The Power of Opal

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The Power of Opal

Opal is one of the birthstones for the month of October. What’s more, it is the stone given to those who are celebrating their 14th year of marriage. Opal, on the other hand, is known for its power of thought. Since it is a reflective and absorbent stone, Opal will help you in picking up thoughts and feelings. Also, it has always been linked to passion and love. If you want to learn more about the power of opal, then you should check out this article.

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The Power of Opal: Thought

Chakra Correspondence

Because of all the colors contained in opal, the stone may be used to work on any chakra. For example, blue opal will resonate with the throat chakra and may help and improve communication particularly that has been blocked through a lack of confidence.

Moreover, green opal is associated with the heart chakra. It is because the green color is linked to this chakra. That said, opal will infuse your relationship with vibrations of faithfulness and loyalty. It will also promote unconditional love.

Pink opal, on the other hand, will help in activating and cleansing the sacral and root chakra. It promotes a sense of centeredness and well-being.

Physiological Correspondence

Opal is a powerful stone that can help in purifying the kidneys and blood. It is also known to be beneficial to the eyes. It will also strengthen your immune system to protect you from flu and common colds.

We also found out that it is good for the reproductive organs, abdomen, nails, intestines, and pancreas.


Depending on the type of opal that you have, opal has an earthy to high vibration. However, it is worth mentioning that these stones are very sensitive to the wearers’ vibrations.

Legendary Power of Opal

Legendary Power of Opal

Opal is the stone that symbolizes purity, hope, and innocence. Its name comes from “upala” a Sanskrit word which means “precious”.

This stone easily fractures because it is brittle due to high water content. But paradoxically, the amorphous structure of opal will allow vibrations to pass through the stone more rapidly.

The legendary powers of this stone center around the enigmatic death rate. What’s more, it has kinesthetic and physical power of influence.

For example, on their wedding day, King Alfonso XII of Spain gave his spouse an Opal ring. Soon after, she died, that is why the King presented it to his sister, who died a couple of days later. As a matter of fact, his sister-in-law only lasted for 90 days. As a result, the King wore it himself but soon passed away, at which point the opal was hung on the decree of the Virgin of Almudena.

During the Greco-Roman periods, this stone was associated with the mercury or Hermes, who bore the souls of the dead to the underworld. The stone saw into such worlds, it focused restored memory and thought.

The stone will travel unseen through the shamanic otherworld and into harmful places as it will confer invisibility on the wearer.

 According to an Elizabeth lapidary “Opal keepeth and saveth his eyen [eyes] that beareth it, cleare and sharpe and without griefe, and dimmeth other men’s eyes . . . and smiteth them with a manner blindness . . . Therefore it is said that it is the surest patron of thieves”.

Opal will illustrate that we are making your own bad and good fortune with our intentions and beliefs. One more thing, the stone will help you be pure in heart and fortify your power of thought.

Healing Power of Opal

Traditionally, Opal can be utilized for healing the eyes. The high silica content opal may benefit skin, hair, and nails.

Today, crystal healers use the stone to ease PMS, purify the blood, and stabilize neurotransmitter disturbances energetically like Parkinson’s disease.

Transformational Power of Opal


Another great thing about the opal is that it will pick up feelings and thought and reflect them back to their sources. Thus, their effects may be understood better.

Moreover, the stone will teach that what you put out will return to you. Oregon opal, for instance, can help you in determining deceptions and untruths not only from yourself but to other people as well.

Opal will also help you in transforming your life by standing in truth.

How to Harness the Powers of Opal

To harness its power, hold your opal and make sure to focus your attention on it and think about what you want to manifest. By doing this, it’ll come to being.

You can also wear it as jewelry like a pendant or a necklace and place it close to your heart.


The best thing about opal is that it fills you with the desire to live a loving, joyful, and peaceful life. The stone will also aid you accomplish positive dispositions by removing or reducing anxieties and stress in a way that is the same with the healing effect of Amethyst. Lastly, opal is an everchanging stone that has powerful energies that you can take advantage of in many different ways.

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