Facts About Selenite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits


Selenite is known to dismiss negative vibes. A shield against psychic terror and washes out negative feelings and emotions and bring about one’s mental clearness and peace. Learn more facts about Selenite below.

Meanings and Properties of Selenite

Selenite is a group of 4 crystals namely selenite, satin spar, desert rose, and gypsum flower that forms a gypsum and grouped as one. Selenite is from Greek word which means moon. A moonstone, as others perceived.

Although Selenite is four different crystalline varieties grouped as one, each crystalline has a distinctive characteristic which makes them differ from each other for instance:

Selenite: Is colorless and appears transparent – which is caused by the presence of other minerals

Satin Spar: Silky and Fibrous by nature –which is due to calcium mineral

Desert Rose: Sand in color; a lot like rose by structure

Gypsum flower: Forms various shapes of a myriad

As one, selenite crystal happens to be perfect tabular or reticular or sometimes columnar in structure. Like water or glasslike as most people would describe. Colorless to white but some may appear in grey, brown, beige, orange, yellow, red, and green and this is due to the presence of other minerals.

Reasons Why You Should Use Selenite

facts about selenite

Colorless to white denotes clearness and transparency. Same through with Selenite as it gives a sense of clearness, calmness, and clarity of mind.

For people who have a lot of things in mind, who need to think a lot, having tons of thoughts and ideas which keep on popping from time to time and somehow disturb or affects one’s inner peace; This crystal is perfect for you.

Selenite is a powerful defensive stone that protects you from any form of mental attack. It does not stops negative auras from coming but allows you to dismiss that negativity which includes bad thoughts, feelings, perceptions, emotions, and ideas.

It is useful as well for people with a lack of focus. As it directs you to think of a particular thing one at a time, clearing out the unnecessary things.

 One of the most important facts about selenite is that it will also keep your mind at present; making you think sharp as well as your vision and insight. With all the things that surround us. It gives signs which lead us to the best side of life. It helps us to be aligned with good energies with ease and trusting its process.  

Selenite Benefits That You Need to Know

The following are the benefits of selenite which you may find useful:

 For Healing and Health:

Selenite is a great crystal to maintain balance in body, mind, and emotion.

Useful to treat diseases like arthritis and helps fight certain cancers and tumors.

It improves one’s chance of getting pregnant.

Cleanses auras and all bad toxins in the body

Best in making decisions.

Perfect for mind, body, and emotion.

For Luck and Wealth

If you are looking for a stone that attracts riches and wealth, prosperity and abundance, then this stone is just right for you as it attracts material dreams but with real work form your part of course. Energy for energy, it works if you work hard as well.

Selenite can channel your thoughts to what is important and needs your attention. It attracts people whose way of thinking is similar to yours which is good as it attracts people whom you need in life to be fine and be successful.

For Love and Relationship

Still haven’t found “The One”? Or you are not sure if he or she is “the one”? For people who are dying to meet their “The One” Problem solved.

Selenite is the “Stone of Love”. As a stone that dismisses negatives, wrong people are included. Selenite will make you believe that love does happen. It gives you the right mindset, guides you towards the right person—the “someone” who will give you that kind of love you deserve and been longing for to have and hold all these years.

Friendzone? No problem. If he or she is the one for you, selenite will help your relationship reach your target zone.

No worries. Selenite is Non-manipulative and will not destroy someone’s free will in life and love. It’ll just guide you to be in the right direction, have the right choices, do the right decision and be with the right people.

Final Thoughts

Energy releases by a certain stone like selenite or any other stone depends upon the energy that it perceives being done by the user. Nothing comes easy in life, career or even in love. We have to do our part to achieve what we want. Charms are guides that somehow boost our inner self and attract the goodness of the surroundings but everything is entirely up to us on how to use these for our advantage.

Hopefully, you’ve learned more facts about selenite in this post.


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