The Power of Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz

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The Power of Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz

In ancient Egypt as well as other cultures from ancient times, people believed that crystals offer a wide variety of benefits, most especially for health purposes. Moreover, in modern days, crystals are mainly utilized for decorative purposes. But some people today still believed that you can get health bonuses from a certain mineral and crystal. If you’re planning to use a crystal, you may want to consider Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz. However, if you are not familiar with the power of Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz then you should keep on reading.

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In today’s post, we will tackle the powers and benefits of this stone. So, if you are ready then let’s get started!

The Power of Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz: Pure Spirit

Chakra Correspondence

Much like other stones, Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz are also associated with various chakras. For these stones, you can use them for your stellar gateway, crown, and soul star chakras and beyond,

Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz will also help in reattuning and cleansing the aura.

Physiological Correspondence

One of the best things about these quartzes is that they will not only work beyond your physical body. Actually Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz will help in amplifying the vibrations of other healing crystals and stones.


The vibrations of Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartzes are extremely high. In fact, this is one reason why they are capable of working with other stones and crystals.

Legendary Power of Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz

Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz

According to Buddhists, Quartz belongs to the seven precious substances. What’s more, the vibration of Satyaloka Quartz has been raised up by individuals from the Satyaloka Monastery in South India that is now closed.

It’s also believed that the majority of enlightened souls on the planet are living nearby, particularly to help in the world of awareness-raising and to carry enlightenment to people who are all set to get it. It is worth mentioning that the spiritual light is imbued to basic quartzes before they delivered into the world. On the other hand, Satyamani has been attuned in the same way. Such spiritual powerhouses make a deeper combination with the divine and open the highest level of mystical awareness.

In a passage in an ancient holy book of the Jains, Kalpa Sutra, you will be able to obtain ideas about the said transformation of the crystal is accomplished. Here’s the passage:

Then he [the god] transformed himself through his magical power of transformation and stretched himself out for numerous Yoganas like a staff, during which he seized jewels. Of this precious material, he rejected the gross particles and retained the subtle particles . . . he [then] passed with that excellent, hasty, trembling, active, impetuous, victorious, exalted, and quick divine motion of the gods right through numberless continents and oceans.

For centuries, people living in and around Satyaloka have reported strong mystical and spiritual experiences, heightened psychic sensitivity, and out of body travel. This kind of metaphysical energy has been infused to the crystals.

In case you didn’t know, Satyaloka means “the Earth’s descent of light” or “the abode of truth”. One more thing, Satyaloka is now classified as Azeztulite.

Healing Power of Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz

As mentioned Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartzes word beyond your physical body. With that in mind, these stones will raise the frequency of the subtle body and effect holistic and multidimensional soul healing.

Satyamani and Satyaloka will infuse light especially when you place it on the side of your head level with the different past life chakras along with the Nirvana Quartz on the soul star chakra one foot above your head.

If you want to anchor the fresh vibrations to the physical place, you can place a smoky elestial or other grounding crystals.

When it comes to planetary healing grids, Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartzes most especially in combination with Trigonic, Azeztulite, Ajoite, or other high-vibration stones. If you do this, you will be able to open the higher crown chakras of the Earth. Also, it will imbue divine light into the matrix of the Earth.

Transformational Power of Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz

Power of Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz

Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz can literally effect enlightenment. In fact, these stones can bring light toward the physical plane. It will also open the lit mind to an incursion of pure spirit.

Moreover, Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartzes can make an interface between the physical body and soul. This will assure you that you will not wall your spiritual direction alone.

How to Harness the Powers of Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz

If you want to make an inner temple of light and need direct communication with the divine, place Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz on any side of your head.


As you can Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartzes are extremely beneficial stones. If you are planning to add new stones in your collections, then you can never go wrong with these quartzes.

However, you need to use properly so that you will be able to make the most out of your Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartzes.

Thank you for reading we hope that you have learned a lot from this post.

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