Opalite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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It doesn’t matter if you are merely seeking good energy in general or looking for certain healing powers, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give crystals a chance. Within the last decade or so there’s been an upturn in adults worldwide turning to what is referred to as alternative medicine. This phrase includes many forms of unconventional treatment, everything from yoga and acupuncture to of course, healing crystals such as opalite.

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The meaning Opalite is often associated with fresh starts. Opalite can be used to help you get through the hurdles of life, whether it’s an upcoming exam or a death in the family. Opalite can clear negative thoughts and increase self-esteem, making it easier for you to achieve your goals. An Opalite healing properties are said to promote mental clarity, charisma, confidence, luck and motivation. For those who are creative Opalites are helpful stones for being able to connect more directly with one’s inner guidance system as well as intuition .

Opalite is also believed to induce the flow of good energy and aid the body and mind in freeing themselves from negative energy, which leads to both emotional and physical benefits. While there is a vast quantity of various crystals, each containing their own special healing abilities for the body, mind, and soul, we are going to focus on opalite stones in this article. This opalite stone is considered special because of its reputation for inducing clear thinking and bringing about new beginnings.

Opalite’s Nickname: The “Shining Stone”

Opalite comes from the Opalus Color Scale which means “Shining Stone.” Although Opalite is included in this family of talismans they are often thought of as Opalite stones due to their Opal-like structure. Opalite is considered the Opalus gemstone which was given this name because it has similar characteristics to Opals such as having both a white base and playing with colors (e.g. blue, green, red, etc.). Opalites are known for stimulating one’s psychic abilities , the specially clairvoyance . It also makes an excellent stone for meditation; it allows one to attune to the highest spiritual level that they can achieve before releasing them back into normal consciousness.

The Stone of Empowerment And New Beginnings

Opalite is often referred to as the “Stone of Empowerment” because it helps you break free from negative thoughts or feelings. These types of feelings can stem from an intense fear of failure or low self-esteem. Opalite has the power to release you from these fears, imbuing you with a new sense of hope that is essential for pushing yourself toward success . Opalite Healing Properties may also help one feel more secure in their everyday life if they are facing financial hardship or have encountered some other kind of loss. This is because Opalite healing properties are said to relieve stress and tension which are often accompanying financial problems. Opalites are also known as “The Stone of New Beginnings” so they are often used during times where new beginnings are needed such as after a break up , divorce , relocation , etc.

What Is Opalite?

Opalite is a rare stone named for its Opalescent appearance, a glow caused by light reflecting within the stone. Opalite can be found in different colors and patterns, but what they all have in common is an Opalescent sheen. Opalite can be found anywhere from blue to pinkish-red, sometimes with smoky bands or swirls of color. Opalites are often confused with opals or moon stones, even though they’re completely different stones. Opalites typically cost less than other stones because they’re easier to find and cut compared to other gems.

Opalite is actually an artificially, or man-made stone created from glass to resemble opals. Sometimes Opalite is mistakenly called Purple Opal. Ordinarily it is translucent or a milky white, but it can appear to be blue or a sky blue when placed against a dark background. Due to the fact that it is man-made opalite has quite a different meaning for spirituality compared to other, natural stones which are formed within the earth.

Natural opalite does exist, but it is very rare, and occurs in opalized volcanic ash in countries such as Africa and Brazil.

Natural Opalite belongs to the Feldspar family of minerals comprising a number of lesser known gemstones. Those stones can be found in shades of green, blue, pink, lavender and white. Although Natural Opalite was discovered in the early 1800’s it wasn ⁠’t popularly mined until recently. Opalite stones are best known for their ability to clear the mind and release negative energy. Opalite is believed to promote new beginnings by giving its owner strength to break away from past habits or situations that are holding them back.

Understanding the Meanings and Uses

Opalite Meaning

A mixture of mineral dolomite and metal, with its special shine and bluish hue opalite can be a lovely stone and is known by many names such as Tiffany’s Stone. This refers to the esteemed jewelry store which is known for wrapping all of its products in baby blue paper. It is also called the Ice Cream stone as it has a certain air of coolness to its facade.

