The Healing Crystals for Detoxification

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Nowadays, detoxification has come to be regarded as one of the most crucial factors in the cure of numerous diseases, especially since we are subjected to more and more denatured food, radiation, toxic substances, and stress to a higher degree than in the previous years. With the best crystals for detoxification, you can keep your body cleaned and healthy.

This harmful bombardment forces the body to work extra hard to stay healthy. Also, it tends to systematically transform our connective tissues into a regular waste disposal site. This happens because all the substances which the body can’t adequately excrete, or transform will be deposited within the connective tissue temporarily.

In principle, this is a useful and sensible process since the substances and waste can only remain there until they can be released later during rest and the recuperation phase.

However, a general lack of recreation, too little sleep, and too much stress prevent most of us from obtaining these beneficial rest periods. Thus, the tissues become a kind of storage of the absent metabolic processes, and the body reacting more sensitively to its increasing pollution which is already present to excess in the tissues.

The result will be acidification, hypersensitivity, the tendency to infections, allergies, metabolic and blood circulation problems, and several diseases. Most of these phenomena are the desperate attempts by the body to defend itself, to excrete, and to digest.

Thus, detoxification is an extremely important thing to always do. There are many ways to detoxify the body such as:

  • Regular curative fasting
  • Annual cures using spring herbs
  • Proper diet, particularly the reduction of animal proteins
  • Sauna treatment
  • Salt baths
  • Intestinal cleansing
  • Wholesome nutrition based on natural, organic food
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Quitting bad habits such as alcohol, drugs, and tobacco

Lastly, the mental aspects of detoxification should also be addressed such as releasing and processing situations and incidents which poison your emotional state. Anger, problems, grief, loss, bad conscience, and more will need to be cleansed.

Crystals can support the detoxification process in 2 ways:

First, they can help support the purification of the tissues of toxins and wastes.

Secondly, they help encourage the excretion of these waste substances through the kidneys, liver, intestine, and the skin.

Here are some of the best crystals for detoxification.

Crystals For Detoxification


Crystals For Detoxification

Chrysoprase is the optimal healing crystal for detoxification. Since it contains nickel, chrysoprase can help purify the tissues of the body of the waste and pollution substances and then excrete them via the liver, kidneys, and the lymph system.

Emotionally and mentally speaking, chrysoprase can also liberate you from grief, strain, and worries. You can wear chrysoprase as a pendant or a necklace for long periods. Also, your place to fix a crystal on your lover in the evening to facilitate excretion.

It’s also possible to take 3 – 7 drops of chrysoprase gem essence for 3 times a day. Or drink 20 – 100ml of chrysoprase gem water throughout the day.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony

Blue chalcedony helps in improving the elimination of toxic substances and waste through the lymph system and their excretion via the kidneys. This blue crystal is the premier crystal in cases of acute illness, during the period when further polluting substances should not be released from the tissues.

In addition, blue chalcedony is a sensible choice when the level of excretion through the skin causing smelly sweat and the intestine causing diarrhea is too high. Emotionally speaking, blue chalcedony with its soothing vibration energies can help prevent stress, reduce depressing grief and conflicts. It offers confidence and lightness, allowing you some freedom of discussion about your worries.

Wear blue chalcedony as a necklace or a bracelet. Or you can fix a polished crystal with a hole on your liver in order to facilitate detoxification. Try drinking 100 – 300ml of blue chalcedony water for internal healing.

Ocean Jasper + Peridot

Crystals For Detoxification

Another type of Chalcedony, ocean jasper helps improves the discharge of toxic substances and waste. At the same time, it continues the gentle detoxification of the tissues. Thus, it can be applied optimally both for prophylactic cleansing diets and acute diseases. Also, the ocean jasper that is predominantly green is the most suitable for this.

Meanwhile, peridot stimulates the purification of the tissues, eliminating toxic substances and waste and their processing through the liver. This beautiful stone has a very strong effect and sometimes causes violent physical reactions as well as the emotional outpouring of any accumulated frustrations and deep-rooted annoyances. Thus, it is best paired with the ocean jasper with its soothing and calming vibration energies.

You can wear both stones as a bracelet or drink a combined water essence of the two crystal to detoxify thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

Your body is a temple that needs to be worshipped, purified and cleaned regularly. This is crucial for healthy living. And with the help of the best crystals for detoxification, you can cleanse your body of waste and toxin which regularly threaten to disrupt your bodily balance. The above crystals will help cleanse the body and make your feel rejuvenated.

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