The Healing Crystals for Heart Problems

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If you are suffering from heart problems, this article enumerates some of the most effective crystals for healing heart problems that you can use for supplementary treatment.

The heart provides the basic rhythm of the human organism and through the circulation. This organ ensures that there’s enough supply of blood to all tissues, cells, and organs. It is not, however, the only organ that’s involved with the pumping of blood around the body.

Without the active involvement of the muscular arteries, it won’t be able to push the total and required volume of blood throughout the whole system of arteries and veins. Thus, without the integrated mechanism of the whole human body, it will be overwhelmed in the long run and the onset of heart problems. Sometimes, however, the heart and blood vessels cannot work properly, or some people are just born with weak hearts.

Heart problems are typically experienced by the onset of painful twinges, palpitations, general feelings of oppression or unease, pains, fear, burning sensation, and breathlessness. In addition, emotional problems, stress, and tension can also cause heart problems.

All of this can be because of arteriosclerosis, inflammation, a weak heart, or other cardiac illnesses that need immediate treatment in order to avoid permanent damage to the heart or suffer from an acute threat to life.

Thus, your first step should always be to seek a licensed doctor or a qualified alternative practitioner. For the more serious problems, you need to call emergency medical services immediately. After the professional examination should you only take measures that involve the use of healing crystals.

You should only apply crystals as a supplementary treatment to applications and medications prescribed by your doctor. These stones can support the heart in 3 ways:

  • Support the detoxification process
  • Encourage good circulation
  • Positive emotional input

Here are some of the best crystals for healing heart problems.

Crystals For Healing Heart Problems


crystals for healing heart problems

The aventurine crystal in whatever color you choose can help enhance the detoxification process within your body tissue, particularly in preventing the formation of deposits in your coronary arteries which supply blood to your heart muscle.

On an emotional level, the soothing energies of aventurine can also encourage relaxation, recuperation, and regeneration. It helps in relieving stress and emotional baggage, allowing you to let go of unnecessary emotions that take a toll on your heart.

Pink Chalcedony

Pink Chalcedony

The pink chalcedony has the ability to relieve symptoms of a racing heart or an accelerated heart rate while strengthening the heart itself. Not only that, but this potent stone also helps relieve inflammation in and around the heart, especially in the case of a persistent bout of flu or colds.

Being a chalcedony, it also encourages the processes of cleansing and detoxification, thus increasing and regulating blood flow. This way, it effectively eases the work of the heart. Emotionally, the pink chalcedony can encourage inner peace, cordiality, kindness, helpfulness, and understanding.

Furthermore, it helps in cases of heart problems and heart neuroses without any apparent natural cause, but that arise from fears and grief about the heart.


crystals for healing heart problems

This blood-red stone, also known as the bloodstone, is another great stone of the heart and blood. Heliotrope can relieve inflammation and prevents the narrowing of blood vessels. Not only that, but it also helps prevent the formation of toxins and waste deposits in the blood vessels.

You can apply this potent stone as a preventative treatment for coronaries as well as cases of any apparent heart attack (for instance, severe and sudden heart pains) to be used as an emergency crystal while waiting for a doctor during this emergency.

For such circumstances, you need to simply hold a polished heliotrope section or a tumbled, flat stone over your heart until the crystals feel warm to the touch. Then you can just exchange it for a new, cooler crystal. Heliotrope also helps deal with the unforeseen situation. It can also help you maintain control while alleviating feelings of panic and fear.

Rose Quartz + Rutile Quartz

rose quartz

The lovely pink variety of quartz is one of the premier stone of the heart chakra. Physically, rose quartz helps with disturbances of the heart rhythm. Consequently, this stone also reintroduces recognition of such fundamental requirements as sleep, rest, nutrition, recreation, protection, closeness, and a sense of security.

Meanwhile, the rutilated quartz can help with any fears that you have in your heart. It helps relieve the feelings of oppression and constriction and helps one find a new sense of hope. Also, it helps by reinforcing important goals, wishes, and visions. Furthermore, rutile quartz also has potent anti-depressive properties, so it has a relieving effect in cases of deep grief.

Watermelon Tourmaline

crystals for healing heart problems

This unique stone helps with all kinds of heart problems. IT can enhance patience, tender loving emotions prevents any detrimental overexcitement, and relieves fears. You can simply place a polished section of watermelon tourmaline on the heart for use as prophylaxis. For acute cases of heart problems, you can simply wear it in the form of a necklace or a pendant.

Final Thoughts

These crystals are proven beneficial as a supplementary treatment for the healing of heart problems. They can offer supportive healing in the normalization of heart functioning.  Use these crystals along with the traditional medical healing methods as well as regular exercise, enough rest, proper diet, and thorough detoxification of the body in order to achieve the best results.

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