The Best Crystal Combinations for Onyx

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The Best Crystal Combinations for Onyx

Crystal pairings are extremely beneficial most especially if combined with the right crystals. In fact, they are capable of making new pathways to the energies through you. When utilized with the excellent protective crystal onyx, such perfect combinations will be able to generate clarity in thoughts, strength, and mobility. By wearing the right crystal with your onyx, you can increase the benefits you are getting already. But what are the best crystal combinations for onyx? Would you like to know the answer? If so, then read on!

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The Best Crystal Combinations for Onyx and Their Benefits

Amethyst and Onyx Combination Benefits

When you combine a strong crown chakra crystal such as amethyst with onyx, you can expect miracles to happen. In fact, it may possibly boost your intuitive judgments in the mind. What’s more, it can help you understand what is wrong and what is right better.

If you are experiencing a lot of changes in your life, this one of the best crystal combinations for onyx can surely help you.

Amethyst will connect your body to the higher angelic world to look for spirit guide advice whereas the onyx will give you stability by grounding.

This combination, on the other hand, can get rid of addiction from the mind. As a matter of fact, these two crystals will allow you to see visions of your destiny and even the thins you can do to stop your addiction.

If you want to make the most out of this combination, place the onyx in your right palm and then position your left hand on your amethyst pyramid. After that, chant your affirmations.

Zircon and Onyx Combination Benefits

Crystal Combinations for Onyx

Zircon is an ancient crystal that discloses the earth’s history can be utilized to attain enlightenment and peace. This crystal, when combined with the strong energies of onyx, may take you back on a ride. Most of the time when you are traveling the astral world, you need to be careful and this is where onyx comes into play.

Further, one of the best ways to bring acumen to your life is to look to your spirit. One of the common reasons why people are having brain fog or acting stupidly is that evil energy or Satan is blocking your destiny. Onyx with zircon will show you the reparation that you should do in order to fascinate knowledge and wisdom to your life.

Emerald and Onyx Combination Benefits

Another great crystal combination that you can try is emerald and onyx. Emerald in case you didn’t know can help in treating disorders. So, when combined with the energies of onyx, it may heal you as well as other people surrounding you. It even attracts abundance and prosperity into your life. Emerald, on the other hand, will also bring empathy, care, warmth, and love.

That being said, if you are scared of affairs and cheating in your life and to your partner, don’t hesitate to embrace the power of onyx and emerald. In fact, you can wear these two crystals to drive away infidelity.

Moonstone and Onyx Combination Benefits


It is worth noting that when the energies of moonstone enter your life, the transformation is extremely rapid. You’ll see through new perspectives since this crystal will work on the heart and mind at the same time. It will raise the inquisitive chakra of the 3rd eye to offer you the powers of clairvision and clairvoyance.

We all know that onyx can help in keeping the psyche and health of pregnant people in check. But aside from that, onyx help in regulating the ovaries of women and the prostate of men to release sperms and eggs. Take note these things are extremely crucial to promote a healthy pregnancy.

When combined, moonstone and onyx can be a great help when it comes to reproductive healing.

Pearl and Onyx Combination Benefits

Aside from being the stone of luck, a pearl is also known as the stone of healing. In fact, it can purify your physical body from deficiencies and even backfire of the immune system.

When a pearl is combined with onyx, its power will surely expand. What’s more, this will give you clarity in action by simply clearing out all the negative energies from your body.

Final Thoughts

Onyx is considered the most ancient civilization and used by the earliest civilizations. On the other hand, onyx is highly prized for use in burials as well as ceremonies. As a matter of fact, a lot of cultures such as Romans and Greeks use this crystal to carve figures of the heroes and gods in cameos as well as intaglio engravings.

Onyx promises lots of powers especially when it is paired to the right crystals. Now that you already know the best crystal combinations for onyx, make sure to try them right away.

We hope that you have a great time reading this very informative article.

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