Facts About Lemurian Quartz: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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The lemurian quartz crystal –are you familiar with this crystal? This is a kind of crystal, which is presumed to aid you in retrieving info about Lemuria ancient civilization. Did you also know that lightworkers find this crystal very fascinating? Well yeah, they do! Lightworkers actually have obtained so much info, while using this gem. Lemurian crystal have a really powerful energy, as well as are outstanding for assisting work in spiritual development. This is particularly true for the stones, which come from the Himalayan Mountains, since the crystals from this area personify a truthfully spiritual vibration. Read on to this article to lo learn more facts about lemurian quartz including its benefits. Read on to learn more.

Lemurian Quartz Meanings and Properties

Lemurian quartz crystals are a kind of seed quartz, which belongs to a noteworthy lineage and may be demarcated as the symbol for wisdom. It is also thought that this stone encapsulates the sacred messages, which are imperative to those who are looking for a deeper understanding of universe, beginning with the inner self.

Moreover, the lemurian quartz possesses a classic and rugged shape that has striated lines, which runs horizontally across the crystal’s sides, hence giving it a somewhat prismatic form. The ridges of the crystal are what actually set the lemurian quartz apart from the other types of quartz crystals.

This is also a high-frequency crystal, which may have a tangible and physical effect on those with the intense vibrations that it has. Also, this stone possesses a strident overall appearance and is frequently found in unique colors, which are bright, just like golden, smoky, blue, green, and pink.

The lemurian quartz may also be found in numerous locations all over the world, most prevailingly in Brazil in a certain region called as Diamantina. Some other areas where it’s been discovered include Zambia, Tibet, Russia, the USA, as well as various regions of the Himalayans. Even though they’re somewhat rare in the past, the Golden Healer Lemurian has already become more available readily in current times.

This particular lemurian variation may be renowned by an apricot or citrine color. Additionally, the green specimen of the lemurian also has become more usually found these days. Also, the difference in the availability and colors of the stone is contingent primarily on the composition of mineral on each certain specimen.

Lemurian Quartz Reasons for Use

The lemurian quartz might be of use for different purpose. However, essentially, it’s a healing tool, which is utilized in discovering the truth regarding the past to make the best out of the present. Conferring to the legend, it is thought that this stone comes from Lemurian people who have walked the earth centuries ago during the ancient times.

Lemurian is a group of people who worked closely with the crystal and its energy up until the disaster hit the lemurian tribe and worn out the lemurian people from the earth’s face. The lemurian people were thought to be gentle and peace-loving beings who have had colossal love for the earth.

Their faith and innocence in spirituality have been compressed in the lemurian quartz, since this is a stone, which today, is known for its healing and soothing powers. Lemurian stone possesses such significance in the world of spirituality and meditation, as it is thought to contain significant messages for the humanity.

The positive vibrations that the lemurian quartz emits may form a metamorphic cocoon of comfort and love all over you, surrounding you with the love and giving solace each time you are feeling low. It is so important to note that this stone is more on a person’s happiness, instead of the collective good.

Lemurian Quartz Essential Benefits

The lemurian quartz possesses powers, which urge one in thinking on a much deeper level and be inquisitive regarding all that environs them. Through the inculcation of this thirst for the knowledge in you, the crystal may beckon you in pushing the limitations of the mind, as well as engage the unexploited areas of the soul.

You may also need to go to this particular process of enlightenment as it may form the basis of your own belief in the higher realm, which lead to the successful meditative experiences for the inner peace. You must also closely work and consciously with the lemurian quartz powers.

If you merely bring this stone home and keep it in the environment waiting for some magical transformation in taking place in your life, you’ll be wasting your own time, as well as the potentials of this stone. It must also be understood that the lemurian quartz benefits has an immense potential in largely improving the personal life.

Nonetheless, because of the very personal nature of this stone’s vibration, it may require your complete attention when you meditate with it, as well as concentrate with your own thoughts towards it.

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