The Power of Aventurine

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Do you want to disconnect yourself from anything that saps your energy and power? If that’s the case then aventurine can help you. In today’s post you will learn more about the power of aventurine, but before that let’s have a little overview of this crystal.

The term Aventurine derives from the attractive shimmering finish of this crystal. Its name, on the other hand, relates to the term “aventurescence” that denotes the “shiny” effect of small particles of highly philosophical mineral confined in less philosophical whole.

Aventurine is available in a wide variety of colors. There is a red aventurine, green aventurine, orange aventurine, yellow aventurine, brown aventurine, pink aventurine, and more.

The Power of Aventurine: Disconnection

  • Chakra Correspondence

Aventurine is associated to the Anahata, the Heart Chakra, the activator of inner harmony, love, and appreciation.

Since this crystal is linked to the middle chakra, aventurine will act as a reminder of the harmony that you need between the three lower chakras linked to Mother Earth and the three higher chakras linked to the spirit world for you to feel ultimate balance during your soul experience on Earth.

  • Physiological Correspondence

This crystal is also linked to the adrenals, spleen, skin, lungs, eyes, sinuses, urogenital systems, and muscular systems. Further, aventurine is helpful to the thymus gland, connective tissue, metabolic processes, and nervous system.

  • Vibration

Depending on the color, Aventurine has an earthy to high vibration. Its vibrations are believed to be soothing on the owner’s soul, body, and mind.

Legendary Power of Aventurine

power of aventurine

Aventurine, feldspar or quartz with Hematite or Pyrite inclusions was known in the ancient world since various talismans and statues attest. But nomenclature issues make it harder to evaluate exactly what are the properties were associated with it.

Typically, Smargos was translated as Emerald, however, could be any green crystals, Aventurine was abundant in the old times while emeralds were rare. In the High Priest’s breastplate, the emerald was perhaps Green Aventurine.

According to a legend, an imitation of this crystal called the Goldstone was found by pseudoscientists as they wanted to make gold. Further, another says that an Italian Spartan order created Goldstone based on a secret recipe. In the 17th century, the Miotti family in Venice created Goldstone. Today, it is treasured as the crystal of abundance on its peculiar right.

Healing Power of Aventurine

blue aventurine

One of the best things about aventurine is that it is a versatile healing crystal. Aventurine resonates with the immune system and thymus gland energetically. It also acts as a great anti-inflammatory and will regulate the blood pressure. This crystal can be used to decrease cholesterol and to cure arteriosclerosis.

Aventurine, particularly the green one, works with the nervous system, eyes, heart, and adrenals and calms nausea. The blue aventurine will facilitate mental healing and, bringing about inner calm. Moreover, the peach aventurine will improve the flow of healing energy from the Earth through the physical body. White aventurine, on the other hand, will heal the neurotransmitters and subtle bodies. Whereas the red aventurine will resonate with the urogenital system in order to improve sex drive and increase fertility.

Crystal workers even use water that is Aventurine-infused in order to relieve skin conditions. An aura protector as well as excellent space, aventurine will block electromagnetic smog. This makes this crystal so beneficial for sensitive persons who adversely respond to secretions from computers, cell phones, and Wi-Fi.

Aventurine has an excellent association with the Devic kingdom, facilitating negate environmental pollution and improve fertility.

Transformational Power of Aventurine

Another great thing about the aventurine is that it will disconnect you from anything that will sap your energy and power. This will prevent the wrong relationship from vampirizating the heart energy. It will also live in your heart’s temple.

Aventurine, the crystal of joyous abundance, will assist you in overcoming and distinguishing the inner feelings of lack that could lie beneath poverty consciousness.

If you want to look at your future motives, agendas, and plans, all you need to do is hold a piece of aventurine to concentrate your mind and perceive possibilities. In addition to that, if you go to your comfort zone, Aventurine will boost your confidence, help you step in your true self, and improve leadership capabilities.

How to Harness the Powers of Aventurine

As you can see aventurine is extremely powerful and can offer a lot of benefits. If you are wondering how to harness the power of this stone, you can place a piece of aventurine between your armpit (left) in order to disconnect energetic hooks. The crystal will heal and at the same time seal the site raising your energy immediately.

Furthermore, meditating with red aventurine will also let you stay energized at all times so that you will be able to achieve the best possible things in your life. Meditating with this crystal will let you meditate with every aspect of being. Thus, you will be able to remain cheerful as well as joyous all the time.


Aventurine is a beneficial crystal that you can into your life if you want to disconnect from all the negativity in your life and environment. It even promotes positive as well as a romantic relationship. Hopefully, you have learned a lot from this article.

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