The Power of Novaculite

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The Power of Novaculite

Known as the cord-cutting stone, novaculite will cut etheric and psychic cords physically. It may be also beneficial for cutting through issues, getting previous issues, and finding solutions. In fact, this can also help you cut ties with your old relationships. But aside from that, this stone has a lot more to offer. Keep on reading to discover more facts, most especially the power of novaculite.

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The Power of Novaculite: Cut Cords

Chakra Correspondence

Novaculite is a stone that will energize all the chakras. Aside from energizing, it will also activate, balance, open, and align your chakras.

Novaculite will help you in connecting with the angelic being and make a great connection in the crown chakra and third eye chakra that can help you in channeling information from Spirit.

This stone is also good at the solar plexus chakra. As a matter of fact, this chakra is where the cord will strongly connect to the network nerves in the stomach.

Physiological Correspondence

One of the best things about novaculite is that it is capable of promoting healthy skin. What’s more, it will work on the elasticity of the skin and help in cellular structure.

Novaculite, on the other hand, is a good conductor of electromagnetic energies and it may change your etheric body and blueprint.


Novaculite has earthy and at the same time extremely high vibrations. Take note, its energies are known to refine and uplift your life force energy as well as hone your spirit.

Legendary Power of Novaculite

Legendary Power of Novaculite

In the actual fact, novaculite is the same as Flint. It also shares the properties of the stone like the capability to open the portal to other realms.

For over 3000 years, ancients Americans made decorative jewelry and tools from this microcrystalline quartz.

Novaculite will also hone your soul since it is a useful assistant to shamanic journeying. It will scour away all that is outgrown and outworn, most especially cords that muddle you to the past delicately.

Having realigned and freed chakras, Novaculite will pull spiritual energies down into the body. The stone also harmonizes pretty well with Nuummite in order to get rid of the effects of present-life curses and even ancient sorcery. However, it is best that you use it with the assistance of a professional crystal worker or healer.

Healing Power of Novaculite


The very vibration of novaculite will aid environmental as well as multidimensional healing. Its attentive beam of penetrating light rearranges the etheric blueprint thus your physical body may come into a new alignment.

When you mainly work at the level of soul and psyche, the stone adjusts cellular memory. It will also restructure genetic codes.

Novaculite most especially at the psychological level will reveal the reason behind an obsessive-compulsive disorder and balance bipolar swings.

When you washed using water that is infused with Novaculite, you will be able to maintain the elasticity of your healthy skin. It will also help in getting rid of warts.

On the other hand, when you grid this stone it will reenergize and repair the etheric matrix of earth restoring the flow of the electromagnetic current.

Transformational Power of Novaculite

For your information, Novaculite means “razor”. As a matter of fact, traditionally, it was utilized in sharpening tools. But crystal workers today use it to sharpen the soul.

Unfortunate connections to the past can be damaging to the physical energies and the development of the soul. If you’re bound to another soul through a previous-life experience, agreement, contract, past promise, and vow, or a present life interaction that has run its course, the stone will allow you to cut the cords between you.

Novaculite will reframe the contract to a proper agenda or none at all. Mostly beneficial for cutting the cord of the higher chakra, this stone will set you free to be who you’re meant to now and in the forthcoming. Moreover, novaculite will teach you to set boundaries properly.

Regardless of how shocking a situation you might have tolerated, the best thing about Novaculite is that it determines the gift in the experience. It will help you in looking at the star and contacting angelic assistance.

Novaculite will smoothen the coarse edges of conflicting personalities and introduce a confident approach quietly.

If you’re the type of person who tends to dwell on the problem, novaculite is perfect for you since it will teach you to give attention to the solutions.

How to Harness the Powers of Novaculite

If you want to cut over the subtle energetic ties binding you to the past and seal where they have been, simply swipe away novaculite from the physical body.

Also, if you want to do a cord cutting ceremony make sure that you kook for a quiet area where you can be by yourself and away from distractions and disturbances. Then hold a piece of this stone in your hands and feel your body. After that, take a deep breath, but make sure your eyes are closed.


If you want to get straight to the main cause of a problem, then novaculite is the perfect stone for you. This will help you cut through it and look for the best solution. Novaculite will protect you from any negative tie. It even alleviates sad and bad feelings. Most importantly, novaculite inspires you to look for the silver lining in bad situations.

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