Facts About Lapis Lazuli: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Introduction To Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is also called “lapis” and used by people as a gemstone, pigment, material for sculpture, and material for ornament for several years. It is a metamorphic rock in blue color and you will find different qualities of stone. The higher is the quality of the stone, the costlier it is and the most desirable options come in a rich and solid blue shade. While most of the gemstones are minerals, lapis lazuli is not. Instead, it is a rock comprising different types of minerals. The blue color of the stone is primarily due to the presence of lazurite, a silicate mineral belonging to the sodalities group.

Lapis lazuli is known to have high frequencies, and the moment you have contact with this stone, you will feel a change. Gradually, it will support your spiritual endeavors and awaken your inner self. As you harness the energy of this stone, you will recall the destiny and divineness truly. No wonder, the stone is also called “The Wisdom Keeper”. The energy of the stone is powerful yet elusive and effective as far as the intuitive abilities and inner self of an individual is concerned. If you comprehend the healing effect of this blue rock stone, you will understand the true reason for using it and its meaning. The color blue is associated with awareness and expression of you.

Meaning Of Lapis Lazuli

When it comes to extracting the true meaning of lapis lazuli, you need to know that it is a commanding and authoritative gemstone as far as minerals are concerned. You will find a combination of white and gold specks in the combination of sulfur deposits. The specks are largely due to pyrites and calcites that are known to bring good luck. In the past, this stone was highly coveted due to its beautiful color and the ultramarine dye that comes from it.

The name lapis is Latin, meaning “stone” and the Personal word lazhuward indicates blue. There are several minerals in the rock, primarily sodalite, lazurite, pyrite, and calcite. The color of the stone can be described as royal blue with finer presence of gold and silver. However, the low-grade variety of the stone is light blue with more white flecks, which is sometimes called denim lapis.

Meaning Of Lapis Lazuli

The golden sacrophagus of Kind Tutankhamen included Lapis, along with the ornaments of other Egyptian queens and kings. The ancient times witnessed large-scale use of this rock stone in pendants, scarabs, and other forms of jewelries. Along with this, the material is ground into powder for dyes and making eye shadow.  As Egypt was barren and dry, the deep blue color was a stark contrast to the shades of desert. 

Moreover, the specks of gold on the stone made them think of it as the night sky and while meditating on the hues of the stone, they could feel the spiritual transformation taking place in their lives. No wonder the garments of the royal family and the priests were dyed with lapis to demonstrate their godliness.

Besides the other dark blue and purple stones, Lapis lazuli is associated with the third-eye chakra, which is the energy center responsible for processing for wisdom, knowledge, and intuition. As you clean and activate the chakra, the energy of the body strengthens good decision-making in your day-to-day life. According to the ancient Egyptians, the stone comes with a unique power and brings new perception and vision. In ancient America in the pre-Columbian era and Persia, Lapis Lazuli was one of the primary symbols of the night sky with stars.

Apart from this, the stone was also popular among the Islamic people as it intended to protect them from the evil eyes. Similarly, the Romans and Greek also used lapis lazuli as one of the stones to be used for ornaments. In the Medieval era in Europe, the stone was believed to deal with the dark spirits and bring wisdom and light. When ground into powdered form, it produces an expensive ultramarine color. 

While meditating with the stone, its energy can be channelize the calming vibrations of blue color, reflecting the peacefulness of the night sky, the heaven and the ocean. Due to its ability to stimulate the third-eye chakra, healers use it frequently as one of the best natural alternatives for headaches and migraine. Experts recommend placing a crystal of Lapis Lazuli in the forehead along with sodalite and turquoise. During inhalation, an individual needs to focus on the blue color and envisage energy into the body.

Geological Base Of Lapis Lazuli

The formation of lapis lazuli can be seen near igneous interruptions where marble and limestone, alters due to hydrothermal and contact metamorphosis. In the rocks, the host rock comes with lazurite as replacement and the former can be found within certain layers or brands. The leading country responsible of the production of Lapis Lazuli is Afghanistan with some parts of this country mining the rock stone for several years. The other countries in the line for production of this gemstone are Canada, Argentina, Pakistan, Russia, and the United States.

