Pollucite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Pollucite –a stone that assists in angelic contact, which is also a powerful healing stone that helps in releasing toxins in the body. The pollucite stones are stones, which have potent healing properties, which may assist you in so many ways. This may include the release of environmental toxins, as well as in assisting you in letting go of any toxic emotions and thoughts. Pollucite also have a fairly lovely energy, which assists angelic contact and might aid you in making contact with those who have already passed over. These stones are thought to possess a certain purpose of stimulating rapport and affinity in between all people, bringing peace in humanity. In this article, we will discuss some more interesting facts about pollucite including its benefits. Read on to learn more about these!

Meanings and Properties

The pollucite is a healing stone, which holds enormous power for physical, emotional, and spiritual cleansing. Its amazing energy is ideal in combatting toxicity in the environment and induce whatever contact with the spiritual beings. This stone also holds a very distinctive metaphysical properties. Some of which are specifically significant for those who are transitioning from a life to another.

The name pollucite has its own roots in a myth that’s shared by both the Greeks and the Romans. An interesting story behind this particular myth may relate to the twin brothers, Castor and Pollix, who happened to have different fathers. Pollux was the one who was thought to be an immoral son of the Greek God Zeus. His name was where the name of the stone comes from. On the other hand, Castor, gives its name to a different stone called Castorite. Castorite and Pollucite are two stones that are frequently found in amalgamation and are being produced together.

The largest occurrence of the pollucite was in Canada. This is also where it’s mostly mined for industrial or manufacturing purposes. Nonetheless, some other locations that this stone has been discovered as well include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Italy, and USA.

The stone belongs to the crystal family of Zeolites. The zeolites, as we know, are comparatively unusual group of crystals with distinctive metaphysical properties. In terms of appearance, this stone has creamy, cloudy finish and mostly in white color. Lesser common colors, which the stone is found in comprise peachy cream, pink, blue, violet, or gray color.

These stones are commonly found in a corroded, rough form and in large clusters. Most of their specimens are opaque, yet they may also have semi-opaque spots of colors in the stones. We’ll discuss some pollucite benefits later in this article, keep reading!

Reasons to Use It

The pollucite is basically utilized as a support in meditation, owing to the potent energy that it has, which may help in guiding a person much closer through the higher dominion. This particular energy possesses a stabilizing effect, which might invoke harmony in the soul and may help you in attaining a state of balance in the external and internal forces.

It is also thought that the vibration of this stone may help a person who’s dying into their transition from our world through the other side. For people who have lost someone they love, this stone’s energy may help you in getting in touch with the spirits, which have already [assed on, thus making you feel their existence even when they’re not around you physically.

Amongst the most appealing and delightful aspects of the crystal is that it may be used for whatever chakra all over the body. The adaptability of this stone’s effects may stem from the mere fact that pollucite’s physical form radiates the full spectrum color. This may also enable the stone in working with all of its might on all the facets of the soul, irrespective of whether it’s used in targeting a certain problem area or in garnering its overall benefits. Let us now move on to the pollucite beneficial benefits!

Pollucite Essential Benefits

If it is your first time to use the pollucite, you need to ideally meditate using it for several minutes in the start and then increase your duration gradually when you feel you are more comfortable with the energy that it has. Pollucite’s mineral composition might also make it a great assist in combating various health problems, more especially the ones that ascend from the environmental pollution.

If you are specifically sensitive to the contaminants in the air or if you’re prone to getting inflicted by various air-borne viruses, the use of this stone may boost the immunity against these illnesses. The aura that surrounds the pollucite may contain purifying energy, which may detoxify auric fields of those who are using it.

Aside from cleansing the air that surrounds you, the energies of the stone may also get rid of the poisons and toxins in the body, which may reside inside you. Hence, when you want to go to a certain detox process, several other stones might compare to the amazing effects of the pollucite.

This stone is truly amazing, magical, and beneficial!

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