The Healing Crystals for Burns

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Are you looking for the best crystals for healing burns? If yes, then you’ve just landed to the right place.

Burns are painful damage to the tissues caused by localized exposure to a temperature of over 50 degrees centigrade or about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot gasses, naked flames, heated, steamed fluids and objects can lead to scalding or burns. Also, burns can also be caused by exposure to electrical power as well as radiation such as X-rays, ultraviolet, radioactivity, and microwaves.

Burns are categorized under 4 degrees, depending on the scope and depth of the damage.

  • The first-degree burn is characterized by a painful skin that is swollen and reddish for a couple of days.
  • Second-degree burn can have blisters and can, if extensive, lead to scar formation. Blisters should not be burst, damaged, or opened since it can cause the risk of infections as well as the formation of scars.
  • Third-degree burns mean that the entire areas of the skin are destroyed. These areas are often more or less painless since the nerve endings themselves have been destroyed. Such buns will heal slowly from the periphery to center and leave distinct scars. Also, skin transplants are typically required to support the healing process.
  • Fourth-degree burns cause underlying tissue damage. A full recovery is impossible, and, in most cases, it means permanent damage.

All serious scalds or burns will need immediate treatment from emergency medical services. In most cases of burns, first aid involves placing and keeping the affected area under running, cold water until the initial pain ceases or is reduced.

In the case of hot liquids, the wet clothes need to be removed at once and the scalded or burned area should be covered with a sterile burn pad or bandage. Further, the treatment of large-area burns needs to involve drinking lots of water to offset the loss of liquid from the wound and prevent shock from the burn.

In cases of minor burns and scalding, there are various home remedies that can help ease the pain such as treating with Aloe vera juice or ice packs. In addition, healing crystal can also help in speeding up the healing process.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing burns.

Crystals For Healing Burns

Blue Tourmaline

Crystals For Healing Burns

With its beautiful light to dark blue hues, blue tourmaline can evoke the tranquility and peace of deep blue ocean water, inviting a solitude of liquid silence.

And with its cooling vibrational energies, blue tourmaline can be applied in cases of the first to second-degree burns. It stimulates the quick regeneration of the skin without leaving the ugly scars.

If possible, you can bathe the burned area with cold water containing blue tourmaline gem essence. Just place 20 drops of essence in 1 liter of water. Or you can directly take 5 – 7 drops for blue tourmaline essence for every 15 minutes. Then, later on, take 3 – 7 drops per hour, and on the second day, take 3 – 7 drops, three times a day.



Rhodonite, as the stone of gentle healing, helps in healing wounds and scars while restoring energy. It is an outstanding stone of restoration of the physical body and contains manganese which can help in healing burns, cuts, injuries while helping in reducing scars.

You can apply rhodonite subsequently or for first degree burns, should be applied immediately. This helps the wound heal faster and completely.

Like blue tourmaline, you can use rhodonite both externally and internally. However, with small burns, moistening the polished crystals and holding it on the burned area is enough.

Rose Quartz

Crystals For Healing Burn

Like rhodonite, rose quartz with its lovely pink hue is a great stone for healing burns and scars. Although its gentle pink essence is mainly ideal for matters of the heart, rose quartz is also popular for its ability to stimulate physical healing of first to second degree burns.

It can help alleviate the pain of burns, soothing and reducing blisters. It is also beneficial for reducing the appearance of unsightly scars. As a matter of fact, rose quartz can help in promoting a softer and more beautiful complexion.

To use rose quartz for healing burns, you can drink it as an elixir or lightly rubbed blisters or the affected area with a polished stone to facilitate healing.

Final Thoughts

Burns can be quite painful, especially for the major burns. However, for the more common, minor ones, there are several home remedies you can try to alleviate the pain. In addition, using the above-mentioned healing crystal will not only stimulate a good healing process, but also prevent ugly scarring.

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