The Power of Nirvana Quartz

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The Power of Nirvana Quartz

Are you familiar with the power of nirvana quartz? Nirvana Quartz is a powerful crystal that opens you up to the divine truth. It is also destined to bring your spirit in accord with your spiritual and higher self.

Keep in mind that you are destined to be fully lived. And with the help of this stone, you’ll find a sense of purpose in the direction that you’ve been walking.

Its energies will also make you realize the significance of letting go particularly the experiences and people holding you back from becoming successful in your journey towards clarification. With clarity in the mind, you will be able to see people who aren’t serving you anymore.

Read on to learn more about the nirvana quartz.

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The Power of Nirvana Quartz: Spiritual Alchemy

Chakra Correspondence

Nirvana Quartz is a metaphysical stone that mainly focuses on the higher chakras. Take note, regardless of the crystal color, this stone will touch your thymus or higher heart chakra and heart chakra. In fact, these are the points of the soul that quartz may allow for a smoother and better flow of high-power energies from the higher chakras such as the third eye chakra or crown chakra, to the rest of your soul.

Physiological Correspondence

Nirvana Quartz is beneficial for the subtle bio-magnetic field, Lightbody, and energy meridians.


Nirvana quartz has an exceptionally high vibration. That is why you should not be surprised if you feel overpowered when using this stone. Because it is the way Nirvana Quartz will take its effects on you.

Moreover, make sure that you embrace and welcome its vibrations wholeheartedly especially if you want to connect with your spiritual side.

One more thing, the vibration it offers serves a great boost in confidence for you and it’ll make you a self-reliant individual.

Legendary Power of Nirvana Quartz

Nirvana Quartz

One of the highest vibration quartzes available today is nirvana. A stone of spiritual alchemy, nirvana quartz will attune the flame of genuine awareness to the soul star chakra. As a result, the light of enlightenment and expansion will flow not only through your body but also into the Earth.

According to Orpheus, an ancient Greek poet, quartz is the translucent picture of the Eternal Light. On the other hand, Pliny attributes the development of quartz to the penetrating freezing of ice. As a matter of fact, Claudianius named it “ice-hardened to a stone that no frost may congeal nor Sirius (dog-star) dry up.”.  The crumpled and scrunched appearance of Nirvana Quartz makes it clear how this kind of belief took place. It’ll look exactly like compressed given that the stone was born out of retreating the glacier high in the Himalayas. It also has a metaphysical association with one of the brightest stars, Sirius.

Furthermore, Nirvana Quartz is existing at the energetic interface between consciousness and awareness, body, and mind.

The Tibetan Buddhists prize Nirvana Quartz for deepening meditation. Being in the company of this stone will reveal that it is a real stone of enlightenment and most importantly, remind us:

The whole process of life is characterized as constant flux. Life is not static, but dynamic, and all moments of existence are intermediate states, even between two different states in the process of transformation. To recognize the changeable nature of the whole empirical world means to see its deceptive insubstantiality. Then there opens up the path to the unchangeable.

—Buddhist Sutra

Healing Power of Nirvana Quartz

Aside from being effective against inflammations, nirvana quartz works primarily beyond the physical level in order to make an enlightened soul, heart, and mind.

Since it acts as an energetic bridge between a distant recipient and a healer, nirvana quartz will assist surrogates who are standing in from people who need soul retrieval and entity disconnection.

But keep in mind that this kind of work will need the assistance of experienced healers. The stone may initiate a healing purification as the subtle and physical bodies are karma released and purified.

To facilitate the transformation of energies set free by the process of spiritual alchemy, you can place smoky elestial quartz at your feet.

Transformational Power of Nirvana Quartz

Transformational Power of Nirvana Quartz

With the assistance of nirvana quartz, you will become more aware that you’re a spiritual being on a human journey. Also, you will know that your job is to bring the divine world to change the perception of consensual reality toward spiritual certainty.

How to Harness the Powers of Nirvana Quartz

If you want to encourage a bliss-like condition of unconditional love along with pure mind where the divine encourages the physical world, then consider meditating with nirvana quartz.

Another great way to get the benefits of this stone to place a piece of Nirvana Quartz right below your heart, especially on the chakras located there.


Nirvana Quartz is not only a stone that will strengthen your soul, but it is also a path to a more enlightened and better future where you’re in touch with yourself.

The purifying energies of this stone will allow you to fully understand the real nature of everything that is around you. Thus, you will be able to master the art of seeing the real purpose of your life.

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