The Power of Spirit Quartz

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The Power of Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz comes in a wide variety of colors. In fact, it also resembles the color of the other varieties of quartzes. However, it is a rare quartz that features a lot of small crystals developing on a dominant stone. One of the most interesting things about the power of Spirit Quartz does reflect on its name.

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About Spirit Quartz

This stone has the ability to connect you to the spirit world. Spirit Quartz will bring about your spiritual evolution, guiding your spirit to achieve spiritual enlightenment and development.

Another good thing about this stone is that it can uplift souls. What’s more, it will guide your soul as it journeys through the afterlife in different dimensions. Another property of Spirit Quartz that you shouldn’t disregard is that it will align your soul and heart to its vibrations. This will then pave the way for awareness of love helping you reach a higher state of awareness.

Would you like to learn more about Spirit Quartz? If yes, then read on.

The Power of Spirit Quartz: Soul Power

Chakra Correspondence

Spirit Quartz opens, balances, activates and harmonizes your crown chakra. As a result, you will be able to connect with the divine wisdom completely.

But aside from the crown chakra, it will purify the entire chakra system. In fact, it is associated with the stellar gateway, soul star, solar plexus, and earth chakras.

Physiological Correspondence

Spirit Quartz is known to be extremely effective with regard to skin disorders and irritations. All you need to do is gently rub it on your skin to soothe age spots, rashes, and acne. This stone is also beneficial in the detoxification process of the body and cellular memory.


Spirit Quartz is a wonderful stone that has very high vibrations. In fact, it will radiate strong vibrations in all directions and send out a nourishing stone into the garden.

Legendary Power of Spirit Quartz

A relatively new discovery from South Africa, Spirit Quartz is becoming unusual. Featuring small points covering the inner core, this stone is the ideal metaphor for the holographic, holistic, and dynamic within each of us.

Spirit Quartz will remind us that the power of the whole is greater compared to those who are compromising it. Also, the fact that we’re all one consistent spirit.

Assisting connection to expanded awareness, Spirit Quartz will open the third eye chakra and take you traveling in other worlds. Particularly in the smoky from, Spirit Quartz is the ideal supplement for a dying individual on the travel through death. It will encourage awareness of the needs of the soul, showing what should be free before the soul will separate from the subtle or physical body. The stone will then comfort the grieving with the knowledge that a spirit ultimately brings together.

Spirit Quartz, on the other hand, will carry universal love. It will help you highlight a crucial karmic connection and facilitate healing of the ancestral line. A cluster of Spirit Quartz is particularly beneficial for bonding groups offering spiritual service to this planet.

Healing Power of Spirit Quartz

Healing Power of Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz is one of the best tools for multidimensional healing. It will focus on high-frequency energies at its points while radiating healing energies in various routes.

Acting as a healing wand that can pull negative energies and diseases out of your body and aura, Spirit Quartz can implant light into the subsequent spaces.

With the help of experienced crystal healers, it will seal the aura after the retrieval of the soul has taken place.

Furthermore, the stone will stimulate the cells so that they will be able to remember their natural perfection as well as switch on the right DNA budding to bring about cellular healing.

When you place Spirit Quartz over the ovaries, the stone will improve fertility. When placed over the base chakra, it will encourage detoxification. Water that is infused with this stone can be used as an elixir for bathing a skin eruption. If you want to soothe your dry skin, consider placing Spirit Quartz in your bathwater.

Transformational Power of Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz

Amethyst Spirit Quartz will open the higher chakras that are a ladder to multidimensions. For Citrine, it will connect the earth star chakra to the solar plexus chakra and center you in your personal power. Moreover, Citrine will release dependence on the material things that will open you to spiritual abundance.

On the other hand, Smoky Spirit Quartz will not only guide the soul in the areas beyond death but attunes the base chakra with the third eye chakra as well. This will help in anchoring spiritual insight into the day-to-day world.

You can use Spirit Quartz to get rid of karmic debris and cleanse the unconscious mind. Both Aqua Aura and Flame Spirit Quartz are alchemical assistances for the soul, enriching it and reminding you of your divine roots.

How to Harness the Powers of Spirit Quartz

Meditating with this stone will remind you that we’re all one spirit and need to work together for the improvement of the human race.


Spirit Quartz works in order to connect you to universal love that makes your life an enormous blessing. There are times that you do not realize when there is something blocking the drift of good energies in your life. Spirit Quartz will also nurture your soul, body, and mind and most importantly, your capacity for loving yourself will grow accordingly.

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