The Power of Rose Quartz

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The Power of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is all about love. It will restore harmony and trust in a relationship, encouraging unconditional love. Rose quartz will open and at the same time purify the heart at all levels in order to promote feelings of peace, deep inner feeling, love, and self-love. If you want to learn more about the power of rose quartz, then read on.

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The Power of Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love

Chakra Correspondence

Rose Quartz strongly resonates with the heart chakra. If yours is out of balance or blocked, it will prevent you from giving and obtaining love. The heart chakra requires a spiritual and deep cleansing in order to identify why a blockage is happening. With the help of Rose Quartz, you will be able to regain the balance that you’ve lost. Rose Quartz strengthens a weak heart in a metaphysical and physical sense.

But aside from the heart chakra, this stone is also good for the heart seed and higher heart chakras.

Physiological Correspondence

The energy that Rose Quartz offers can be used in treating certain heart conditions as well as problems with blood circulation. This stone can prevent heart attack and thrombosis and make the muscles of your heart stronger. You can also use it to get rid of scars, clear up the skin, and reduce wrinkles. One more thing you can use Rose Quartz for your lymphatic and reproductive systems.


Rose Quartz holds a high and at the same time earthy vibration. This stone also gives off strong vibrations of emotional health, warmth, love, and happiness. What’s more, Rose Quartz can bring a positive vibration to any relationship. Whether you and your partner have been dating for only a week you can take advantage of the vibrations of Rose Quartz.

Legendary Power of Rose Quartz

In the actual fact, Rose Quartz has long been considered as the stone of unconditional love. During the Middle Ages, this stone ornate the Saint Wenceslaus in Prague. Take note, this might have had certain significance as Wenceslaus was the favorite patron saint of the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, Rose Quartz can heal emotions and transmute a relationship not only with yourself but with other people as well as drawing in harmony and love.

If you want to bring loving vibes to your subtle etheric body and heart, hold Rose Quartz of a heart and auric protection.

When it comes to a metaphysical level, Rose Quartz will stimulate your third eye, opening clairvoyance to the optimum level of guidance.

Healing Power of Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Rose Quartz will let go of unexpressed emotions as well as underlying heartache that make psychosomatic diseases and which may impact fertility.

Under the belief of sympathetic magic, the deep pink color of Rose Quartz will strengthen the circulation system and blood, getting rid of impurities and improving the flow of energy.

This gentle stone will energetically harmonize the brain opening new neural directions and realigning neurotransmitters. It can also assist Parkinson’s, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

When placed on the thymus or higher heart chakra, Rose Quartz will calm an asthma attack as well as other breathing problems.

Transformational Power of Rose Quartz

Transformational Power of Rose Quartz

During traumatic times or middle crisis, Rose Quartz will stabilize your emotion. It will allow you to look at a situation objectively and keep you from being emotionally stunned.

By dissolving bitterness and guilt, Rose Quartz will teach you to accept and love yourself, live from your heart, and forgive the past.

If you cannot determine where emotions are blocked into your body, simply hold Rose Quartz, deeply inhale, and then exhale. Make sure to stay in the immobility of the out of breath and allow your body to inform you where it exactly feels the tension. After that, you need to breathe again in order to draw in healing love as well as direct it to the path with your mind’s power or by putting Rose Quartz over the spot.

The odder Gemmy Rose Quartz and Elestial Rose Quartz will draw unconditional love down to earth. These stones will remind you that you can empower yourself all the time through a positive choice and expressing unconditional love from compassionate hearts.

When laid on the heart seed and higher heart chakras, the two stones will bring you into the heart of the universe, in which there’ no past, no future, and no karma, only the immediate present.

How to Harness the Powers of Rose Quartz

If you feel unloved or disempowered, simply hold a piece of Rose Quartz and then remind yourself of a time when you felt accepted and loved, and potent and positive.

You can also wear it as a jewelry but make sure it is close to your heart. Meaning, it is best to wear Rose Quartz as a pendant. However, if you are not fond of wearing a necklace, all you need to do insert inside your bra.


Are you currently looking for love in your life? Or do you need healing from a relationship or love that didn’t work out? Then Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal for you.

Rose Quartz can change the way how you look at love as well as its trappings. It will take away negative energies and change it with loving ones.

There are times that all you need is an excellent cleansing and a fresh beginning. The presence of Rose Quartz will send calming vibrations not only to you but to other people as well that are close to you.

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