The Power of Trigonic Quartz

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The Power of Trigonic Quartz

Is this your first time hearing or reading the term “Trigonic Quartz”? If that is the case, then you are in the right place. In today’s post, we will talk about the power of Trigonic Quartz as well as its properties. So, if you want to learn more about this stone, then keep on reading.

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The Power of Trigonic Quartz: Soul Midwifery

Chakra Correspondence

Much like other stones and crystals out there, Trigonic Quartz is also associated with various chakras. For this stone, it can benefit your soma, thymus (higher heart), stellar gateway, and higher chakras like the crown chakra.  

Physiological Correspondence

    The powers of this stone are also helpful in the treatment of joints, kidneys, brain, and lymphatic system. In addition to that, it will also help with fluid balance. It is also worth mentioning that Trigonic Quartz is good for the Light, body and soul.


      When it comes to vibration, Trigonic Quartz holds an extremely high vibration. As a matter of fact, you need to be careful when using most especially if it is your first time to hold Trigonic Quartz.

      Legendary Power of Trigonic Quartz

      Trigonic Quartz

      Trigonic Quartz is an initiatory stone of emotional consciousness. As a result, it is capable of holding the essence of star beings. On the other hand, the oscillator of energy, Trigonic is psychotronic forming supercomputers based on the plasma molecules with stones communicating regardless of where they might be. In other words, they work like hive-minds spreading across enormous distances.

      Having made themselves accessible to help the transformation of human awareness, their main goal is to get rid of conflict in all its manifestations outer and inner, collective, and personal.

      Trigonic Quartzes have requested their energies be transmuted to water throughout this planet. This is to liquify the war genetic factor encoded into the energy system of humans. It is also worth mentioning that the Trigonic will bring the conflict in a group or yourself to the surface of resolution.

      On the other hand, Trigonic Quartz is capable of making a potent transformational wave that will carry the soul represented by the triangle. Keep in mind that it is through change through birth on Earth or the afterlife.

      By simply holding a piece of Trigonic Quart, it will take you into multidimensions so that you will be able to see your purpose and the journey of your soul.

      Healing Power of Trigonic Quartz

      Healing Power of Trigonic Quartz

      Before purification takes place or working with Trigonic Quartz it is very important that you let go of all the toxicity and blockages from the energy and physical bodies. Keep in mind that you cannot elevate the process of purification.

      This stone mainly works on the etheric body. However, it can also balance the flow of fluid in your body as well as recalibrate the neurotransmitter.

      Trigonic Quartz-infused water created in a Tibetan singing bowl comes with powerful healing power. It will also harmonize and purify the balance of fluid in the body. To take advantage of this, you will need to sound the singing bowl to transform the vibrations into the water. After that, pour it into the sea, river, or bathwater.

      Transformational Power of Trigonic Quartz

      This article will not be completed without mentioning the transformational powers of Trigonic Quartzes.

      Trigonic Quartz will facilitate movement between the levels of reality intensifying the souls to return the holographic oversoul that is awareness.

      It will also create a calm core around which everything is flowing. If you are feeling trapped on Earth, holding a piece of Trigonic Quartz can be a great help.

      Since Trigonic Quartz is a great journeying stone, it will bring you into an enormous interdimensional and stellar way. This will then allow you to be there and here at the same time knowing all is one.

      Another good thing about the Trigonic Quartz is that it will keep you in the moment and reconnect you to your higher purpose. It will also help you renegotiate a soul-group contract by reintegrating a soul fragment.

      The moment you have experienced the completeness of All That Is with Trigonic Quartz, the rate of your vibratory will be shifted to higher frequencies permanently. This will then allow you to midwife the souls of other people and shift vibration.

      How to Harness the Powers of Trigonic Quartz

      Harnessing the powers of this quartz stone is not as hard as you think. For example, you can meditate with Trigonic Quartz. If you do this you will be able to facilitate a theta brainwave condition that will make the potential for more profound healing. It will also restructure realities, the body, as well as beliefs.


      Without a doubt, Trigonic Quartz is a very powerful and beneficial stone. As a matter of fact, if you are planning to add a new stone in your collection, you can never go wrong with Trigonic Quartz. However, if you are having a second thoughts, we highly recommend that you read this article again so that you will know what are the benefits you will get from using this stone.

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