The Power of Jade

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The Power of Jade

Jade is a crystal that carries a nourishing, sweet, and light energy. It also has soothing purities about it. Jade, on the other hand, goes about purifying the energy field in a manner that is wise, accepting, and loving. One of the most common meanings of jade is purification or purity. And since this stone is viewed that supports and protects loving energy, jade signifies nourishment and gentleness. Keep on reading to learn more about the power of jade.

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The Power of Jade: Purity

Chakra Correspondence

When it comes to chakra correspondence of jade, it will vary depending on the colors. Green jade is associated with the heart chakra, whereas the white variety is beneficial on the crown chakra.

If you have a yellow jade on your crystal collection, this variety is mainly associated with the solar plexus chakra.

Physiological Correspondence

Jade can be calming as well as healing to the kidneys, hips, and adrenal glands. It can also benefit the spleen, fluid balance, filtration system, and skeletal system.


Jade holds an earthy to high vibration, However, the level of vibration will depend on the color. But nevertheless, with its vibrations, you will be able to reflect on your appreciation and gratitude.

Legendary Power of Jade


According to Chinese, jade is the most precious gemstone since it held five amazing virtues: purity, courage, modesty, wisdom, and justice. Not only that, but this stone is also associated with love of virtue, natural death, happiness, old age, wealth, and health.

As a matter of fact, the Chinese inserted the stone into a high-status corpse in order to delay the decomposition. However, this scenario might have had ceremonial meaning given its association with purity as well as the vitality of the soul. One more thing, in New Zealand, the Maori used a greenstone amulet to guarantee fertility and long life.

On the other hand, the Aztecs valued jades for their connection to their god and healing properties. Its name comes from the Spanish word “piedra de hijada” which means stone of the flank or loins. However, when they dominated South America, Aztecs called it Jade.

Furthermore, indigenous people said that Jade can cure kidney problems. Sir Walter Raleigh, an English explorer, also encountered this stone on his travel and utilized it for the gallstones and spleen stones.

Jade as the stone of weather magic was considered in ancient times to call up mist, snow, wind, and rain and to possess power over the elements of the Earth. One more thing, Muslims were using jade talismans to have protection against annoyance and injury.

Jade also symbolizes wisdom gathered in serenity. It will help in releasing stress and meditation. When you place jade under your pillows or on your forehead, the stone will induce insightful dreams and help you in understanding their meanings.

Jade, however, symbolizes protection and good fortune in the crystal language.

Healing Power of Jade

power of jade

Jade was thought a cleansing cure-all by the early Chinese. When powdered and combined with water, Jade will prolong life, delay the formation or decomposition of pus, and prevent fatigue.

Jade can also cure diseases related to blood and asthma. As a matter of fact, the stone is still utilized for this purpose these days.

In the middle ages, the stone reduced palpitations, relieved dropsy, and assisted childbirth. Furthermore, most crystal workers today are using jade when detoxifying the adrenals and kidneys. It even restructures cell energetically.

Jade is also a potent muscle relaxant. If you want to encourage the healing of abrasions and stitches, you can place the Jade on the affected site gently.

Transformational Power of Jade

When it comes to restoring the purity of the soul, Jade can be a great tool to use. In fact, it can nurture while you’re in the incarnation.

Blue Jade can aid those who are overwhelmed by the situations of their lives and bring serenity. Moreover, the brown jade will connect the Earth’s supportive energy, whereas the lavender jade will help in healing emotional trauma and take you to higher levels of relationships not only with yourself but with other people as well.

The yellow Jade will energize you gently, but the orange and red jades are invigorating powerfully. This will then ignite a passion in life and improve vitality. Lastly, the white jade is the ultimate sign of purity.

How to Harness the Powers of Jade

Harnessing the powers of this precious stone is not as hard as you think. Simply, hold a piece of jade over your solar plexus chakra for a couple of minutes every day. This is to stabilize your emotions and psyche. This will also help in living a harmonious life on the Earth.


If you find yourself attracted to the magnetism of the jade, one thing is for sure, you are looking for some reassurance or having an existential crisis.

Jade will offer you the courage to let go of negative patterns that is keeping you from achieving your potential and holding you back.

Jade, on the other hand, is an ultimate lucky charm. It can bring energies of prosperity and abundance into your life.

Last but not least, Jade promotes harmony and peace in all aspects.

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