The Power of Dumortierite

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Dumortierite isn’t only used for making pieces of jewelry, in fact, it is also known for its power of previous lives. This crystal can work with your past life so that you will be able to activate the memories of your past life.

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The Power of Dumortierite: Previous Lives

  • Chakra Correspondence

Dumortierite balances the energies that have to do with the throat chakra while improving the communication and connection between the higher chakra and the lower chakra. Moreover, this stone is associated with the soma and throat chakras.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Dumortierite is good at treating stomach aches as well as other problems in intestinal. It may also help in relieving cramping, colic in babies, nausea, and vomiting.

  • Vibration

Dumortierite possesses an earthy vibration that can benefit you in many ways.

Legendary Power of Dumortierite

Legendary Power of Dumortierite

Dumortierite was named after its discoverer, Eugene Dumortier, a French paleontologist.

The blue color of this stone is believed to come from Rutile (titanium). Discovered in Yuma County, in Arizona as fibers embedded in the Quartz points, Dumortierite makes a good healing tool for past life. As a matter of fact, it will help you see the two sides of the problem. Also, it is a pleochroic.

Dumortierite will take you back to when the journey of your soul started, connecting you to the natural wisdom of the eternal being. This will help you in rescinding vows that lie behind poverty and erotic problems that happen from the previous lives of chastity.

Dumortierite will also highlight where the purpose of your past life is no longer right and will allow you to embrace the lessons of the soul that’s set for itself. With Dumortierite you can even fully understand why you’re encountering a certain situation. By helping in cutting the ties from the past, Dumortierite will break karmic cycles of dependency on substances, emotions, or people. If you want to let go of compulsions by reprogramming cellular memory, you can use this stone for assistance.

Moreover, Dumortierite can help you in taking hold of your destiny. It will teach that the karma will rise from every deed, thought, and word either in the present or past. Dumortierite will help in transmuting the past thus you’ll be able to go up beyond the karma’s vibration to soul choice with appropriate intention.

If your intention is pure and your vibration is high, karma will not bring consequences. However, this gentle crystal will allow you to see why the karmic consequences bounced around for many lifetimes.

Dumortierite will even reveal the insights as well as soul gifts that your higher-self obtained through these experiences.

Healing Power of Dumortierite


When the stone is at its subtle, Dumortierite will work at its best. It will let go of psychosomatic as well as karmic causes of diseases. This is possible when placing Dumortierite over your abdomen or applies as a stone-infused water.

Dumortierite can also help in easing colic, cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. To help with insomnia, slip the stone under your pillow.

In addition to that, it will improve cellular memory and ease hypersensitivity. When placed over the heart, Dumortierite will calm anxiety attacks and at the same time palpitations. When immersed in your bath water, Dumortierite soothes sunburn.  Also, when you are dealing with distress or trauma, wear the stone on a daily basis to help you.

Dumortierite is a crystal that you should bring with you when you are traveling because it eases travel sickness. When paired with Bronzite, this stone will act as a great stress reliever.

If want to lose weight, the stone can also help you in achieving your ideal weight. It is because Dumortierite can help with endocrine issues and regulate metabolism as well.

You can also use it to treat headaches and illnesses in the parathyroid or thyroid areas.

Transformational Power of Dumortierite

Practical Dumortierite will bring order when there is a chaos. It will reprogram your mind, reorganize the structure of your body, and help you in remembering your soul.

With the support of Dumortierite, you will be able to obtain unshakeable confidence within yourself as well as capabilities. Most importantly, it will teach that you’re never a victim or a pawn and places in charge of your destiny.

How to Harness the Powers of Dumortierite

One of the best things about Dumortierite is that harnessing its powers is pretty easy. All you need to do is place it in your past life or soma chakra. When you do this, Dumortierite will help in discovering past lives in order to distinguish the outcomes of actions. This will also allow you to reconnect to karmic skills as well as renegotiate contracts.


Dumortierite is not only beneficial in previous lives, but it will also benefit your physical aspects. Truly, Dumortierite is a very helpful and most importantly, a powerful stone that can help you in unlocking many wonderful opportunities and abilities for you.

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