The Power of Aragonite

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Aragonite, a stone to inspire Earth healing and preservation will teach you to let go of your past so that you will be able to focus on the present embracing all the gifts and elements that nature has to offer. This crystal, on the other hand, will make a sense of grounding, providing a great focus on what matters and stability inspiring progressive self-control and soul development. As a matter of fact, this will harvest all the energies of Mother Nature to speed up the recovery of the body and the mind in the physical, so that you will flourish in the spiritual. This will balance the emotion and makes space for clarity of thoughts and bringing attention to the powers of intent. Keep on reading to learn more about the power of aragonite.

Power of Aragonite: Earth Healing

  • Chakra Correspondence

Aragonite is a well-known earth healer. With that in mind, this crystal will work for all the chakras, but, particularly will activate the root chakra. The combination of the root chakra and earth healer will make a strong connection between the spirituality of earth as well as the wearer. For connecting and grounding to the earth, aragonite perfectly works with the earth star chakra. Also, if you want to raise the overall vibrations of your body, aragonite will ground spiritual development into your lower chakras.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Since it is considered a healer crystal, aragonite plays an important role when it comes to the metabolic process. It is also beneficial in the respiratory system, immune system, nervous system, polarities, subtle bodies, throat, lungs, bones, teeth, and muscles.

  • Vibration

Aragonite has a very high and earthy vibration. Its vibration will encourage care and conservation for the planet. Take note, this will help to heal for you and the Earth.

Legendary Power of Aragonite

power of aragonite

Despite the fact that old artifacts from Mexico made from aragonite have been discovered, the therapeutic and magical properties of this stone are gone because of the issues with nomenclature.

Since the crystal was named after Aragon in Spain, the lapidary of Alfonso perhaps includes Aragonite, however, it’s impossible to identify.

In case you didn’t know, this crystal is a calcium carbonate that is made from stalactites. And as mentioned is a great earth healer, thus aragonite will make the highest spiritual connection for the planet.

If you work with this crystal, you will be reminded that the Earth is conscious and living with whom people should live in synergistic accord. One more thing, Aragonite will connect you to the etheric grid of the earth and assists the own ascension of the planet to expanded dimensions.

Healing Power of Aragonite

Aragonite, a great soul healer, is a profoundly physical crystal as well. As a matter of fact, it’s warming and alkaline, particularly for the extremities.

When you place it in the right spot, white aragonite will reduce joint pain, balance over-acidity, ease cramps, night twitches, and muscle spasms and restore the circulation to toes or fingers to those dealing with Raynaud’s disease.

Blue aragonite, on the other hand, will assist arthritic conditions as well as breathwork. You can also use water that is aragonite-infused on your scalp in order to amend hair loss.

Paradoxically, aragonite will increase energy but slow down all the processes that are out of control.

When placed on the base chakra, brown aragonite will stabilize the said chakra and comfortably ground the soul in the physical body.

Transformational Power of Aragonite

Transformational Power of Aragonite

In order to find the main source of disease, angst, and anxiety, aragonite will take you back to your childhood. The vibrations of this crystal will convey you to previous lives in order to heal the etheric inscription of karmic hurtful and emotional blockages.

Also, if you’re a hard taskmaster, aragonite will help you to become more forgiving as well as gentle with yourself. This will even replace your unrealistic expectations with goals that are achievable.

If you are suffering from loneliness, simply hold a piece of blue aragonite so that you will be able to call your spiritual flame. This variety of aragonite consists of copper, it is a mineral that is sacred to Venus.

Moreover, if you want to restore your connection to the divine feminine, you can place this stone on your base and sacral chakras.

How to Harness the Powers of Aragonite

To harness the power of aragonite, all you need to do is put aragonite particularly the brown variety or on the map in order to facilitate healing, especially in which geopathic stress has disturbed the grid of the Earth.

Also, if you want to boost its powers you can pair it with other crystals such as Herkimer Diamond and Phenacite. Actually, this combination will aid you to perceive clearly when you are visiting other planes of existence.


Aragonite is considered the stone of conservationist as its vibrations inspire you and most importantly, make you aware of taking good of the Earth. This crystal does a great job when it comes to helping you in healing the earth.

Thank you for reading, hopefully, you have learned a lot from this article.

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