The Power of Aura Quartzes

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When you see the aura quartz for the first time you will surely get fascinated with its beautiful appearance. Aside from its appearance, it is known as the stone of abundance and success. An aura Quartz is believed to attract success to all people using, wearing, or carrying it. Aura quartzes, on the other hand, can offer a very high vibration. As a matter of fact, one of the most popular powers of aura quartzes is to raise vibrations. Furthermore, it is an excellent crystal for harmonizing one’s vibrations to a level that will allow you to communicate with the angels. Would you like to learn more about the power of real quartzes? If so, then you have visited the right place.

The Power of Aura Quartzes: To Raise Vibrations

  • Chakra Correspondence

One of the best things about the aura quartz is that it is associated with all the chakras. However, this will depend on the color of the crystal.

The amethyst aura quartz use at the brow and third eye chakras. Also, this stone can be used in the crown chakra. The apple aura quartz, on the other hand, is used at the heart chakra and solar plexus chakra in order to purify the energy body, relieve digestive issues and upset stomach and align and balance all chakras.

Also known as the royal aura quartz, cobalt aura quartz is also used at the sixth chakra which is the third eye chakra.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Aura quartzes also have physiological correspondence to the thyroid, pineal, and thymus glands. It also plays a role in the cellular processes, immune system, as well as the oxygenation of spleen, blood, and liver.

  • Vibration

Instead of being dyed, aura quartz is alchemicalized using pure minerals. And since it has the power to raise vibrations, definitely, this quartz has a very high vibration. In fact, the high vibrations of aura quartz help to institute in the energy of truth as well as the spiritual torso of the owner of the carrier.

Legendary Power of Aura Quartzes

power of aura quartzes

Despite the fact that it depends on the old powers of synergy and alchemy to activate its mystical powers, aura quartz is actually a modern innovation. The electro statistically bonding valuable minerals on the surface of aura quartzes raises the underlying vibrations.

Rose quartz, Ruby, and Opal are made from platinum, Sunshine from platinum and gold, Aqua Aura Quartz from gold, Rainbow Aura Quartz from niobium and platinum, and Tangerine from gold and iron. In fact, the new combinations are being made constantly to create higher frequencies.

What’s more, aura quartz will activate the light body while grounding it in the physical body. When laid along the chakras like the rainbow variety, the different colors will raise the chakras’ vibrational rate to accommodate expanded consciousness.

Healing Power of Aura Quartzes

The synergistic energies of this crystal will raise the vibration of the physical body and the healing crystal grids. However, aura quartzes must be used with care.

The majority of aura quartzes are working at a higher vibration level. This is to hasten the evolution of the soul through karmic healing and emotional release.

Healing Power of Aura Quartzes

Since this synergistic crystal consists of high levels of life force, aura quartz will stimulate the energy and immune systems throughout the body. This will also detoxify and improve the flow of Qi rapidly to enhance overall well-being.

Moreover, the tanzanite aura quartz will stimulate the thyroid gland and bring back the endocrine gland to alignment. This is especially true if it is blocked by too much fluoridation.

On the other hand, the ruby aura will act as subtle antibiotics and get rid of parasites. This will transmute negative emotions like resentment and rage. Whereas the more delicate Rose Aura will help you in overcoming past abuse. It will also infuse your soul with unconditional love, reinstating cellular balance.

The Apple Aura will protect your spleen from energy vampires and the dynamic tangerine sun will penetrate each cell infusing your body with powerful energies to revitalize cellular functions. Also, the tangerine aura will clear the blockages in the third eye chakra.

Transformational Power of Aura Quartzes

The aura quartz is the basis for spiritual experimentation and a great tool for the expansion and guidance of the soul. This crystal will deepen your attunement and prepare you for invasions of expanded consciousness. Take note, no matter what is your underlying problem, there are aura quartzes that can help you in transforming negativity to positivity and determine the spiritual gifts in your experiences. The reason why you need to handle aura quartz with care is that this crystal is brittle.

How to Harness the Powers of Aura Quartz

One way to harness the powers of aura quartzes, place a piece of this crystal over your heart seed chakra in order to let go of the past limitations to your spiritual development. This will also free your soul to discover the multidimensional world.


The aura quartz is indeed a great crystal that will boost your vibrations. It will even activate, heal, and ground your spirit, body, and mind. Also, if you want to become aware of the spiritual purpose then having a piece of aura quartz can be a great help.

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