The Healing Crystals for Hearing Loss

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In today’s article, we will talk about the causes of hearing loss and the best crystals for healing hearing loss for supplementary treatment.

Sudden loss of or severely reduced hearing usually occurs in one ear, although it can also lead to sudden deafness. Its direct cause is almost certainly disturbances in blood circulation of the inner ear, which, in themselves, can have various causes. These may include deposits in blood vessels, blood vessel cramps, and problems with the spinal column or neck.

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Most cases of a sudden hearing loss, on the other hand, can’t be explained enough. There are, however, certain measures which should be adopted immediately. It is recommended to drink lots of clear fluids and if needed make and drink herbal infusions to alleviate the condition as quickly as possible. This way acute loss of hearing does not become permanent deafness.

However, the soundest advice we can give you is to consult a doctor and have them treat any acute loss of hearing immediately.

Hardness hearing or the gradual deterioration of hearing can happen as a result of infections in the middle ear, viral infections, and diseases of the hearing nerves such as shingles or some degenerative processes which is the so-called age-dependent hardness of hearing that is probably caused by the chronically-impaired circulation. In addition, deposits in the blood vessels can also be a culprit.

All kinds of ear problems are commonly caused by problems of circulation. Any upsets in the blood flow are, in turn, connected with depositions of toxins in the tissues, infections, and deposits in the blood vessels. Thus, detoxification cures are very important as a preventive measure.

For immediate treatment, however, crystals that help in circulation and prevent inflammation should be applied. Here are some of the best crystals for healing hearing loss.

Crystals For Healing Hearing Loss


crystals for healing hearing loss

Sardonyx is one of the best crystals for hearing loss and all kinds of ear problems. This powerful crystal can help in many cases from the hardness of hearing to the increasingly impaired hearing. If applied immediately, sardonyx can also efficiently and quickly help in cases of the sudden loss of hearing.

This crystal’s wide-ranging effect is probably because of the fact that it can help in stimulating lymph flow and blood flow. Plus, it also acts as a superb detoxifier that cleanses bodily tissues.

For acute cases of hearing loss, simply place or hold a tumbled stone or a section or slice on the affected ear. Additionally, you can also take a sardonyx gem essence as a supplement. You can start with 15 drops and then later on 5 – 7 drops for 3 – 5 times a day. Also, you can prepare 1 liter of sardonyx gem water to be taken throughout the day.

Garnet Pyrope

Garnet Pyrope

The garnet pyrope is the second-best choice in connection with hearing loss and other ear problems. This blood-red stone helps with both blood circulation and repairing the infected inner ear.

In cases of a sudden hearing loss, garnet pyrope can be placed or held directly on the affected ear. Or you can also wear it as a pendant or earrings for close contact with the affected area. Also, it is helpful to take 3 – 7 drops of garnet pyrope essence for 3 times a day. You can also prepare a 200 – 300ml of pyrope garnet water to be taken in small sips throughout the day.



Heliotrope is another bright red stone that mainly heals problems with blood and circulation. Also known as the bloodstone, heliotrope can help above all with noises in the ear or tinnitus as well as impairment of the hearing, particularly those that are caused by infections and inflammation.

You can apply the so-called ear-olive that can be carefully introduced into your outer ear. These ear-olives have a little eye in one end to which the small string is attached and can be used to draw it out of the ear again.

Alternatively, you can just place a heliotrope on the affected ear. Then you can allow its vibrational energies to work on its magic. Also, you can wear a heliotrope as a pendant, necklace, or earring for close contact with the affected ear.

Rhodonite + Ocean Jasper + Turquoise + Black Tourmaline

crystals for healing hearing loss

These stones have a powerful effect on noises in the ear and the gradual impairment of hearing right through to the definite hardness of hearing.

Rhodonite helps in improving blood circulation while ocean jasper helps in detoxifying and stimulating the lymph flow. Then, turquoise can provide relief from acidification and poisoning of bodily tissue. Whereas the black tourmaline helps supply the much-needed energy to the ears.

You can place these tumbled stones on your ear. Also you can wear these crystals as beaded pendant or bracelet or as earrings. Alternatively, you can take 3 – 9 drops of gem essence for 3 times a day. You can also prepare 200 – 300 ml gem water of each crystal to be taken in small sips throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, hearing loss can actually be prevented and treated with the right crystals for healing hearing loss. However, these crystals should be used together with za proven medial and holistic approaches for better results.

Lastly, it is most recommended that you consult with a qualified medical practitioner to diagnose and treat the severe cases of hearing loss and ear problems.

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