The Healing Crystals for Blisters

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In today’s article, we will show you some of the crystals for healing blisters. So, if want to learn more, then read on.

Blisters can manifest as a consequence of mechanical pressure or friction or rubbing, for instance, unaccustomed handling of tools or wrong-fitting shoes.

Blisters are pockets of fluid between the upper layers of your skin. Its most common causes are freezing, friction, chemical burns, burning, or infection. In addition, blisters can also be a symptom of some diseases.

Blisters can be filled with plasma, serum, pus, or blood, depending on how and where they are formed.  Blisters are categorized in various types including blood blisters, friction blisters, and heat blisters. Other types of blisters are usually named after the condition they are associated with such as shingles blisters, chickenpox blisters, or atopic eczema blisters.

Most blisters can heal without the intervention of medical products. With new skin growing beneath the blister, the fluid inside will gradually disappear, and the skin naturally dries and peels off. You should not pop blisters since the bubbles are a protective layer that protects you from infection. So, once the barrier is removed, the wound is now open to potential bacteria invasion and become infected.

Covering the blister with a gauze or a band-aid can protect it from additional trauma as it heals. Wash it carefully with mild soapy water and cover the blister as well as the neighboring area with a dry, sterile dressing,

In addition, some medications like a hydrocolloid dressing can help prevent discomfort and promote the healing process.

Other than proper care and medication, blisters can also be healed with crystal therapy.

Here are some of the best crystals for blisters.

Crystals For Healing Blisters

Agate + Amethyst + Blue Chalcedony + Ocean Jasper

ocean jasper

A four-step crystal regimen for clearing out blisters, agate, amethyst, ocean jasper, and blue chalcedony can work harmoniously in order to fight off the discomfort of blisters and heal it in no time!

Agate withs its various stripes, layers, or specks of color is a powerful stone for healing blisters. All varieties of agate, from the moss agate to the fire agate helps in the healing of the skin, treating skin irritation and infections that can cause blisters.

Amethyst, on the other hand, is famous for its stunning beauty. It is also popular for its legendary powers to stimulate the emotions and the mind. However, among its physical healing attributes is to aid in treatments of the skin. Also, it’s beneficial in relieving pain and discomfort because of blisters and other skin conditions.

It is possible to use Blue chalcedony for stimulating the throat chakra and stimulating your inner self, but it also has the power to heal skin conditions, mainly open sores, and wounds.

Lastly, the Atlantis stone, ocean jasper uses the rhythmic cadence and power of the sea to treat skin problems such as blisters and disorders like eczema.

All four stones can help in healing blisters that have not been pricked yet or o the verge of popping. They help the body reabsorb the fluid in the blister so that the damaged skin layer can be renewed.

Both the calming and soothing hues and vibrational energies of ocean jasper and blue chalcedony, which reminiscent the crystalline water of the sea, should be applied first in order to drain out the fluid inside.

After that, the agate, regardless of which variety you choose as long as it contains the appropriate signature, can help stimulate the replacement of the dead skin layers. Lastly, the soothing power of Amethyst can help alleviate the possible tenderness of the affected area.  


Crystals For Healing Blisters

Rhodonite, as the stone of gentle healing and with its lovely pinkish hue mainly helps with emotional scars and wounds of the past for healing, reinvigoration, and restoration. However, one of its physical healing attributes is healing skin problems.

This is mainly because of its manganese contents, making it one of the best crystals for healing irritated skin conditions, blisters, soothing stingy popped blisters, and bleeding open wounds. The stone helps in relieving any pain and discomfort with a popped or open blister. It also assists for faster healing of the tender and open spot.

You can drop rhodonite gem essence on the spot to stimulate the healing process.

Blue Tourmaline

Crystals For Healing Blisters

Evoking the tranquility of deep blue ocean water, blue tourmaline mainly bought a solitude of liquid silence and emotional healing.

In terms of physical healing, however, blue tourmaline can relieve problems and discomforts of skin wounds and problems. You can make it as an elixir, helping soothe the burning sensation of blisters as well as preventing scarring.

It is particularly great for stimulating the reabsorption of water from the blister. Blue tourmaline can even prevent the formation of blisters. This is true if you place it on spots that have been previously exposed to pressure. A blue tourmaline essence applied to the affected spot can have the same effect.

Also, you can place a tumbled stone or a section of blue tourmaline crystals on the affected spot. Then you can apply drops of the special gem essence for an effective external treatment.

Final Thoughts

Blisters can cause pain and discomfort. Although it is advised that you just let it be for natural healing. above-mentioned crystal can quicken up the healing process for faster and more effective relief.

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