The Healing Crystals for Cuts

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The small cuts can heal within just a couple of minutes or hours using the best crystals for healing cuts. They are usually harmless and should be left alone to heal naturally.

However, for the larger cuts, one needs to apply the necessary first aid and make a bandage. After that, it’s recommended to repeat the accident using the same cutting instrument, but without the actual contact. By doing so, the “cell shock” that is caused by the injury is dissipated. This needs to be carried out exactly as it took place, where it took place, and as quickly as possible after the accident.

While no further injury should be caused, for instance, lightly holding the offending knife close to but not touching the injured part, it might still be required to repeat the action a couple of times— just so until the pain suddenly increased than reduced. This is where you should stop.

This action is one of the conscious rising activity and directs your attention and your life energy towards the affected spot in order to further the healing process.

After the activity and ensuring that first aid has been given, it is time to use the best crystals to immediately heal the injuries.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing cuts.

Crystals For Healing Cuts


Crystals For Healing Cuts

As the stone of gentle healing, rhodonite with its lovely rose color offers powerful vibrational energies of restoration and invigoration. Although a primary stone of the heart, healing all kinds of wounds and pains of your emotional self, rhodonite is also a powerful stone that helps heal physical wounds.

It supports the flow of chi through the body, which increases your energy and assisting your body in healing. Furthermore, it contains manganese, this rhodonite is considered to be one of the best stones for healing cuts, injuries, bleeding wounds, and soothing pain. Not only that, with its soothing energy, it also helps in reducing scars of your cuts, regardless of how deep it is.

To use rhodonite in healing cuts, you can just use a tumbled stone or a form of a slice or section which is moistened with your saliva, as necessary, and then placing it directly onto the point of bleeding. The minor cut will heal so quickly that you do need a plaster.



Mookaite is the Australian Jasper of earthy and bold beauty with the fiery fusion of yellow and red energies. This beautiful stone carries the invigorating frequency of vitality and strength while increasing the life force of the physical body.

Mookaite Jasper is known for its powerful healing capacity, utilizing the positive energies of Earth to heal and protect. Like rhodonite, mookaite jasper is beneficial for healing cuts, injuries, and wounds, while also enhancing blood purification.

You can use mookaite jasper as a pendant or necklace to aid quick healing of minor cuts. Or you can place it directly on the wounds in order to facilitate healing. You can also wash the cut with mookaite jasper essence water before applying first aid bandage.



Obsidian with its pitch-black hue, is one of the best protective stones you can find. As a shamanic stone, obsidian is a direct and brutal crystal. It carries the wonderful power of deep soul healing. It also has protective energies that shields you against negativity from within yourself and your surroundings.

Physically, obsidian is best known for relieving pain from wounds. It helps in accelerating the healing of cuts, wounds, sprains, and bruises. Not only that, but it also helps with detoxification. It is particularly useful for major or deeper wounds.

You can hold am obsidian crystal in your hand. Also you can place it close to the cut to dissipate cell shock and ease the pain. After that, you can take or clean with obsidian gem essence. Take 5 – 9 drops of essence or take 100 – 200ml of obsidian gem water in small sips throughout the day.

For continued healing throughout the day, you can also wear obsidian as a pendant or necklace in order to benefit closely to its vibrational energies.

Final Thoughts

Cuts happen. Whether it is a minor or major, deep cut, applying first aid should be a priority in order to prevent any other problems such as infection. While you can always rely on the best crystals for healing cuts, it is best to stop the bleeding first and clean the wound off with clean water and soap in order to prevent infection. Plaster it with a bandage if necessary and let time heal it naturally.

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