The Power of Hematite

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The Power of Hematite

If you are drawn to hematite, it is a sign that you need balancing as well as grounding in your life. This crystal is known for its power of magnetism. Because of its magnetic nature, it can bring you back to balance. To learn more about the power of hematite, check out this article.

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Power of Hematite: Magnetism

Chakra Correspondence

Hematite is linked to the root chakra, the chakra that’s responsible for the physical reality. But aside from this chakra, hematite can also cleanse and activate other chakras including the earth star, crown, and past life.

Physiological Correspondence

Hematite also has plenty of healing properties that have been used and known for many years. For instance, it is helpful in the regulation of temperature, the formation of red blood cells, absorption of iron, and circulation. It is also beneficial for the blood-rich organs, kidneys, and liver.


Hematite crystals have earthy vibrations. However, a hematite that has a rutile and Specular Hematite comes with higher vibrations.

Legendary Power of Hematite


According to Greek mythology, Hematite was made when Saturn killed his father, Uranus the tyrannical god.

The old “cycle mythology” defines the destruction of the ancient to make a way for a new one. Often, this crystal was called the bloodstone for the reason that it looked like blood when heated or pulverized.

When polished, red hematite will become silver magically and has an evident repulsion or attraction effect based on the polarity.

An early mythobiography of Alexander the Great, the Alexander Romance, the magician Nectanebo cast a stone birth chart to predict the conception of Alexander.

Hematite, on the other hand, represented Mars. The act set in movement a trickery deception by which Nectanebo mock to Amon Ra, the sun god, and impregnated the queen. With that in mind, Hematite has always a good reputation for helping manipulators and deception to take advantage.

According to Pliny, the Mesopotamians said that this crystal cured ailments related to the liver and eyes. As an amulet in a lawsuit, Hematite brought about favorable results even though not necessarily just ones. In addition to that, Pliny writes that the Babylonians created a paste using the crystal that can be applied to warriors to ensure success in the battle. However, this is not so surprising since Hematite was closely linked to the god of war, Mars.

Healing Power of Hematite

One of the most primitive Mesopotamian healing remedies utilizes the crystal in cooling the blood. Ebers Papyrus, a 3,500-year-old Egyptian recommend using Hematite to reduce inflammation and control bleeding,

On the other hand, in ancient Egypt, it was powdered and then mixed with oil and honey to cure stomach problems.

Al Biruni also suggests that people should use Hematite for paralysis and palsy, especially facial.

Today, crystal workers are using the crystal for diseases associated with the blood such as hemorrhage and anemia.

Furthermore, Hematite draws off heat from your body in ailments like arthritis and inflammation. And a powerfully masculine crystal, Hematite will balance the feminine energy.

Hematite is also beneficial for previous-life healings involving bloodshed, war, and wounds. It assists in overcoming addictions that are rooted in unfulfilled desires and emotional cravings.

If you want to ground your soul back to the body after spiritual work or journeying, simply hold a piece of hematite.

Hematite has been believed to possess effects on the circulatory system as well as the heart. Moreover, it can help in easing the problems associated with the arms and legs. Specifically, a leg cramp and related pains.

Transformational Power of Hematite

Transformational Power of Hematite

One of the best things about this stone is that it powers can help in overcoming timidity or weaknesses of any type. What’s more, it will improve your self-esteem.

When you wear hematite, you will be able to strengthen your magnetism and personal power bringing about your possible charisma.

How to Harness the Powers of Hematite

To make a powerful shield that will protect you from mental stress, geopathic, electromagnetic smog, and physical stress, simply carry a piece of hematite in your pocket.

Aside from that, consider placing it around your home to dispel negative energies. This is extremely useful especially if your home is in the path of negativity.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from a nightmare, place hematite under your pillow or bed. It will all negative energies causing nightmares at bay.

Another great way to harness its powers is to meditate with it, no worries because it is pretty easy. All you need to do is wear or hold the crystal while meditating.


If you feel that you’re having a hard time grounding yourself in reality, hematite can greatly help you. This crystal is also wonderful for a relationship since it has the capability to ground you in logic. Also, it prevents the flight of fancy causing problems in some relationships. Some of the problems couples are facing are imagination, anxiety, and doubt.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a new crystal that you can add to your collection, you can never go wrong with Hematite.

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