The Best Crystal Combinations For Selenite

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The selenite crystal invokes the beautiful image of the brilliant and luminous moon. The term Selenite, comes from the name Selene, the Moon Goddess herself, with her crescent crown and silver wings traveling the beautiful sky in a gleaming chariot that turns the golden day into sleepy silvery night, guiding and protecting those in the darkness.

Thus, like the Moon Goddess where it took its name, Selenite embodies blessing, tranquility, light, and love. Not to be fooled by its luminous and feminine appearance, selenite is a powerful stone exuding strong vibrational energies that can be further amplified with the right stones.

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The Best Crystal Combinations for Selenite and Their Benefits

Selenite and Moonstone Combination Benefits

Selenite with its ethereal radiance and transparency reflects the pure beam of white light into any room in which it rests. It is believed to contain a warm liquid Light of Spirit, inspiring profound peace and tranquility Not only that, but it also carries a high frequency of energy that surpasses nearly all stones for clearing, opening and activating your higher chakras. Thus, it makes an ideal stone for spiritual work, meditation, and connecting to ancient knowledge and wisdom while also accessing the angelic realm and connection with your spirit guides.

And when you combine it with the power of another crystal that harnesses the power of the moon, you will experience double the vibrational energies. As selenite works your higher chakra, the moonstone, on the other hand, encourages strength and inner growth. Dubbed as the Stone of New Beginnings, moonstone helps support new and fresh beginnings as well as soothing uneasy feelings of stress and instability that you encounter as you journey through the spiritual world and the divine realm with the selenite.

With both stones having a deep connection to the moon, the selenite and moonstone combo can create a harmonic relationship to the divine while also improving your intuition, opening yourself to other worlds, managing your ego, and fighting materialism, so you can better connect to your higher self.

Selenite and Angelite Combination Benefits

Crystal Combinations for Selenite

For those who have trouble sleeping, here is a powerful combo that should at least solve the problem: selenite and Angelite pairing. If you have a noisy mind when lying on your bed at night, then the calming vibrations of selenite should ease chaotic and negative thoughts, cleansing and clearing the mind so you can get a restful sleep.

And as mentioned before, selenite with its strong association to the moon exudes vibrational energies that should give you tranquility, peace, and a stress-free environment during the night. It creates this protective auric shield with a seal of positive energies. Now, to double that already powerful energy, you can borrow the power of Angelite.

With its soothing blue energy, Angelite also helps bring a sense of calmness and inner peace to its user. It also helps in relieving worries, stress, and anxieties so you can sleep better. Not only that, but the Angelite crystal is also an excellent problem solver as you dream, so you can wake up with fresh ideas.

So, as the selenite calms the mind and clear chaotic thoughts that would otherwise keep you awake at night, Angelite induces deep sleep while enhancing angelic communicating abilities, facilitating connection to the angelic realm as you sleep as well as astral traveling. And as you go on your astral journey, selenite will ensure that you stay protected for a safe return.

Selenite and Herkimer Diamond Combination Benefits

Herkimer Diamond

Selenite, just like the Herkimer diamond, is one of the most popular cleansings and amplifying stones there is. This is because of its powerful abilities to clear blockages and removing negative energies, specifically in the crown chakra where it strongly resonates. By cleansing away these negativities, you allow a higher vibration to infiltrate your higher chakra and auric field.

Therefore, it is quite useful during meditation. Now, with this one of the best crystal combinations for selenite, you get a powerful and highly effective meditation for your spirituality. Herkimer diamond, a type of quartz crystal with two times the vibrational energies, is another great stone for balancing your crown chakra. But, it is also a great stone for your third-eye chakra, enhancing your inner visions and improving better communication to the higher realms.

By using both stones, not only can you open yourself to the divine and angelic realm, but you also get to understand and see the visions and wisdom in front of you. As the Herkimer diamond promotes better harmony to your spirituality and higher self, selenite, on the other hand, helps protect yourself from energy vampires, bringing clarity and eliminating stagnation for a concise and constant communication beyond.

Final Thoughts

Selenite is one of the oldest and most ancient stones found in the healing crystal community. Not only that, but it also has one of the most powerful vibrational energies that can be attuned to the greater good. Its beautiful crystalline structure is meant for grounding and accessing the Light Body of every individual, opening the higher chakra for spiritual enlightenment. But, if you think you need more push or want to experience more powerful energies, you can try combining it with other crystals like the ones above.

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