The Healing Crystals for Tennis Elbow

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This article talks about the tennis elbow, its main causes and the best crystals for healing tennis elbow.

Tennis elbow is the term used to describe the inflamed and aching irritation of the periosteum of the upper arm bone at the elbow joint. The problem is usually caused by straining sinews, which are attached there at the bone protrusion.

The condition can be caused by the excessive or unaccustomed paying of tennis, hence the name, or by any other regular activity that strains the elbow joints. It can also occur as a result of upper spinal problems in the areas on a level with the neck, chest, or shoulder joint. In the latter case, this condition usually affects both sides of your body.

In order to identify the exact cause, all cases of a tennis elbow should always be examined by a licensed doctor. In respect of self-treatment, the first measure that you need to take is getting enough rest. In acute cases, the area needs to be kept cool, although, while seeming contradictory, cases of really chronic pain will require heat treatment.

Generally, traditional medicine treats any serious case of tens elbow with cortisone, or even surgery, where the sinews attachment to the bones is cut away or nicked.

Things, however, don’t have to be quite that bad. Alternative medicine suggests the application of cooling herb poultices as treatment, using a preparation of rue and comfrey. Homeopathic remedies and body therapies such as cranio-sacral therapy can also be valuable, along with acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicine treatments.

For complementary treatment, you can also try crystal therapy. Here are some of the best crystals for healing tennis elbow.

Crystals For Healing Tennis Elbow


crystals for healing tennis elbow

Amazonite is known to help in relieving pain and inflammation of the joint, so it makes a great choice for easing tennis elbow. This can have a slow progress, but it does have a strong effect. Therefore, this stone is best combined with green tourmaline, initially, or with the pain-relieving crystal such as Pyrite.

Amazonite is especially suitable for treating chronic conditions, where it prevents the fatigue and degeneration of the affected muscles. Being feldspar that’s rich in lead, it needs to be applied particularly when tennis elbow is experienced at times of emotional frustration or stress.



Chrysocolla is a potent stone that can help with the persistent condition of tennis elbow, particularly where there may be affected tissue that is caused by strain or stress. As a compound of silicic acid and copper, the crystal can relieve pain and inflammation and supports in the renewal of tissue.

Chrysocolla also helps when the tennis elbow is connected to the monotonous and repetitive activities associated with certain activities or manual jobs. This is an overall condition sometimes referred to as repetitive strain injury and is much associated with computer keyboard working.

Green Tourmaline

crystals for healing tennis elbow

Green tourmaline can help with chronic and acute problems of tennis elbow. It features a fast-relieving effect, stimulating the regeneration of the affected areas and inhibiting inflammation.

On an emotional level, green tourmaline can help when your life seems full of stress, strain, and anxiety as well as when everything seems to be like a fight that requires great effort in order to survive. The green tourmaline can treat this state of mind, resulting in free-flowing physical movements, instead of those a stressed nature and which exacerbates or cause conditions like tennis elbow.



Apatite, particularly in its green and blue forms, can help with tennis elbows, regenerating damaged or worn-down joints. Interestingly, apatite has a chemical composition that is close to that of the human cartilage and bone. Thus, the stone can help relieve the inflammation that is associated with a tennis elbow.

Emotionally speaking, this crystal can help in encouraging a happier mood, positive aspects of a varied life, and flexibility in attitude.

Final Thoughts

For all of the above crystals, you only need to place a tumbled stone or a slice or section of the crystal as close as possible to the elbow. You can also fix it there with a bandage o a sticking plaster. If necessary, you can also wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant throughout the day.

Alternatively, or as a supplement, you can also take 3 – 9 drops of gem essence for every hour or prepare 100 – 300ml of gem water to be taken in small sips over the course of the day.

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