The 13 Best and Most Powerful Crystals For Abundance

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Abundance and money can come to you in several ways. However, you are often held back due to the wrong mindset and self-limiting beliefs. Fortunately, the right crystals can eliminate energetic, spiritual and emotional blockages and unlock abundance and greater wealth while strengthening your intention for a better financial future. With this in mind, here are the best and most powerful crystals for abundance.

The 13 Crystals For Abundance

1. Citrine

First off, we have the Lucky Merchant’s Stone. Citrine features a golden hue that represents gold and abundance. And often it’s often associated with financial success in business. It is one of the best stones for manifesting abundance and money.

Citrine is not only useful for overcoming any blockages from earning money but also keeping it too. The crystal encourages you to share, creating a circle of wealth that benefits you and others.

The crystal also carries the power and might of the sun, carrying its abundance and positive energy, improving your mood and bringing optimism to your life to tackle any financial situations. Not only that, but citrine also helps you spend your funds wisely while attracting luck and money into your life.

2. Pyrite

Crystals For Abundance

An energetic brassy mineral, pyrite is dubbed the “Fool’s Gold”. Fear not, there is nothing foolish about it in terms of manifesting abundance to your life, packing a real punch of prosperity.

Its name came from the Greek terms “pyr” that means fire, the cubic structure perfectly resonates with the powerful golden energy to attract wealth and abundance. In addition to helping you move towards an abundant future, pyrite ignites the fire of courage, vitality, and persistence, keeping you energized in the workplace.

Furthermore, you can connect this stone to the solar plexus chakra, increasing your motivation and allowing you to move forward with crucial decisions. It removes doubts and fears in terms of investments and career decisions. If you wish to attract clients, tap into your creative talents or the need to shift your mindset to abundance, then pyrite is the one you can use.

3. Green Aventurine

The gambler’s lucky stone, green aventurine is one of the luckiest gemstones, giving you winning vibrational energies and attract abundance to your life. It can also bring back the money that may have spent unwisely.

It can’t do this directly since your monetary decisions are your responsibility, green aventurine can help you grasp opportunities that otherwise may have slipped your grasp. Being the stone of opportunity, green aventurine increases your chance of coming face to face with abundance and opportunities to be successful.

Green aventurine has a big-hearted approach to prosperity and you can use it when meditating close to your heart chakra for your intention of abundance.  

4. Malachite

Malachite, which is the stone of transformation, brings in abundance and money with its beautiful deep green color. Its powerful crystalline structure produces a huge amount of vibrations that removes negativity and protects its wearer against misfortunes.

This opens up the door for new opportunities and welcoming wealth and abundance into your life. The crystal is also an energy magnet, and since money is a form of energy, placing this crystal with money can help give you focus to solve any financial issues you might be facing.

It also earns the reputation as the Stone for Merchants since ancient times, offering you unshakeable confidence and the courage to take risks in terms of financial decisions.

5. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye

Featuring a beautiful combination of golden and brown strands, the Tiger’s Eye is notorious for its abilities to bring intentions and dreams into reality. Thus, the stone helps move your career and business forwards, bringing luck and abundance into your life.

The stone offers you the willpower of the tiger which doesn’t fear anything. With its dynamic combination of solar and earth energy, this crystal allows you to say grounded and be sensible around money.

In addition, it should help you keep hold of your assets while protecting you from greed. The tiger’s eye is also a talisman of good fortune and luck, providing you the fortune-flowing ability and pushing you to make smart financial decisions. The tiger’s eye is particularly ore powerful when you combine it with other money-attracting crystals on this list.

6. Amazonite

Amazonite, or the Stone of Hope, with its blue and white hue can help you realize your dreams and bring abundance into your life. The crystal is as powerful and wild as its name suggests. It dissipates energy blockages and bringing positive emotions and work-ethics to financial ventures.

The stone also brings abundance into your life in the form of courage. This will allow you to take the risk in creating something new. It pushes you toward abundance, clearing away any negative feelings that can hold you back from achieving your dreams.

Amazonite also reinforces leadership qualities in you and calm your mind during stressful work situations. This makes amazonite a great stone to use for attracting abundance and success in your career and business.

7. Labradorite

Labradorite is one of the prettiest crystals you’ll ever see.Thanks to its complex crystalline structure in different shades of calming blue. It is the crystal to turn to when you need some calmness and serendipity in the daily hassle of your career.

Not only that, but labradorite also offers you a huge stroke of abundance thanks to its positive vibrations. The crystal is more useful when you’re feeling stuck in your life . This is also for you if you need some motivation in order to get things, especially wealth and money, flowing again.

The labradorite clears your mine, bringing clarity to your decisions while removing all negativities to protect you from any bad decisions that may end up pushing abundance away from you.

