leader of the zodiac, Leos is known to be the torchbearers, leading and influencing people to take action and bringing about change. They tend to be quite determined when it comes to reaching their goals, whatever the costs are. They like to be the one in charge and go to full-lengths in order to make sure that they actually are.

Leos are the sign of tenacity— they can be quite stubborn and will never, ever give up until they reach their goals. They are also filled with a good sense of humor and a strong spirit of adventure. People born under the Leo sign are also often seen with fiery quality.

In terms of intimate relationships and love, Leos tend to have high standards due to their idealistic views and emotional nature. They have great tolerance and sympathy towards other people and have a good amount of self-control, allowing them to adapt to various kinds of situations. Leos are warmhearted individuals, being in love with life and works really hard to create significant connections with others, having a good time together and living in joy and love.

Being the star sign ruled by fire, Leos can’t help it but light up a spark with anything they encounter. They can be quite impulsive and always ruled by their desires and passion. Leos are quite strong, courageous, confident and taking everything with a cautious approach.

Leos also have a sharp mind with a great appreciation of art. They tend to look for things from a practical and real point of view. In addition, they like to go for extraordinary things. With their bright personalities, Leos are quite sympathetic and generous with a character that is devoid of jealousy and malice.

Other Key Traits of Leo Birthstone

Leo people sometimes take the time to slow down, weighing all their options. Although they are not thinkers, they usually act on their guts, one of the greatest strengths of the Leo sign. They can formulate new ideas and adapt to changes in their lives.

Not only that, but Leos are also honest. They do not hesitate to tell anyone what’s on their mind. And when they are filled with love, they will never hesitate and will go right out, showing it to that person.

Born to be great public speakers, Leo people love to have stimulating conversations as well as engaging in intellectual arguments. They also prove to be passionate and creative, having a sense of good humor and generosity as well as surrounding others with their cheerfulness and warmth.

Leos are moneymakers, however, not a great saver. Leos tend to spend on a luxurious life and worrying on what lies ahead some other time. Although they do have some quick flashes of temper, people born under the Leo sign are never resentful, usually turning enemies into allies.

When Leos do not make a conscious effort and under the negative influence, they can become unwise investors and unintelligent show-offs. They will put every effort and stubborn to become popular and stand out. They will make risky decisions, involving themselves in careless choices, resulting in heavy losses.

Leo people under this kind of negative and unbalanced energies can become cruel, vain, arrogant and autocratic. And the untamed and raw energies of the lion flowing through them can make them ambitious, egoistic, and hateful.

Once this happens, Leos can also use their smartness to avoid any consequences of their wrong actions. On a bad day, Leo people can also show how arrogant and stubborn they can be.

Leo Birthstone Color and Its Meanings

The glistening gold of Leo birthstones allows the warm and loving personality of Leos to glow and boosting their positive spirit. This golden color shines with royalty and class that has long been a symbol of power and prestige of the Leo sign.

This is why Leos resonates really well in these very expressive colors. Gold helps Leos stand out and get the attention that it wants and helps them give an optimistic and mature outlook on life.

Leo Birthstone in Rings, Necklaces, and Jewelry

People born under the sign of Leo will always appreciate pieces of Leo birthstone jewelry as gifts. In particular, the Peridot gemstone is highly popular with kids, babies, mothers, wives, and grandmother under the Leo sign.

All kinds of jewelry will look dazzling with a Peridot setting, particularly earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants.


Born leaders, people born under the Leo sign will have the guiding light of the sun and the golden glow of Leo birthstone to shine brightly and guide their subjects towards the path. With their love of laughter, big heart and a bold spirit, Leos are a joy to have around.

Embodying royalty and having a shining heart of gold, they are loyal lovers and highly courageous leaders, just like the king of the jungles— the mighty Lion it symbolizes.

However, their highly emotional nature and constant need for attention which is oftentimes mistakes as egoism can turn people off. They can be quite expressive too much and highly dramatic.

For Leos who wants to change and evolve from these negative traits, you need to link your purpose to a more useful and relevant function. If you wish to make it work and increase your better chances wearing the right Leo birthstones and putting them to the test can help attract more positive outcomes and offer you more blessings in life.

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