The Healing Crystals for Circulation Problems

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Circulation problems happen when the flow of blood through your arteries and veins is completely or partially impeded. This can be caused by high or low blood pressure, heart problems, infectious diseases, hormonal changes, general weakness of the autonomic nervous system, or imperfectly functioning or blocked blood vessels which can be supported by the best crystals for healing circulation problems.

A thorough investigation of a weak circulation willy typically reveals particular phenomena like deposits in the blood vessels and their walls, the narrowing or the enlargement, and inflammatory states that are caused by toxic deposits.

Thus, detoxification is an absolute necessity to prevent circulatory problems. In addition, a diet without animal protein, general nutrition rich in vitamins, enough sleep, physical exercises, and rest are all great preventive measures.

Another cause of circulation problem is emotional stress as well as difficult situations in life. Resistance or obstacles to one’s intentions and wishes would appear to be reflected in fluctuations of blood pressure. Also, the feeling of being a failure, lack of energy, and total overburdening often exist side by side with circulatory problems as are often caused by the lack of enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Most crystals can be applied to stimulate or clam your blood circulation. Here are some of the best crystals for circulation problems and provide a stabilizing effect.

Crystals For Healing Circulation Problems

Garnet Pyrope

Crystals For Healing Circulation Problems

Pyrope garnet is one of the most mesmerizing stone and is often described as the “living fire”. This beautiful stone range in color from deep crimson to rose red, including shades of indigo, violet, and scarlet. Pyrope garnet is a stone of inspiration, bestowing charisma, and vitality.

For physical healing, garnet is famous for its medicinal abilities in reducing body toxins. Also, garnet is great for purifying vital organs and the blood and supporting the assimilation of minerals and vitamins. It helps alleviate circulation problems and disturbances in the cardiac rhythm.

You can use it in stabilizing your circulation, rapidly helping with any circulatory issues as well as preventing circulatory collapse. And as metabolism stimulating stone, garnet pyrope can also further the cleansing of blood vessels and improving your vitality.

Emotionally, garnet pyrope can help in overcoming resistance, mobilizing essential energy reserves, and supporting perseverance. To benefit from its healing energies, you can wear garnet pyrope as a pendant or necklace above the hip in such a way that the crystal is hanging over the pubic bone. Or you can just fix it directly to your pubic bone with tape for a longer period.



The captivating and fiery Ruby is known as the Stone of nobility. It is one of the most magnificent of all stones. Throughout history and cultures, this red stone has always been a talisman of protection and passion.

And with its red hue, ruby is considered to be a blood stone. It helps in strengthening the heart, ventricles, myocardium, coronaries, blood vessels, and stimulating blood flow and good circulation. Not only that, it even helps in treating disorders of the heart.

Furthermore, ruby features powerful detoxifying properties, which is helpful for cleansing the blood vessels of toxins and assuring good circulation. It helps with pallor, tiredness, cold sweats, dizziness, and shaking limbs associated with circulation problems.

Emotionally speaking, ruby enhances your enthusiasm and passion for a long-lasting fervor. Like pyrope garnet, you can wear ruby as a necklace or pendant. OR you can just place a piece of ruby crystal on your pubic bone to benefit from its healing attributes.

Hematite + Tiger Iron

Crystals For Healing Circulation Problems

Hematite is red oxide of iron and shows a blood-red color when cut into thin slices. It comes from the Greek word ema or haima which means blood. Meanwhile, tiger iron is a combination of hematite, red jasper, and gold tiger eye. It is dubbed as the Mugglestone and is rich in iron.

With both stones rich in iron, these crystals help with dizziness, weakness, and brief attacks of unconsciousness, especially during the morning when one rises too quickly or because of pregnancy. Emotionally speaking, both crystals can help you to become full of life and dynamic. Tiger iron, in particular, helps removes the lack of strength and tiredness.

You can actually wear both stones as necklaces or pendant. You can also take 2 – 4 drops of combined essence twice a day. Or drinking 100 – 200ml taken in smalls sips throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. These are just some of the best healing crystals for circulation problems. You can always use these crystals to help stabilize your circulation as well as boosting your emotional state. In addition to using these crystals, you can try incorporating regular physical activity, a good diet, enough sleep, and detoxification practices in order to see better results.

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