Geological Properties Of Lapis Lazuli

The following are the things you need to know about the properties of lapis lazuli.

  • Besides lazurite, the specimens of lapis lazuli contain pyrite and calcite.
  • You may also find an abundance of other minerals in this gemstone, such as mica, diopsite, wollastonite, afghanite, sodalite, and hauyne.
  • The rock must have blue color and contain about 25% blue lazurite.
  • It is a metamorphic rock containing lazurite in abundance for the clear blue color, and may also include significant amount of calcite and pyrite.
  • The color of the stone is blue, but streaks of white are due to calcite veining or mottling and gold due to pyrite grains.
  • While the luster of the stone is dull, which can be polished to enhance the shade, it is semi-translucent to opaque.
  • When it comes to Mohs, it is between 5 and above of lazurite and 3 of calcite.
  • Although it has no cleavage at all, the split can be seen along the layers and calcite veins, and the foliation.
  • As far as the diagnostic property of this stone is concerned, it is known for its hardness, associates with pyrite, and blue color.
  • Usually, pyrite content in lapis lazuli is little with random spacing between the grains, and when pyrite content is abundant, the grains concentrate into patches and distinct layers.
  • You will occasionally find it as a fracture-filling mineral.

History Of Lapis Lazuli

History Of Lapis Lazuli Egypt

The popularity of Lapis Lazuli can be seen throughout history as the mining of this stone started in Badakhstan, province of the north eastern part of Afghanistan during the early 7000 BC The stone was used for making small jewelry items, beads and sculptures that were discovered in the Neolithic sites of Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, which dates back to about 3000 BC. Besides this, the stone was also found in the archeological sites of Egypt around 3000 BC and primarily used for jewelry and ornaments.

The powdered form of lapis was used as pigment and cosmetic. During the ancient times, many people used “sapphire” for lapis lazuli, which made many people believe that it has some connection with sapphire as in the Bible. Quite naturally, the contemporary translations of the Bible mention lapis instead of sapphire. The emergence of lapis lazuli was also seen in Europe during the Middle Ages in the form of rough cuts, powdered pigment, and jewelry. Today, you will find the use of this gemstone for jewelry and various other ornaments.

While the stone lapis lazuli has been used in jewelry, amulets, and carvings for thousands of years, and it is considered priceless due to the intense blue shade. The name derives from the Arabic word called lazward, from which the word azure comes, which is another name for blue. For the ancient Romans, it was sapphire and applicable for the blue version of corundum or what most people know as sapphire today. According to the Egyptians, the stone was heavenly, so it could be seen on the statues of their gods and the burial places to protect them in the next life while it can be seen in the mask of King Tut or Tutankhamen.

The Egyptians also used the stone for cylindrical seals and it was highly popular among the Sumerians as well who preferred traveling from one corner of Asia to another for mining this gemstone. No wonder the mention of the stone found a mention in an epic of Gilgamesh in 2650 BC. During the middle ages, the art patrons of the rulers commanded the painters to use blue color made from lapis.  The men with lesser financial capacity had to do with blue made from copper and indigo. Toll today, you will find paintings in lapis lazuli pertaining to the Renaissance.

Uses of Lapis Lazuli

Uses Of Lapis Lazuli

One of the prominent meanings of lapis lazuli as found in the classical texts indicate that people associated great value with this blue stone during the ancient times. Perhaps, they believed that the stone was holy. Irrespective of the ideas associated with the stone, it was believed to bring harmony and peace. The following are the uses of the stone.