While it is true, that as with all stones which are made by humans, one needs to use opalite stone to meet the more direct challenges in life, which is where its talents are the strongest, it is also known for swiftly uplifting one’s mood and bringing about a more lighthearted attitude towards life, which we all need to be reminded to have sometimes.

Furthermore, opalite has two primary colors, white and blue, united these colors represent calmness, openness, and purity.

What Are the Properties?

Usually appearing milky or clear in color, opalite is prized in the world of crystal healing for its healing properties of being able to purify the kidneys and the blood, along with a multitude of metaphysical properties too.

Opalite is considered a talisman representing personal power, believed to help one grow and develop self-esteem and self-worth.

opalite deeper feeling

Opalite is also thought to create the desired quality of inner strength, so that you are capable of discovering, delving into and expressing your deeper feelings which can lay buried and dormant for years inside of you without your ever realizing that they are there.

Along with putting you in touch with your hidden feelings, opalite is also helpful when you are undergoing a huge change in life. The reason for this is because it aids you in making a seamless transition from one situation to another.

You should also be aware that this help with change applies to all types of life changes, whether they are major or minor changes. Opalite will assist you by making things much easier than they would have been otherwise.

Healing Properties

1. Opalite works wonderfully for people who are having difficulty sleeping or often undergo nightmares.

2. Opalite further has an extremely calming effect on the heart, and can also aid in regulating an irregular heartbeat.

3. Opalite may possibly assist in developing healthy oxygenation and lung function within the body.

Opalite Healing

Metaphysical Properties

It has been said that when opalite is united with the power of the blue Peruvian opal, it will open what is called the third eye chakra; the chakra of your sixth sense, improving insight, intuition, and internal vision.

When opalite is placed over the crown chakra, it will provide more psychic energy, helping the individual to experience more meaningful visions, an increase their psychic abilities.

Opalite is further considered vital for spiritual communication.

It also aids an individual in their relationship with the spiritual world, helping them to make an easier connection and to receive clearer messages.

Opalite Chakras

The spiritual energies contained in this special stone can also assist you in interpreting the visions and messages that are received from the spiritual realm.

Opalite may also balance the yin-yang energies, and help to align them with the individual’s higher self. This can help control mood swings, by making an individual feel more anchored, and it can eliminate blockages in the energy meridians and chakras.

It may also assist in maintaining a healthy balance in male and female energies, and in the light and dark areas, the passive and active emotions, and in the daytime and nighttime energies.

Opalite is also a fantastic stone for when you are in need of emotional healing. It eases the heart and will bring a feeling of peace to your life.


Opalite is known to enhance the ability to communicate between people on all levels, meaning both the earthly and the spiritual, where it is particularly effective. It removes blockages of the chakras and meridians that are preventing positive energy from getting through. When it comes to emotions, opalite can also be of great help with transitions of any kind. When you are that crossroad in your life, this stone can come to your aid by giving you perseverance and inner strength, plus make it easier for you to express yourself.

Opalite Benefits

Health and Healing Benefits

Opalite has a vast array of health and healing advantages. It is excellent for producing overall healing energies and a sense of well being. It also stabilizes mood swings, improves sexual prowess, and helps overcome fatigue. Furthermore, it purifies the blood and kidneys and eases fever. It also works well for individuals who suffer from nightmares, as those who have insomnia. Since it is known to have a calming effect, it instills great peace and inner tranquility, making it wonderful for meditation too.

Wealth Benefits

If you are aiming to bring prosperity, plenty and wealth into your life, you should definitely consider using opalite. Now, the crystal itself doesn’t magically make money appear, but it is frequently called the merchant stone. It is one of the favorite stones of people who are working in the business world, as it helps by clearing your mind and providing clarity of judgment about others, thus helping you to achieve success in matters of importance. It is also capable of helping you achieve wealth and gain material goods.