8. Clear Quartz

As the Master Healer of all gemstones, clear quartz, is a powerful crystal that you need to use with other abundance-attracting crystals. This will amplify their vibrational properties. With its clearness, this crystal can be attuned to any intentions you want. This includes abundance and money as well as acting as an amplifier hen near other gemstones.

Whether you are setting up a new business, need to manage your bills and debts, or just want to set realistic financial goals, clear quarts should help your keep your money intentions strong and bring in abundance into your career and life.

9. Tourmalinated Quartz

Another powerful crystal from the Quartz family, the Tourmalinated Quartz is believed to boost abundance and good fortune into your life. The all-powerful gemstone combines the properties of tourmaline that absorbs and transforms negative energies into positive energies and quartz which acts as an amplifier of vibratory energies of other stones.

The crystal can help in restoring balance into your hassle and stressful life, bringing clarity to any situation, especially in money matters. Also, it prevents you from self-sabotaging and boosting your problem-solving skills.

In addition, this is one of several crystals for the abundance that is available at a cheaper price and almost everywhere around the world. Not only that, it activates several chakras including the crown, 3rd eye, heart, solar plexus, throat, and root chakra at once.

10. Peridot

Peridot, dubbed as the money stone, comes in the beautiful color of money, green! The positive and bright energy of peridot is used in order to boost the desired situation. Also it can be used for almost anything, especially about money.

The crystal clears blockages in the heart and solar plexus chakra. Then its charming energy helps make you feel worthy and valuable of receiving abundance and money and eliminating negative self-belief that hinders greater wealth.

Other than attracting abundance into your life, the stone also brings calmness and intuitiveness, so you become wiser and can connect to the divine forces, allowing you to be present wherever you may go.

11. Garnet

One of the most potent stones for manifesting dreams and ideas is garnet. With its bright red color and ability to bring abundance and good fortune by turning your visions into reality it loved by many.

The stone helps encourage self-improvement related to abundance and prosperity while blocking out the negative ones that drain your luck in wealth. Whether it is your career or your new business venture that needs some push, this stone will give you the opportunity of abundance and encourage you to create a new business relationship.

Furthermore, the stone is also a great thing to keep around your office, attracting luck and abundance as well as the opportunities to help deal with workplace stress and allows you to advance the career ladder.

12. Green Jade

Green Jade

Green jade has been used since ancient times and has the power to attract abundance and wealth into your life. This oriental crystal has vibrational healing energies. These energies can dissolve those self-imposed limitations, particularly the ones related to not being worthy of receiving abundance and money.

IT is powerful enough to clear your thoughts so you can make crucial decisions about using and investing your money. In addition to attracting abundance and luck, the green jade also protects you from money disasters and misfortunes.

This stone is mainly used for luck and bringing wealth. It will boost your long-term focus and energy when working towards your financial goals.

13. Sunstone

With its bright and joyful name, the Sunstone is said to heighten intuition. Traditionally, the sunstone is associated with abundance and good fortune, giving your positive energies when you feel like life is totally against you.

The crystal encourages independence and self-empowerment and is quite useful for people who are prone to procrastinating and seem to be lacking in progress. Additionally, the crystal helps you detach from the feeling that you are being unfairly disadvantaged or discriminated for no reason at all.

Also, the crystal can help increase your self-worth and the confidence to do what you want most without the fear of failure. This is especially useful when trying out a new business venture in order to welcome abundance into your life.

How to Use Crystals for Abundance

Crystals for abundance respond effectively to money-related intentions and there are several ways that you can use them:

  • Carry pieces of crystals in your purse, pocket, or wallet. Doing so will help you make good purchasing decisions throughout the day.
  • Place a group of crystals for abundance in the left-hand corner of your office or home. This will strengthen your financial intentions.
  • Sleep with the crystals under your pillow in order to bring your abundance and money-making ideas while you are sleeping.
  • When visualizing, place a crystal on its associated chakra while picturing your intention.
  • Wear the crystals in pieces of jewelry in order to dispel any negative energy while attracting prosperity and wealth.
  • Use the crystals in your meditation, focusing on abundance and wealth.
  • Place the crystals around your home to attract the energy of money and abundance.
  • Crystal grids are also a great way to increase the power of crystals for abundance.
  • You can use crystals in your elixirs in order to harness their powerful energies.


If you want abundance to enter your life, take one or more crystals from the list above.

Take note, however, that these crystals do not attract money on their own. You also need to make the effort.

Do that, and these crystals should bring you a changed mindset, removing self-limiting beliefs, and provides you extra clarity and stronger intentions to manifest money and pursuing abundance and wealth

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