  • Lapis is considered a highly useful stone for journalists, psychologists, and executives for the stimulation of proper judgment in the realistic world.
  • The stone facilitates intellectual thinking and capacity of analysis in historians and archaeologists.
  • It also enhances the problem-solving skills of legal practitioners and the creation of new perceptions for writers and inventors.
  • For activating higher thinking and increasing the intellectual powers, lapis lazuli is useful.
  • It instigates the need for understanding, knowledge, truth, and the learning process.
  • As memory enhancer, the stone plays a vital role.
  • The stone for lapis lazuli stands for truth and people can wear it for deeper modes of communication.
  • For harmonious relationships and friendship, people can use this stone.
  • A grid of lapis encourages affectionate and peaceful communication in homes with teenagers having different temperaments or children suffering from autism, ADHD, and Asperger’s syndrome.
  • For people looking forward to achieving fame in the area of public performance, carrying the blue stone can yield the best results.
  • For your workplace, the stone attracts positive communication and promotes success and recognition.
  • Using at the third eye, the stone can initiate psychic powers and abilities as it activates the pineal gland and initiates your spiritual connections.
  • The uncanny vibration makes the stone amazingly powerful for spiritual health and growth.
  • The stone delivers a distinct and strong energy that challenge many people.

Used As Gemstone And Ornamental Stone

Lapis lazuli finds extensive use as gemstone, and a popular material for cutting beads and cabochons. You will also find its uses in mosaic or inlay projects, and as a material for small sculptures and makes lapis one of the most popular blue gemstones. It can be used for pins, pendants and earrings where the chances of abrasion are low.

Health Benefits Of Wearing Lapis Lazuli

The health benefits of lapis lazuli are prevalent for many years. Mentioned below are the health benefits of the stone.

  • The color blue associates with tranquility and peace, so the deep blue color of the stone promotes peace of mind and soul.
  • It is believed that the stone opens the throat chakra or the fifth energy point of the body. When the stone is placed on the throat during meditation, it can clarify communication and opens the mode of expression.
  • The stone facilitates the path of clear and effective communication.
  • Lapis lazuli is also associated with the third-eye chakra, so while opening it, the stone established a clear bond between the inner self and the physical world and helps in unlocking the fading memories.
  • It provides positive energy to humans along with its healing effect and encourages positive emotions to deal with fear, despair, and restlessness.
  • Experts suggest the use of this stone for encountering depression and insomnia.
  • It helps people sleep with a tranquil mind and facilitates harmonious thoughts.
  • The connection with energy and throat chakra heals physical problems associated with the throat.
  • Using this stone makes the voice of the wearer clear.
  • People with speech problems can use lapis to get relief.
  • The lapis stone can also provide cure from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Wealth And Lapis Lazuli

Many people use lapis lazuli to bring good luck and wealth. It is true that the stone brings good luck and people wearing it can feel inspired due to its power to circulate positive energy and wash away negative energy. The thoughts of an individual becomes more constructive and positive with lapis lazuli. The stone is a perfect option for people who want to become wealthy as they can receive abundant wealth through success in business and a robust career.

Love And Relationship

As far as love and relationships are concerned, the stone lapis lazuli is considered the best friend of women. It helps in bringing the energy of knowledge, emotional healing, love, and heals a person emotionally, when it stays close to their bodies. With this stone, you will feel the confidence, composure, and courage to run after your requirements. Your insecurities and uncertainty will go while pursuing the love of your life and maintaining the current relationships.

Spiritual Healing With Lapis Lazuli

Spiritual Healing

Lapis Lazuli can activate the psychic centers around the third chakra and the energy of the throat chakra. The third eye or the brow chakra is at the center point of our insights and commands. It not only directs the daily awareness and the sights, but the consciousness is also present here. The following points how healing takes place with lapis lazuli.