Love and Relationship Benefits

If you are desiring a long-lasting and loving relationship with someone, then opalite is the right crystal for you. It can make a notable difference in various circumstances helping to ensure continuing love and understanding. If you are experiencing a difficult, tense, or disruptive situation, opalite can ease the transition and mold the occasion into something easier and gentler.

It can further improve a relationship that is undergoing trials by enhancing your ability to enjoy the small pleasures in life, and eliminating concerns and fears, urging you to open your mind and heart to new experiences.

Opalite Love

Don’t be concerned that by enlisting the help of this particular crystal you are being manipulative. Nothing could be farther from the truth. All that is occurring is that the opalite is making it possible for you and your romantic interest to shed worldly cares and concentrate on love. It will further help you to understand the complexity of your emotions better, providing you with improved insight into how your mind and heart work. 

The Best Crystal Combinations

Opalite crystals perform even better when combined with certain stones. In some instances, stones utilize the same energies and elements and when they are combined they can increase each other’s powers. That’s why it is crucial for you to know what you want to gain when using a certain stone. Once you are able to comprehend the various unique properties of each stone, you will see that combining two or even more can aid you in achieving the desired result by supply extra energy to help.

Opalite and Blue Peruvian Opal

It has been said that when opalite is united with the power of the blue Peruvian opal, it will open what is called the third eye chakra; the chakra of your sixth sense, improving insight, intuition, and internal vision.

Blue Peruvian Opal

Opalite and Fire Opal

Many people have a misconception about the fire opal. They believe that it is a red hot, flashy type of gemstone, but this is not entirely correct. When you refer to a fire opal the term fire is actually incorrect and the term play of color should be substituted.

Although play of color is what people are imagining when they think of a fire opal, it is in reality essentially clear, in general an orange or butterscotch color, and there is seldom any real play of color to it.

Fire opal

While the common fire opal is the gemstone that is most often found in its semi-transparent state, there is another type of fire opal that does display play of color. These opals are called precious fire opals. They can have refractions of blues and greens along with the warmer colors.

At the time the Spanish arrived in what is present-day Mexico and Central America to conquer the Aztec Empire, few outside of these countries knew that fire opals existed.

As they plundered the rich cities of the New World in the 1500s, the conquistadors discovered a gemstone that traced its use in Aztec culture back to 850 A.D.

Fire Opal color

The cache of stolen fire opals, both common and precious, was likely brought back to Europe by Hernando Cortez and his men — who had discovered them in an area that extended from present-day Mexico to Honduras.

Cherry opals, as the deep red and pink fire opals are called are used to assist in meditation, as they are known for their ability to help an individual center, energize, and develop greater accuracy. 

Golden fire opals, a warm-colored stone lacking play of color, is believed to assist in clarifying and then helping rid an individual of ideas which are self-limiting.

Precious fire opals with their play of color, are used to provide clarity to the reflective and intuitive stages of meditation, lift ones hope and restore faith in self, plus they are believed to battle fatigue and burnout, and to help ease stress. Furthermore, fire opals are said to invigorate the blood and improve circulation around the heart.

While opalite is a man made gemstone, both ordinary fire opals and precious fire opals are created naturally, but they do have some things in common. Opalite is also known for improving mental clarity and being spiritually uplifting. 

How to Use Opalite?

Because of its luminous coloring, opalite is frequently used to make jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Wearing this stone or carry opalite as jewelry is one of the best ways of keeping its healing properties near you at all times.

Is Opalite a Real Gemstone?

For opalite’s great look, It became more famous among the consumers. Opalite is man-made with the use of glass. Most of the time, the sellers try to claim this Glass opalite as a natural stone, which is wrong. 

On the offline market and online market, merchants will try to convince you about opalite as “gemstone”, “moonstone”, or “sea opal” for their own benefits. But opalite and opal are totally different by their features, natures, and characteristics. People sometimes do not consider opalite as a Crystal also.

