The Healing Crystals for Stuttering

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Today, we’re going to talk about stuttering, why it happens, and how the best crystals for healing stuttering can help.

Stuttering is a disturbance in the flow of words. It is caused by a spasmodic inhibition of speech as well as very strong tensions, which, in turn, are emotionally based in some way.

Signs and symptoms of stuttering may include:

  • Prolonging sounds within a word or the word itself
  • Difficulty in starting a sentence, phrase, or word
  • Repetition of words, syllable, or sounds
  • Excess tightness, tension, or movement of the upper body or face to produce a word
  • Addition of extra words such as “uhm” if difficulty in moving to the next word is expected
  • Limited ability to communicate effectively
  • Anxiety about talking

In addition, the speech difficulties of stuttering can be accompanied by:

  • Facial tics
  • Rapid eye blinks
  • Clenching fists
  • Head jerks
  • Tremors of the jaw or lips

Conflicts, strain, excitement, and stress, in particular, can aggravate stuttering, while in contrast inner stability, relaxation, and harmony improve the flow of speech.  It can also get worse when the person is feeling self-conscious, pressured, or hurried.

Stuttering is much more common in young people and kids than in adults. This is particularly the case if the sufferer feels stressed at home, subject to forms of strongly controlled social behavior, or under parental and/or other pressure to succeed or achieve something.

However, these are far from being the only cause. In most cases, these may even be because of the sufferer’s ambitions or inhibitions, while in other cases it is often impossible to identify any cause whatsoever. In some cases, stuttering may be due to traumatic brain injury, stroke, or other brain disorders which cause speech that has repeated sounds, pauses, or slow. Stuttering can also be genetic.

If left as it is, stuttering can lead to:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Loss of school, social, or work participation
  • Being anxious about speaking
  • Being teased or bullied
  • Not speaking or totally avoiding situations where one needs to speak
  • Problems communicating with other people

The most common way to help resolve stuttering, especially for children with developmental stuttering is speech therapy. It can help in reducing interruptions in speech and improving the kid’s self-esteem. This kind of therapy usually focuses on controlling the speech patterns by encouraging the person to monitor their breath support, rate of speech, and laryngeal tension.

In addition, crystal therapy can provide the necessary emotional support to help prevent and ease stuttering. These crystals can help empathize with your character, an identity of yourself, and eliminates undue external factors. They also help in enhancing and stimulating your confidence and courage.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing stuttering.

Crystals For Healing Stuttering

Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal

The rock crystals can help in strengthening what’s already present, your character, and aims. It helps in clarifying your thoughts and goals, bringing a sense of calmness and firmness. Thus, it is also very successful at easing stuttering.


crystals for healing stuttering

Chrysoberyl is one of the best stones for stuttering. It helps you remain completely clear, sober, and self-confident.

Also known as the military commander crystal, chrysoberyl can have powerful command on your self-esteem and give you the courage even in stressful situations and the greatest conflicting circumstances, for instance during tests, the pressure to perform well, and other burdening factors. Thus, it also brings enormous progress and improvement in connection with stuttering.

Blue Chalcedony

crystals for healing stuttering

Blue chalcedony resonates strongly with the throat chakra and is the classic orator’s crystal. This potent crystal exudes vibrational energy that helps you express yourself fluently and with self-confidence.

It helps in bringing emotional ease and offering a relaxed attitude. This stone also makes it possible for you to stay relaxed so that the spasmodic voice inhibitions disappear.

Final Thoughts

So, if you’re having difficulties with your speech with all the repeating words, stuttering, and stammering, don’t forget about the above-mentioned crystals. The perfect supplementary treatment with speech therapy, crystals can boost your self-confidence, induce peace and relaxation, and pushes you to speak your truth.

These crystals are perfect to wear as pieces of jewelry— pendants for chrysoberyl, and necklaces for chalcedony and rock crystals. When speaking or giving a speech in public, or some other presentation, these crystals can also be held in your hand in the forms of tumbled stones or raw crystals.

In addition, all three stones are also highly effective when you take them as gem essence, taking 3 – 7 drops 3 times a day.  

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