The Healing Crystals for Bloatedness

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Are you looking for the best crystals for healing bloatedness? Check out this article for more details.

Bloatedness or feeling bloated is a colloquial term that we usually refer to the sensation that we experience as a result of increased formation of intestinal gas. This may be caused by specific foods such as cabbage or beans or as a result of an impeded normal release of gasses by constipation.

In addition, one might feel bloated for longer periods, if their intestinal flora is out of balance of experiencing other digestive problems. Sometimes, even the mentally indigestible problems. Or situations can also cause bloatedness, also, the lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle can also be the cause.

Thus, to prevent bloatedness, you will need regular exercise such as regular walks, a careful combination of foods are amongst the best home remedies.

But crystal therapy can also be included in your bloating healing regimen.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing bloatedness.

Crystals For Healing Bloatedness


Crystals For Healing Bloatedness

Agate with its layers, stripes eye markings, or specks of colors is a powerful healer of any problem of the digestive system. It mainly helps with gastric problems, so it is a powerful crystal for relieving bloatedness.

This beautiful crystal helps harmonize and regulates the intestinal flora and provides relieves the discomfort of bloating. You can use a tumbled agate with the inclusion of uniform curving bands and place it on your stomach for faster results. Also, you can drink an agate elixir to help relieve bloatedness from within.

Additionally, agate can also bring about the necessary emotional and vital stability needed to tackle and digest uncomfortable problems and issues. It is a protective crystal that promotes composure, maturity, and inner stability, giving your self-security and confidence. For such emotional causes, it is best to wear agate as pendants or necklaces for a long period of time.


Emerald helps in restoring your self-esteem and has a calming effect on your emotions, invigorating your thought and emotional being. Physically, emerald can relive any kind of feeling of bloatedness.

To use emerald, you can make a gem essence out of it and take 5 – 7 drops 3 times a day. Alternatively, you can just arrange emerald crystals or tumbled stones in the shape of a large horseshoe on the stomach in order to externally follow the course of the colon.

Or you can simply wear it as a pendant or a necklace for a longer period and benefit from its emotional healing.

Black Tourmaline

Crystals For Healing Bloatedness

Black tourmaline is mainly used to shield you from the negative energies. This makes it suitable for protecting you against the negative influence that can bring down your emotional stability.

On a physical level, back tourmaline is particularly helpful if bloatedness is accompanied by constipation, IBS, or diseases of the colon. Not only that, but it also helps in ridding our digestive system of heavy metal toxins.

Black tourmaline can be used with emerald to form the horseshoe pattern on your stomach. This crystal formation can help direct the flow of water matter through your color in order to bring relief for the feeling of bloatedness.



Citrine is a powerful crystal of manifestation, personal will, creativity, and imagination. Carrying the power of the sun, citrine is so comforting and warm, making it a life-giving and energizing crystal.

On an emotional level, citrine can bring the much-needed brightness in your life and help bring emotional stability. It helps boost self-confidence and helps you solve worries of your life. The beautiful yellow hues of citrine are beneficial in healing and stimulating digestion and relieve bloating problems.

To use citrine for healing bloatedness, you can just place it on your stomach. Tihis is to keep its vibrational energies close to you as you meditate. Also, you can wear it as a pendant or necklace. This is to strengthen your digestive system and provide instant relief of belatedness


Another bright orange to red crystal, carnelian is a powerful stone for healing bloating. It stimulates the solar plexus stone and helps in relieving bloating. Its vibrational energy help removes the trapped gases because of indigestion and quickly relieve the feeling of bloatedness.

To use a carnelian for healing bloating, you can just hold it on your solar plexus chakra. Or hold on your stomach as you meditate. This way, you can benefit from its powerful vibrational energies. Or you can do a crystal programming with a carnelian crystal.

Final Thoughts

The feeling of bloating can be a major discomfort or inconvenience. There are ways you can do to prevent episodes of bloatedness from having a well-balanced diet or taking the time to exercise. But, if you want to further improve or experience faster relief of bloatedness, using crystal therapy can work wonders.

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