The Healing Crystals for Depression

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Being depressed means feeling dejected or downhearted which can easily be subdued by using the best crystals for healing depression. These definitions are very crucial in realistically understanding the word depression since there can be no experience of depression without dejection or the feelings of suppression and repression.

Such a state can arise from numerous circumstances. However, it most commonly comes from:

  • General social, personal, and family situations— loss of a job, problems with separation, loss, personal relationships, and more.
  • Other people— teachers, parents, partners, work superiors, co-workers, and colleagues.
  • Other life situations and health— disabilities, diseases, obstacles, and more.
  • Personal attitude and lifestyle— antipathetic moral attitudes, too narrow-minded a philosophy, seemingly life-threatening situations.

These dejection factors are usually ignored as depression doesn’t normally develop spontaneously. Therefore, the original cause may usually lie far in someone’s past.

Also, sometimes, depression can be activated or triggered again when experiencing a situation to those in the original causal situation. This results in the wrong conclusion that a feeling of depression has developed without a recognizable cause.

When this happens, the worst thing about is that such a diagnosis aggravates the affected person’s feelings of impotence and hopelessness. Further, in today’s medical the so-called therapy treatment with the use of tranquilizing psychoactive drugs, which intensify it once more.

It is possible to offer real help by discovering the dejection factor and finding the right solution— either by learning to live with depression or liberating yourself from it. During this process, some outside therapeutic help is typically necessary since depression can impair one’s ability to solve problems and think clearly.

However, you can cure depression using therapy without the involvement of psychoactive drugs. Crystals can be of help precisely in this case, as they help encourage openness, the ability to think, confront unpleasant things, create the right mood, and the willingness to work on yourself.

The following crystals can make it easier to heal from depression. Here are some of the best crystals for healing depression.

Crystals For Healing Depression


Crystals For Healing Depression

Amazonite like water ancient and deep, promises to soothe the soul and calming the spirit. With its captivating hues of turquoise-green hue, its energy is as formidable as the river for which it’s named and the bold and courageous legendary women warriors with whom this stone is connected with. It stills the disquiet, tames the irrational and tempering aggression, providing balance and harmony.

Amazonite helps with the severe despondency and the feelings of impotence, particularly if you feel a victim of some overwhelming fate. Also, it helps encourage a healthy belief in life and stimulating the concept of taking your fate in your own hands.

You can wear amazonite as a pendant or necklace or carry it with you in order to benefit from its vibrational energies.



Citrine is probably one of the happiest energies on earth. As a matter of fact, this yellow-orange stone is dubbed as the Happy Stone, with its joyful energy helping lift you out of a bad mood, numbness, or sadness which are often feel with depression.

Not only that, but the stone also absorbs negative energy while bringing in the positive energies and carrying the sunny disposition with a radiant glow of optimism to the user. Not only that, but the stone also provides physical energy that allows you to embrace the present moment with focus, positivity, and self-confidence.

Citrine helps fight depression caused by overwhelming outside influences and whenever there are feelings of having had enough of everything. Like amazonite, you can wear citrine as a pendant or necklace, having direct contact on the skin. This way you can benefit from its sunny and happy energies.


Crystals For Healing Depression

Controlling the water and air element, dumortierite is an extremely calming crystal that helps release confusion and worries. Not only that, but it also helps strengthen your self-confidence, particularly when you’re feeling low.

Dumortierite can make it easier to cope with your depressive situations. However, it’s especially important to help one to talk about the feeling of depression its causes. Thus, this stone is one of the most important ones you can accompany any form of therapy.

You can bring this beautiful crystal with you everywhere you go and hold it whenever you feel depressed. Not only that, but you can also keep it on your work table or bedside. Doing so will induce calming and less depressive thought.



Opal, known as the Eye Stone, is one of the most beautiful stones you can find. It flashes a rainbow with even the slightest movement. This makes it so pleasing to the eyes while inspiring love, hope, and happiness.

This beautiful stone is all about compromise, forgiveness, love, and generosity. Its calming energy serves to deter panic and easing emotional wounds. It helps reduce your self-destructive behaviors, anger, and resentment while relieving anxiety and stress.

Like the rest, you can wear an opal as a necklace or pendant for long periods. You can also use it as you meditate in order to release healing and soothing energies that erase negative and depressive thoughts.

Final Thoughts

In this uncertain world, being depressed can be a common notion, especially during a hard time. Fortunately, there’s hope. And some of that hope comes in the form of little crystals and stones of the earth. Crystals for healing depression contains phenomenal vibration energies that can help us break through the trains of sad and negative thoughts.

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