What Is the Difference Between Moonstone and Opalite?

Over time, many people have wondered exactly what the difference between moonstone and opalite is. Opalite is not the same as moonstone, although it is more and more frequently being sold as moonstone and even in some instances as opal.

Moonstone is a feldspar crystal that comes in a vast array of colors, many of which display a blue flash. It further comes in colors of peach, white, yellow, cream, brown, blue, green and the most commonly seen, rainbow color. Not every piece of moonstone holds that wondrous blue flash, but this stone does have some very special healing qualities.


Moonstone is a fantastic crystal for women, particularly young girls who are transitioning into womanhood, as it aids in connecting with the feminine energies and helps one to trust their intuitive powers. Opalite focuses more on spiritual communication and creating a sense of balance in life.

Moonstone can be used to balance or activate Goddess energy, aid in releasing energy blocks, inspire insight, creativity and wisdom, to provide peace of mind, and to break repetitive patterns.

If you want to tell these two stones apart, remember that opalite carries with it a blue-hue that presents a yellow-orange glow when held up to direct light. It also has a milky appearance, and becomes transparent when held up to light.

How to Cleanse and Charge Opalite?

When you first purchase opalite, after you have been using it for some time, or if it has been lying around unused for a while, it will have absorbed an array of various energies both from yourself and others. That’s why it’s essential to cleanse your opalite or any other crystal as soon as you get them, and continue to do so on a regular basis.

The cleansing process isn’t about washing, as with soap and water, but is done to cleanse the stone of all of its stored up energies, both good and bad.


Crystal, Druse, Bed, Cluster or Geode 

It is possible to cleanse all crystals safely by putting them inside an Amethyst Geode Cave either overnight or anywhere from 24-48 hours. You can also utilize an Amethyst Druse, Bed, or Cluster in the same manner. A Quartz Geode, Cluster or Bed creates a faster process of cleansing than Amethyst, but ultimately both ways are just as effective. Just put a few crystals onto the crystal points and leave them there for the prescribed time. Both Amethyst and Quartz are capable of absorbing the energies held deep within crystals, neutralize these energies, and then release only ‘good’ energy from the cluster back into the crystals that are being cleansed, thus effectively and efficiently cleansing and energizing at the same time.


Yet another common method of cleansing crystals is called ‘Smudging’. This means burning Smudge Sticks or Incense Sticks and holding the crystals in the smoke in order to cleanse any stored energies. Certain kinds of incense are recommended for this because, when burned, they release certain elements into the air via the smoke which can remove bad energies and those that have simply built-up inside the crystals. Sage, Sweetgrass, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood are usually recommended. You only need to do this for about 20 to 30 seconds.


Visualization or thought energy can be used to cleanse crystals as well. Just hold the crystal and intently focus on it, and picture a bright white light engulfing it. Then follow this with a beam of pure white light coming down through the stone, passing through it and taking away all of the energy stored inside the stone. Repeat this process until you feel confident that the pent up energies have all been eliminated.


Sunshine and Moonlight 

The natural energies which are transmitted daily by the sun and moon can also serve to energize your crystals with lots of natural energy. Just leave your freshly cleansed stones to lay under moonlight and sunlight for one or two days so that they can absorb the various energies emanating from the moon and sun. Be aware that sunlight provides the most powerful energy, while the moon supplies a gentler energy.

Physical Contact

There is a belief that it’s not necessary to energize crystals using any of the methods discussed above, because they will naturally absorb energy from our own body when they are touched and thus energize themselves.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to crystals there are many benefits to be had both physically, mentally, and spiritually if you allow yourself to be open to their many healing properties and spiritual energies. Deciding which stone is right for you is really a matter of what your needs are at the moment, what you are striving to accomplish with your life, or what your personal issues are. Opalite and fire opals all have a lot to offer if you are willing to take the time and tap into their marvelous energies.

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