The Healing Crystals for Blood Circulation

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In today’s article you will get to learn more about the crystals for healing blood circulation. So, if you’re interested check out this article.

Problems with circulation arise if blood flow is impaired. Typically, the supply of blood to the tissues will vary in various parts of the body, depending on the needs of those parts. Where an increased activity is needed, blood circulation is stepped up, whereas low activity means slowed down circulation.

And a really drastic reduction of blood circulation only happens in emergency conditions, when the body requires to secure enough blood supply for the most important body organs such as the kidneys, liver, heart, and brain. As a precaution, it restricts the flow to the less important organs.

Examples of these emergency situations include high fever, loss of blood, or other dangerous situations. Apart from this, blood circulation may be disturbed by low blood pressure, narrowing and the blocking of blood vessels, or a weak heart.

Slight disturbances of blood circulation can manifest as a feeling of coldness, increasing feelings of tiredness, limbs that fall asleep or feeling tingly, pain that appears when one feels anxious as well as feelings of dizziness.

Now, continuous disturbances of blood circulation can be quite dangerous. It can result in damages to tissues and organs. In the case of repeated disturbances or longer duration of hampered blood circulation, professional medical interventions should be sought.

To prevent such dangerous problems, the use of crystal therapy can help in stimulating and regulating good blood circulation.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing blood circulation.

Crystals For Healing Blood Circulation


Crystals For Healing Blood Circulation

First and foremost, in the best healing crystal for blood circulation, is the bloodstone itself. Legend says that bloodstone was formed at the Christ’s crucifixion when his blood from his wounds drop onto the green earth and transformed into stone.

Another version of the legend claims that the blood of Christ that flowed from the spear thrust, dropped upon a green jasper lying at the foot of the cross which gave birth to the bloodstone variety of jasper. Regardless of its origin, bloodstone is indeed a powerful crystal that resonates well with its namesake, blood, and all its associated parts.

With its deep connection to blood, bloodstone is used for healing the circulatory system and the consequent detoxification of the organs. In ancient Mesopotamia, it is used to aid circulation. It transfers the power of the sun to prevent disease and injury while curing any wounds.

Not only that, but it also helps purify and eliminate toxins from your body organs and helps in stimulating and regulating blood flow. To use bloodstone, you can just dip the crystal in cold water and apply it to the afflicted area for stimulating correct blood flow. Also, drinking bloodstone water can help encourage good blood circulation.

Pyrope Garnet

Pyrope garnet

Pyrope garnet is described as the “living fire”. From its orange indigo flames to the bright flash of red, to the simmering deep red-violet hues, the pyrope garnet is indeed a mesmerizing stone. Provides superior vibrational energies for spiritual and emotional support, the main physical healing attribute of pyrope garnet is to boost circulation.

With its redness hue sharing with that of blood, its vibrational energies can improve blood circulation while healing blood disorders. It is also an effective crystal for cases of localized and general circulation problems.

The garnet fortifies the blood and ensures that energy is spread evenly throughout your body. This way it helps with the case of rapid onset of tiredness, feelings of pains, and coldness caused by general stress and lack of enough blood circulation.

To use pyrope garnet, you can just place a crystal on the affected areas to obtain the localized improvement of blood circulation. For generally reduced blood circulation, you can wear it as pendants or necklaces for longer periods.


Crystals For Healing Blood Circulation

With its rose-red to raspberry-pink hues, rhodochrosite is a lovely stone that mainly works on your heart chakra. With its strong connection to the heart and the circulatory system, rhodochrosite makes a great stone for improving blood circulation.

It is traditionally used to improve blood circulation like pyrope garnet. However, it offers a much faster result while stabilizing blood pressure. Rhodochrosite is best used as elixirs. Taken internally, it does a quick job and helps regulate enough blood circulation to all parts of the body.

You can wear a rhodochrosite pendant or necklace for longer periods to benefits from its powerful healing properties.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Another powerful stone of the heart chakra rose quartz with its lovely and gentle pink essence carries a delicate feminine energy of peace, healing, and nourishment.

It is well suited in cases of localized disturbances of blood circulation. It regulates the proper functioning of the heart, relieving stress and tensions, and stabilizing heart rhythm. For coldness, prickling sensations, or feelings of the affected part that goes to sleep, massing the affected area with rose quartz polished crystals or ball spheres can provide quick relief.

Final Thoughts

Proper blood circulation is crucial, allowing the different parts and organs of the body to have enough nutrients and oxygen. Blood circulation disturbances can cause mild discomfort of tingling sensations to the more life-threatening of lacking enough oxygen and blood on the most vital organs of the body.

To ensure proper blood circulation, the above-mentioned crystals for blood circulation should be used or worn on a daily basis.  

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