Facts About Blue Onyx: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Blue onyx is a strength provider stone, giving you a support in confusing or difficult times, as well as in times of enormous physical and mental stress. It is commonly found in India, Brazil, Uruguay, as well as in the United States. Learn more facts about blue onyx including its amazing benefits, read on to this article!

Blue Onyx Meanings and Properties

The blue onyx actually refers to the kind of onyx stones, which are dyed in various shades of blue.

It might also be unbanded and banded.

As what I have said above, this particular talisman might be found in India, Brazil, Uruguay, and United States.

Moreover, the blue onyx is linked to the throat chakra and has amazing properties, which are inherent to all kinds of onyx.

The onyx stone is also a strength providing stone, which gives a person support in difficult or confusing times, as well as in times of gigantic physical or mental stress.

Some of the other meanings and properties of blue onyx include the following:

  • Essential for the bones, teeth, bone marrow, feet and blood conditions
  • Helps in balancing the yin and yang energies within the body
  • Helps in making sensible decisions
  • Help alleviate the overwhelming worries and fears
  • Helps the flighty people to have a much more steady way of life
  • Integrates and recognizes the dualities within one’s self
  • Heals old sorrows and grief
  • Beneficial in past life work for the healing of physical trauma and old injuries, which are affecting your life in present
  • May be used for psychometry purposes
  • May hold memories of the things that may have happened to the possessor
  • It is a secretive stone , which helps in keeping your own counsel
  • Help in making you at ease in your own surroundings
  • Helps in imparting self-control and self-confidence
  • Beneficial in learning lessons
  • Helps in promoting stamina, steadfastness, as well as vigor
  • Helps in imparting personal strength and help in making you the master of your own destiny
  • Helps in taking you forward in viewing the future
  • Centers the energy and align it with a  much higher power, thus helping in accessing higher guidance

Reasons to Use Blue Onyx

The blue onyx is a gem, which may increase your own contentment and happiness in life.

It may also enhance your intuition, as well as strengthen your resolve in changing your bad habits.

It is also a strength giving gem, which may be good for those who are always under great emotional, physical, or mental stress.

In addition, it’ll also help in reducing or getting rid of stress, as well as allow the body in coping up with the stresses of life.

The blue onyx may bring equilibrium to the mind and body.

Additionally, it may also strengthen it for you to overcome all of your challenges in life.

It is a great talisman to possess, most especially if you are feeling restless or flighty, as it may help in focusing and stabilizing your attention.

This is a firming up stone, which may help you in approaching a lesson or a task with positivity and confidence.

It may get rid of all the distractions, as well as increase the motivation.

The blue onyx has already been known to be essential against black magic, and may work well in the deflection of the negative energies, which may be directed to you.

It’ll also rid the negative energies, which you may have already absorbed that may be are affecting your current life situations.

This talisman may also help in achieving emotional and self-control equilibrium. The energies of it may help in balancing female and male polarities.

The blue onyx is a prevailing stone, which may also help in your divination rituals, as well as give you protection in all the facets of your life.

Blue Onyx Essential Benefits

Here are some of the best blue onyx benefits.

Blue Onyx Benefits for Health and Healing

The blue onyx may be essential for the bones and teeth, as well as for the bone marrow.

It may also be beneficial in the treatment of the blood conditions, as well as the conditions that affect the feet.

Blue onyx may also promote physical strength and stamina, together with steadfastness and vigor. It may also be essential in treating cell damage, ulcers, glaucoma, and epilepsy.

Blue Onyx Benefits for Wealth

The blue onyx is a stone, which may help you with all the challenges with your life, most especially those that may deplete your energies and make you doubt your own skills and capabilities.

It’ll also help in opening more doors of opportunities for you that may help in transforming your own financial situations.

Blue Onyx Benefits for Love and Relationship

With blue onyx with you, you’ll be able to enjoy great communication that may invite happiness, as well as satisfaction in relationship.

Also, the blue onyx helps in removing your struggles in communication, as well as give the courage on saying what you are feeling or thinking in a constructive and healthy way.

Final Thoughts

The blue onyx may be a companion stone, which you may want it to be. It’ll help in soothing your worries and fears, and may help in regaining control, especially with emotions.

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