The 5 Best Crystal Combinations for Opal

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Opal, dubbed as the “Eye Stone”, offers you a real spectral delight with its beautiful hues and colors. Like the beautiful rainbow, opal flickers with brilliance and beauty with even the slightest movement. So pleasing to the sight, this stone dedicated to the eye inspires hope, love, purity, innocence, luckiness, and happiness. Opal also radiates and works really well with several gemstones, amplifying its energies and power that can benefit you. However, a few handfuls of crystals bring about great enlightenment and benefits to the already powerful opal. So, without further ado, here are some of the best crystal combinations for opal.

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The Best Crystal Combinations for Opal and Their Benefits

Amethyst and Opal Combination Benefits

One of the most powerful crystal combinations for opal is amethyst. Amethyst is known to bring stability, strength, and courage, while opal helps to bring emotional balance. When these two stones are combined, they create a powerful energy that can help you find healing and peace.

Opal and Tourmaline Combination Benefits

 Crystal Combinations for Opal

People born in October are really lucky. They got two beautiful birthstones— the opal and tourmaline. You can either choose one or combine them for amplified benefits. Opal and tourmaline look really amazing when worn together, despite the difference in color and style.

Opal is a mysterious and romantic gemstone that has captures the interest of people for centuries. Tourmaline, on the other hand, is just as colorful and beautiful. Although these two gems are very different— opal is opaque with flashes of color while tourmaline is typically clear with several colors— they work together powerfully.

As opal sharpens and strengthens the eyesight as well as your memory, tourmaline, on the other hand, is perfect in calming the mind and allowing you to see more clearly, bringing about confidence as well as the ability to repel negative forces or influences.

In addition, opal enhances your cosmic consciousness, boosts creativity, and inspires originality, so you can have better productivity at work. Meanwhile, the tourmaline has pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity properties that can help shield you against radiation from computers as well as toxins and pollutants in your environment.

White Opal and Black Opal Combination Benefits

Opal is a collective term for several colored opals. There are various types of opals that you can use and combine with others, but the perfect combination you should try is the white opal and black opal.

Despite their opposing color, black and white opals get along really well. While black opal is surrounded by its dark hue helps eases stress and dissolving hopelessness and depression. Thus, helping you face your darkest fear and releasing whatever it is that is holding you back. Then, the full light of the white opal with its rainbow reflection help fill you with positivity. It brings about enthusiasm, good humor, creativity, and imagination, invigorating you with its powerful energies.

Both opals are powerful magnifier f manifestation and intentions. They are also highly protective stone for deep inner works, past-life recall, as well as connecting with angelic beings and feeling your spirit guides more strongly.

Opal and Lapis Lazuli Combination Benefits

lapis lazuli

As mentioned before, opal can help you manifest your desires via positive affirmations, dedication, and hard work. Opal is also known to strengthen your survival instincts and bringing success to your financial or business situations.

If you combine opal with the Lapis Lazuli, it should be able to bring your luck, prosperity, and abundance. Why? Well, this deep blue gemstone is a powerful stone that activates your higher mind and intellectual ability. It is the stone that helps stimulate your desires for understanding, knowledge as well as aiding the learning process. Plus, it also helps in enhancing your memory.

For fame, workplace, or any public performance, partnering Lapis Lazuli with the powerful opal can help attract success, promotion, and lasting recognition in your field.

Opal and Garnet Combination Benefits

The opal gemstone has always been connected to passion and love. It is also the stone that refers to lust, desires, eroticism, and sexuality. So, if you want these things to come into your life, then you will need the power of the opal stone.

However, you can further amplify this power with the seductive blood-color of the garnet. While opal stone is a highly seductive crystal intensifying your emotional state and encouraging you to unleash your adventurous and wild side, garnet is also known for its creative energy and sensual vibrations.

Garnet represents the primordial fire, the creation of the world out of love, purification, and chaos. Thus, like opal, garnet is also the perfect stone for strong and intense feelings. Use both stones and you can balances your energy, bringing passion and serenity as well as inspiring love and the balance of your sex drive.

This one of the best crystal combinations for opal can encourage you to take more risks, particularly when spicing things up in your relationship.

Final Thoughts

With its powerful characteristics and traits, opal is one of the most common and sought-after stones in the crystal healing community. From the rare, rainbow-colored opals, to the opaque black opals, you have an unlimited number of crystals you can combine with this precious stone so you can amplify its benefits and attributes.

However, the 4 crystals mentioned above are the best gemstones that resonate perfectly with this mystic stone.  You can use these combinations during meditation or wearing them throughout the day to benefit from their doubled, pulsating energies.

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