The Power of Lemurian Seed

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The Power of Lemurian Seed

The Lemurian seed is a crystal that is similar to a data bank that is ideal for holding information to be passed to other people and never lost in the way. If you tap into the power of Lemurian Seed, you will be able to achieve spiritual wisdom from past civilization as well as past lives. In fact, the ancient Lemurians were very spiritual persons and they wanted to share what they have on their minds with others. But aside from these properties and powers, Lemurian Seed also known as Lemurian Quartz can offer you more.

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The Power of Lemurian Seed: The Ancients

Charka Correspondence

Lemurian Seed is a powerful crystal that can help in cleansing and activating all your chakras. It even works in the central channel.

Physiological Correspondence

Aside from helping the chakras, Lemurian Seed can be very beneficial in the subtle energy bodies as well. Below, you will be able to learn more about the healing properties of this crystal.


In terms of vibrations, you might be surprised to know that Lemurian Seed holds an exceptionally high vibration.

Legendary Power of Lemurian Seed

lemurian seed

Lemurian Seed initiates a deep vibrational change in the Earth as well as everything about it. These crystals were found out lying slack in a bed of sand instead of being connected to a matrix as a crystal usually is.

Originally, Lemurian Seed was discovered in Brazil, but today, these crystals have manifested all over the world.

According to crystal lore, Lemurian civilization left them programed with the vibrational information needed to open the New Age on Earth.

Lemurians, a symbol of personal power and equality, will teach us that we’re interdimensional and at the same time multidimensional beings. By piercing the illusion of distinction from the rest of the universe and dissolving the restrictions of time, Lemurian Seed will you in correcting personal ill use of power before and get rid of karmic debris thus you can recuperate inner perfection.

Lemurians open a portal that can bring ancient wisdom (cosmic, personal, and collective) back to conscious awareness. Lemurians explain that time is a delusion of the material plane. What’s more, it will take you to the multidimensions of being.

Lemurian Seed crystal will also activate the higher resonance of every chakra. But they will also notify you of the risks of spiritual egoism. This crystal warns feeling spiritually superior as well as conceitedly telling people what to do. Rather, Lemurian Seed will encourage you to be simple in every moment. Also, it will remind you to attend to your personal attention.

Healing Power of Lemurian Seed

healing power of lemurian seed

A Lemurian seed is a powerful healing crystal that works at a multidimensional level in order to get rid of all that is diseased and blocked in the subtle energy and physical bodies, meridians, and chakras.

By adapting the central channel connecting the chakras, the Lemurian Seed will draw subtle earth energies up from the earth star. It will also bring down the cosmic energy through the earth chakra. The reason for this is to join at the heart-opening of the interdimensional awareness in the boy.

One more thing, these crystals will realign the subtle and physical bodies and attune the neutral pathway to higher frequencies.

Transformational Power of Lemurian Seed

Another great thing about the Lemurian Seed is it will teach that healing is a remembering of the soul. Every person must personally attend to thawing the energy blockages, destructive emotional patterns, and mental beliefs preventing infusion of lights into the physical level of being.

In addition to that, they demonstrate that people co-create their own realities with every deed, thought, and word.

Lemurian Seed, on the other hand, will teach you how to become creative in the higher dimension, not just holding a positive thought in the outer realm but by also taking this way of being more profound into inner awareness.

With the Lemurian Seed, you will be able to discover the entire range of awareness, thus you know what’s to be a really awakened soul.

How to Harness the Powers of Lemurian Seed

If you want to read the Atlantean or Lemurian past, all you need to do is gently stroke the horizontal striations from bottom to top. Though, you can ascend them like a ladder to expanded awareness.

You can also meditate with this crystal by holding Lemurian Seed to your third eye chakra. Doing so will allow you to awaken your spirit. What’s more, you’ll start to perceive a more profound understanding of life.


Lemurian Seeds are considered the stones of special power. They were discovered around the turn of the millennium. Not only that, but they were believed to have been specifically encoded with enormous knowledge. In fact, they are also buried by the Lemurian.

These crystals are meant to give the owners a sense of unity reminding that people are all one awareness.

Moreover, it can help in fighting loneliness, reminding us that we’re connected to other people at all times.

Thank you for reading, hopefully, you have learned a lot from this article.

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