Facts About Amethyst: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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In spite its prevalence, amethyst has been one of the most revered stones for so long. It is found in as many countries as Europe, USA, Russia, Canada, Africa, Mexico, Bolivia, and Brazil. This particular stone has a rich history of astonishing civilization with its own saturated, stunning beauty. In this article, we will be discussing more facts regarding the meanings, properties, and benefits of amethyst. Read on to learn more about it!

Meanings and Properties of Amethyst

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In the crystal rankings with their metaphysical properties, few are as popular or as unique as amethyst.

One of the few stones with its distinct color, amethyst is a form of quartz, which contains iron, as well some other minerals within the structure.

Further, amethyst crystal is one of the numerous varieties of quartz that give it a crystal trigonal system.

Based on Mohs scale, it has a hardness of 7 –thus, it is a durable stone.

The lavender to violet color of it is the result of aluminum and iron deposits, and natural irradiation.

Amethyst stone is made up of silicone dioxide.

Moreover, the healing properties of amethyst are as abundant as the crystal itself.

It is believed of mostly as a protective stone.

Due to the fact that it is connected to the crown chakra, it is beneficial in cleansing the mind, as well as clearing it of any negative thoughts.

This may include the negativities of anxiety and stress.

This is why a lot of people meditate with amethyst to rid themselves of darkness.

In addition, the healing properties of amethyst are specifically essential for work-related stress, as the stone is connected with abundance as well. Hence, relieving stress while arising prosperity.

The properties of amethyst that facilitate communication and intuition may also be applied to the increased work effectiveness.

Just like fluorite, amethyst is actually a meditative and calming crystal that works in the spiritual, emotional, and physical planes, in order to promote peace, balance, and calm.

It is also beneficial in eliminating impatience.

Even though it is not that expensive, unlike other precious gemstones, amethyst still creates attracting decorations and jewelry.

However, while affordable luxuries are a thing, much of what amethyst may help to symbolize and heal are relatively another.

Why should you Use Amethyst?

Amethyst, together with amazonite, is one of the rather few gemstones that has certain purpose of improving the cerebral and intellectual thought.

There are a lot of stones, which are supposed to enhance the psychic powers, and a lot more that improve the emotional intelligence.

However, the numbers of stones, which have certain positive effects on one’s intellect are rarer.

Perchance, this is because, for much of the western culture, intellectual thought has already been something that’s highly regarded as a skill, which had to be understood in schools, and utilized as a status symbol amongst those who were rich enough to pursue a higher education.

Even though having a higher education is excellent, it may certainly help you in applying your intellectual powers to any circumstances you may face.

You will also find that keeping an amethyst close to you, either at home, on a jewelry, or on your pocket, may not help, but keep your head clear of worries.

Moreover, the complexities of the modern world actually make it easier for even the best and brightest of us to fall conflicting of the feared brain fog –yet amethyst may help in keeping all organized and well prepared.

Benefits of Amethyst

Amethyst is a great problem-solver of the crystal world.

Due to its capacity to cut through hard times, as well as understand what you’re really seeing ahead of you, they make it possible in getting through hard choices, as well as decisions in making processes as effortlessly as possible.

Below are the benefits of amethyst for health and healing, wealth, and in love and relationship.

Health and Healing

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Amethyst is a great crystal in enhancing the physical vitality, most especially after pharmaceutical, radiation, or chemotherapy treatments.

This is an energizing healer on a physical level as it may strengthen the adrenal glands, the heart, as well as the reproductive organs.

Furthermore, it may also aid in treating conditions, which affect the lungs, spleen, and pancreas.


Amethyst crystal is a great crystal to possess when you are serious regarding your own personal wealth, sharing abundance with people you adore, and growing your own business.

It’ll foster creative outputs, brilliant ideas, as well as dedicated work. Amethyst is ideal to be put on the worktable to increase productivity.

Love and Relationship

Amethyst may help in establishing you true self, instead of being influenced by some other people to kowtow to their expectations.

This is actually one of the greatest of all the benefits of amethyst and an important one to remember.

Belief in your own idea and looking yonder what other people will think to see them over and done with, is actually a greatly valuable quality.

Final Thoughts

Amethyst still remains one of the most popular stones for the magical workings. The energy that it has is distinct and has powers, which few other stones do. There aren’t so many stones, which have the profound capacity to recognize emotions without being embroiled in them, which characterizes the amethyst.

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