The Best Crystal Combinations For Sugilite

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A powerful and beautiful crystal exuding calming dark purple ray energy, the sugilite crystal is one of the best love stone for the crown chakra. It embodies the perfection and length of the Divine love as well as the powerful manifestation of this energy in the Earth. The stone offers the gifts of spiritual devotion and wisdom, helping you to understand the higher form of spirituality and love. To better experience the vibrational energies of sugilite, you should use the best crystal combinations for sugilite such as the ones listed below.

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The Best Crystal Combinations for Sugilite and Their Benefits

Sugilite and Hematite Combination Benefits

Crystal Combinations for Sugilite

Sugilite crystal is one of the best gemstones for empaths, people with a high sensitivity to vibrational energies, taking in whatever energies around them. Carrying or wearing sugilite creates a protective and warm shield of light, keeping you from taking in disharmony and negativity from other people.

And when sugilite is paired with the hematite with its bright colors and metallic sheen, you get a mirror-like reflective shield that deflects any unwanted energies and vibrations from entering your auric field. Rich with earthy energies, the beautiful hematite crystal is one of the best stones for helping and grounding empaths from being too emotionally overwhelmed.

With both stones, you will not overwhelm and drain with negative energies. As the sugilite protects you against destructive energies that can cause an imbalance in your emotional and spiritual body, the hematite, on the other hand, absorbs these toxic emotions, neutralizing its harmful effects and balancing all your seven chakras. Not only that, but the hematite also has an added benefit of stimulating your mind to evoke deep thoughts and enhancing your memory.

Sugilite and Amethyst Combination Benefits

A superb crystal for the awakening and stimulation of the crown chakra, the Sugilite infuses the whole boy with light and bringing in unconditional love and spiritual benefits from the crown chakra down to the root chakra.

Furthermore, the sugilite is a powerful attractor of healing energies that can help bring awareness of the connection between the wellbeing of your body and mind. As it does all of that, the amethyst, also called the Stone of Spirituality, awakens your soul. Together, both stone can unlock your capability to reach the Divine realm and awakening your psychic abilities so you can experience the next level of spiritual enlightenment and development

In addition, both crystals exude those warm purple rays that bring balance to an overactive higher chakra, allowing you to better understand the universe without any problem. Not only that, but the sugilite and amethyst purple combo are also excellent in relaxing a chaotic mind and calming your emotional body. It eases stress and frustration, allowing you to have a more mindful meditation as well as filling you with wisdom and knowledge of the divine realm.

Sugilite and Lapis Lazuli Combination Benefits

lapis lazuli

Sugilite also works really well with the vibrant blue hues of Lapis Lazuli.

As mentioned many times in this article, sugilite is a powerful crystal for stimulating your crown chakra. As it brings the gift of spiritual enlightenment and wisdom of the divine realm, the powerful attributes of lapis lazuli work your third eye chakra allowing you to see visions more clearly.

Not only that, but the lapis lazuli is also a powerful stone that works the throat chakra. So, as sugilite helps bring you to the divine realm, the lapis lazuli stimulates both your third eye chakra and throat chakra, allowing for better communication to the angelic realms and better understanding of the vision that your guardian angel or your divine guide is showing you.

With both stones at work, you get to understand the Truth in the highest realm and living in your own truth that is not only healing but also empowering. Sugilite helps remind the soul of its reasons and enhancing your understanding of the lessons in your journey. Furthermore, both stones also assist in remembering night dreams as well as helping in lucid dreaming and supporting you to recall your dreams.

Sugilite and Tourmaline Combination Benefits

The strong vibrational energies of sugilite allow you to recognize and even release the harshness and negativity of the world, allowing you to let go of frustrations, sorrows, fear, and past wounds and pain. Meanwhile, with this one of the best crystal combinations for sugilite, especially the black variety, you can create a psychic shield as well as powerful grounding energy as well as fighting the entry of unwanted emotions or other devastating entities into your energy auric field.

As tourmaline wards off these negative energies, sugilite with its purple energies brings love and light even to the darkest of situations and giving you optimism and hope so you can move forward in life.

Final Thoughts

Sugilite with its deep purple color is one of the best spiritual crystals that you can ask for. It provides a connection between the spiritual and physical world and has been used since ancient times for spiritual practice and protection. Improve its attributes by pairing it with other crystals like the ones suggested above and enjoy a more empowering experience.

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