  • The stone facilitates the development of clarity and objectivity and it helps you confront truth when you find it.
  • With the stone, you can express your opinions and put an end to conflicts.
  • You will realize the value of active listening through the stone, and it helps on harmonizing the mental, spiritual, and emotional levels.
  • Balancing the levels reduces the instances of diseases and depression.
  • It cleans the mental thoughts when it washes the old thoughts and the cyclic mental patterns.
  • The stone spreads positive energy and eliminates the negative standpoints.
  • Lapis provides the knowledge you need to get a clear perspective of life and helps you understand the creation fully.
  • The stone opens and restores the balance of the throat chakra and facilitates the stimulation of enlightenment and dream work.
  • It activates your psychic abilities and guides you on your spiritual journey while stimulating your personal and spiritual power.
  • Lapis instills a sense of peace and tranquility and reduces stress.
  • When the stone activates the third eye, it enhances the ability to visualize the guidance and the information you receive.
  • The stone helps you remember the dreams vividly and improves high level of clarity during dreamtime.

Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli

The following are the things you need to know about the healing properties of lapis lazuli: Physical, Mental Properties.

Physical Healing Properties

  • The stone facilitates to boost the immune system to improve overall health and wellbeing.
  • For people who suffer insomnia because of depression, Lapis Lazuli can help ease the condition.
  • It is believed to regulate the functions of nervous and respiratory systems.
  • Besides, its unique composition purifies blood from inside and reduces hypertension.

Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

  • You may also find a tremendous improvement in mental wellbeing, such as dealing with inner truth; unleashing your inner power.
  • The stone instigates you to be self aware; express yourself and induce morality.
  • In addition, it is also believed to have properties to protect you against psychic attacks which are hard to identify.
  • This stone can help you build limitless self-confidence, clarity of thoughts and creativity that can benefit your career.

Benefits Of Wearing Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Buying lapis lazuli jewelry is easy and people love to wear the stone in the forms of rings, pendants and necklaces. Using jewelry made from the stone promotes psychic meditation and yet very powerful. Your psychic abilities can intensify when you wear this stone and channelize your energies to contact the guardian angels. However, if you are keen to make the most of the therapeutic benefits of the stone, you need to understand the character of blue and the amount of pyrite it contains. The gemstone promotes the healing of your physical body and allows the energy to flow at the basic level.

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Lapis Necklace

Wearing a lapis lazuli necklace opens the fifth energy point and placing it on the throat during meditation can clear the block of throat chakra. Therefore, people wearing this necklace can communicate much better than others and the level of self-expression is very high. You will come across several instances promoting the effects of lapis and the effective role it plays in facilitating positive communication while opening the stumbling blocks for highly respected and clarified communication. The beads of a lapis necklace can provide relief to people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Your larynx and throat will heal properly when you wear a necklace.

Lapis Lazuli Ring

The lapis lazuli ring comes with unique benefits but every ring has a definite color and pattern. Typically, the wearer must put the ring on the middle finger of the hand, depending on a right or left hander. The best you can do is wrapping it in a case of white gold and silver. Wearing a ring exposes the truth to the person wearing it. When worn with clear gold specks bring prosperity and wealth. Furthermore, it activates your mind for better decision-making and allows you to stay calm.

Lapis Bracelet

The lapis bracelet is another piece of jewelry you need to wear. When traditional treatments fail to cure your problem, you need to focus on a bracelet made from lapis stone. Wrapping a bracelet around the wrist helps in stimulating the higher aspects of your brain, allowing you to think independently and clearly.  Therefore, you can get rid of evasive thoughts once you put on a bracelet made from lapis stone. Be sure to wear it on your right hand.

The Final Word

Lapis Lazuli is one of the ancient gemstones, which the experts recommend for healing properties. The stone was immensely popular among the royal family members and the mystics. Whether it is the tranquil energy of the stone that instils knowledge or opening the third chakra, the wearer can benefit from this stone in several ways. However, you will only realize the benefits of the stone only when you put it around your body for a considerable period of time.

It is believed that the stone protects you from negative energies and the negative effects. The celestial powers of lapis are evident through its properties and uses. The present societal structure creates blocks in every individual’s mind, but using this stone increase the clarity of thoughts. Besides this, the crystal maintains your emotional health when your mind is over possessed with despair or sadness. While the stone helps in the development of serenity and calmness, you will quickly control your inner balance with it.

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